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Here’s How to Download Windows 8 Today

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Want to get your hands on Windows 8? You can get your copy today – well, the developer preview at least.  It’s available RIGHT NOW, from this link:

Be sure to read our complete review and screenshot tour of Windows 8 before you install it.

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  • Published 09/13/11

Comments (34)

  1. Firas

    Great news :-)


  2. Gabriel Rodriguez

    Can I install it on VirtualBox?

  3. Elazar55

    I don’t see why not; but it would be best to run it natively. I would imagine this would be quite “heavy” to run in a virtual machine.

  4. Shiki

    @Gabriel – Yes, but you should use VMWare IMO. It outperforms VirtualBox, and the player version it totally free.

  5. Blob

    Thank you for the news !

    Will it be possible to install it on a partition with its bootloader (BOOTMGR ?) so that the latter doesn’t touch the MBR ?

    I would like to test it on a multiboot, and as this preview won’t be a stable release I would prefer it doesn’t touch the MBR which is 7 compatible in my case.

  6. Charles

    I’m not a fan of the Metro interface…I’m interested to know how to turn it off and operate Win8 like Win7. Could you please cover that in your review?

  7. IT pakistan

    Great new, I am going to download and share it.

  8. Louis

    I went to that link and saw no option for downloading.

  9. Dipan

    it’s live now. Go!

  10. Naterade

    Soooooo Sloooowwwww….. Everyone stop downloading it but ME ;)

  11. Richard

    They need to go back to the drawing board and find a way to enhance the windows experience by cutting CPU usage. I’m not ready to trade in my old system just yet. Nowadays, you need a dual core system to watch ITunes movies/videos smoothly without the sound cutting out or video slowing/freezing up.

  12. Greg

    @Gabriel I’m having a problem installing with VirtualBox. A Required CD/DVD Device driver is missing. If yo have a driver floppy disk, CD. Please insert it now. Kinda weird.

  13. Holden

    It does not work with VMWare Workstation :-(((. Stops with a “nice screen of Blue Death” indicating a HAL initialization error.

    But, anyway, who has a powerful spare PC just to test this preview??? If it won’t work on Virtual Machines, I can’t test it… Sad enough…

  14. Dave

    @Richard – That is not Windows fault its lazy programming by software vendors, in the past they woud have to optimise their code due to performance constraints on systems, nowadays as most people have multi-core boxes they feel they do not need to do this.

    Windows 7 will run happily on a low spec CPU, we have a few in work for testing its when you try things like itunes, youtube etc it falls down.

  15. Dragan

    Works on VirtualBox

  16. Greg

    @Dragan Please tell me the specs of the VM please so I can try it. Did you mount the iso virtually or did you physically burn it. Thanks in advance.

  17. Jas Allen

    I just don’t know what to do. LOL!

  18. Guillermo Cubero

    This is good news. I am currently installing x86 version on an acer d255 netbook. A heads up for anyone attempting to install on SSD. installation will fail. At least it did for my OCZ vertex 2. Have not verified with other SSD’s but when I swapped it out for western digital drive all is well. Just a heads up.

  19. Sanooj

    @Greg : Try and disable the floppy device and start the installation.

  20. jblow

    Will not install under VMWare Fusion 3.x.

    But with Fusion 4.0.1, also released this morning, 32 bit installs as a Windows 2008 server.

  21. Sanooj

    @ jblow: Winver shows the os as Windows 2008 Server?

  22. jblow

    After you select the ISO (32 bit, in my case — haven’t tried 64 bit with Fusion 4), use Microsoft Windows as the operating system and Windows Server 2008 as the version. Takes a while to install and the screen went black after installing VMWare tools but everything seems to work after a reboot.

  23. Skeirgon

    I got it to run in VirtualBox but only the 64 bit version. The 32 bit would not run. Also use the most up to date version of VirtualBox and set the new machine to win 7 64 bit. It looks good but really different with the user interfaces but I was able to figure it out after playing with it for a bit.

  24. Dragan

    Annoying… missing taskbar.

  25. Ben

    This is nice. I’m thinking about replacing the old OS (Vista……) on my old laptop for this. I’m getting the 32-bit version and just noticed that was a good choice because the laptop is 32-bit (64-bit capable, but still.) So yeah. :D

  26. fbh59

    just wanna know whether the same drivers as dat of win 7 work on win 8 too???
    most importantly—–> whether the RAM UNLOCK patch for win7(for 32 bit users) will work for win 8 or not?????
    if it does,, then obv 32 is better than 64 bit,,,,, cz currently i ve win7 32 installed where it shows full 6 GB ram usable(in task manager too) nd also if u unlock the ram,, then 32 bit works faster than 64 bit???

  27. Knight57

    Got it to run no problem, first impression not impressed, will wait until further along in the development, but appears to me they took something nice and simple like windows 7, gave it to a goverment employee and let them complicate it. I work with a lot of seniors and they would never get this system

  28. sourav

    what is good in vmware imo then simple vmware??

  29. sVen

    I loaded it beside Vista, on my laptop. Okay so far. It’ll take a while to find everything.

    I teach a few programs at a senior center. I have to agree with you, as things stand now. But I’m sure there will be a lot of changes before a final release.
    If not, I seriously doubt I’d ever recommend it.

  30. Antje

    I’m still used to the old menu bar…

  31. IT-FishGuy

    It certainly is weird. If you create a local login and restart you’ll need to scroll the picture up. The Build WIndows area will not let you out if you do not sign in and click cancel at least from what I could see. Updates are a foregone conclusion as there is no notify vs install. Hopefully that will come in down the road otherwise enterprises are going to have issues if a bad patch creates a BSOD loop. I’m running it in VMWare WS 8 and still working through it.

  32. DJGray

    I see no link to download the OS. Was it removed?

  33. IT-FishGuy

    It’s a small link at the bottom of the first paragraph.

  34. hamid


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