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Windows 8 Will Include Built-in Virtual Machine Capability

Add this to the list of new features in Windows 8 – Microsoft has announced that their Hyper-V technology, previously available only in Server editions, will be available in Windows 8 as well.

Bringing Hyper-V to “Windows 8” [MSDN]

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  • Published 09/8/11

Comments (8)

  1. Rino


    nothing new? VM already exists. you’re just including it by default.

  2. Daniel

    I think that’s an awesome feature. I know there’re some free virtualization programs but hyper-v is a good one and it’ll be updated automatically due to Windows updates. Also the .iso and .vhd mounting options are great!

  3. Ivydapple

    …Come on, Microsoft.

  4. Sesses

    I’ve got a feeling Win8 is going to be Win7+bloat.

  5. HJRoman

    Well, Hyper-V does not support USB devices. Copy files to a Hyper-V VM is slow, tedious and requires technical knowledge (using a network share is the only way). VMWare and Virtualbox are better solutions.

  6. IT-FishGuy

    It took MS somewhere close to a year to patch an issue with the virtual NIC dropping connections and not working. Never happened in VMWare. This will require more hardware and it’s nothing more than a lure to get end users to use their product in hopes of market share. There is no drag and drop from host desktop to vm desktop so if you want something to be on an “island” you’ll have to create an ISO. Oh and let’s not forget your OS choice is M$ and $U$3 Linux, IF you want support. VMWare I can run anything I want including MAC OS. VMWare also allows for hot swappable items in workstation. In Hyper-V you have to shutdown to make certain changes. I still see issues with NICs reporting that there is no internet access, when there is. Their quality keeps going down. Oh but it’s free…….and you get what you pay for a P.I.T.A.

  7. Aldis Tuck

    With hyper-v in regards to the comments about usb devices… It’s true from my short experience that hyper-v does not do plug-n-play with usb, but other than doing a mapped network share, you can also add a physical usb drive by first un-mounting it on the host OS and then adding it as a drive to the VM OS.

    Maybe Microsoft will update for better usb support in the future…

  8. dlgn

    Why would anyone want Hyper-V when they can have VirtualBox?

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