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45 Years of Star Trek [Infographic]

This week the Star Trek franchise turns 45. Check out this infographic to see a sweeping retrospective that includes everything from the pilot episode to the introduction of the BORG to the current generation movie.

Of all the interesting things on the infographic one of the most interesting is how close Star Trek came to being canceled. Early on the show didn’t have the widespread appeal and cult status it has now. The massive fan campaign that saved the show, 100,000 letters strong, was no small feat in a pre-internet age.

Have a bit of Star Trek trivia or lore to share that wasn’t included in the infographic? Let’s hear about it in the comments.

The Evolution of Star Trek [ via Geeks Are Sexy]

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  • Published 09/9/11

Comments (10)

  1. Trekker

    I’ve been to Star Trek:The Experience. It was “so” cool. Sad to see it close. :-(

  2. randy


  3. infmom

    The first episode of Star Trek I ever saw was the first airing of the second half of “The Menagerie.” And for years afterwards, every time the first half of that show was re-run, I missed it. I never saw the first half of “The Menagerie” till a good 20 years later. Although I did get to see Gene Roddenberry in the 70s when he was traveling around with a black-and-white print of the pilot, so I saw the original before I saw the repackaged pilot in its entirety.

    When I was working at Fry’s Electronics I got to see (and in most cases, talk with) most of the actors from TNG and DS9 at one time or another. Once when I was working as a supervisor in customer service a cashier came to me with a check and said that the person writing it had admitted that the address was his agent’s address and not his. Ordinarily the company would not accept a check without a real address on it, but when I looked over at the person who had written the check I saw the actor who played Dr. Bashir. “That guy’s on Star Trek,” I told the cashier, “and he’s probably got enough money to buy the whole store. Take the check.”

  4. Road Dog777

    Star Trek, an American icon.
    Fact; ever minute of every day somewhere on planet earth a Star Trek rerun or spin-off TNG, Voyager, DS9 etc., is playing in the local native language dub-over. No other show can boast that.

  5. Dfa2006

    I have seen every tv and move of star trek made. I remember the very first episode where the capital of enterprise was captin pike. Wow. What a ride. Thanks Gene.

  6. kevalin

    @INFMOM: Awesome story! Thanks so much for giving me a good morning chuckle. I was too young to see the original airings of Star Trek (that was back when kids under ten had set bedtimes, and mine was 9PM).

    In fact, it wasn’t the reruns that got me into Star Trek initially, but one of the written series adaptations done by James Blish– *Star Trek 6*, as I recall. From there, I went hunting for the rest of that series, then discovered the Original Series reruns. I think my friends and I saw “The Wrath of Khan” about a hundred times.

    A lot of great memories–and more than a little of my personal philosophy of life–have come out of watching/reading Star Trek; here’s hoping we’ll all be around to celebrate its hundredth anniversary.

  7. CodeMonkeyG

    Thanks to @Netflix, I am re watching EVERY SINGLE episode of Star Trek ever made. They have everything streaming along with the movies. Once I have finished I will kill myself because I will have discovered ultimate bliss and life will lose it’s meaning. That of freeze myself to be unfrozen somewhere in Star Trek’s time frame.

  8. Graham Armitage

    I love all the Star Treks, its a shame that their was no Birthday announcement in the Star Trek Online Game, I also hear a new series is in the talks

  9. laurapeg

    Loved Star Trek, became hooked on The Next Generation. Went to Star Trek Experience twice. It was great, such fun drinking Romulan Ale (my husband) and deannas choccie concoction (me). Got fab pics of me with a Klingon and a Ferengi. HOW DARE THEY CLOSE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Poet

    I started watching the TOS in the late 70’s. Just in time for the original Battlestar Galactica to be my missed due to bed time on Sunday nights experience. Must admit DS9 is my favorite after TOS and SNG. Wonder if they will consider Temperal Starfleet hinted at in the Enterprise series as the next possible show? That being far flung future beyond Next Generation time line.

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