Smozzy Lets You Surf the Web Without a Data Plan

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By Jason Fitzpatrick on September 13th, 2011

Android: Smozzy takes an unorthodox approach to bringing the web to data-free phones; it delivers web sites–pictures, stylesheets, and all–via text messaging.

After T-Mobile rolled out an unlimited texting plan, creative phone hackers started thinking about ways to take advantage of this new channel of communication. The creators of Smozzy took things in an interesting direction and created an application that allows you to surf the web via your phone’s messaging capabilities.

Immediately this calls to mind some sort of BBS like setup where all your web pages are rendered as simple text, right? Not at all. Smozzy, rather ingenuously, packs up the web page you want look at into a ZIP file and then encodes that ZIP file as a PNG image which is sent to your phone via MMS. Smozzy then decodes the image, unpacks the page, and displays it for you.

This solution, however clever, is clearly not for people with limited texting plans or those with robust data plans in place. For those with unlimited texting, such as T-Mobile customers, it’s a rather novel way to get rich web content delivered to your phone without a data plan in place.

Smozzy is a free application and requires Android 2.1+.

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  • Published 09/13/11
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