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NASA Releases High Resolution Photos of Moon Landing Sites [Astronomy]

If you’re an astronomy buff with an interest in the lunar program, you don’t want to pass up these newly released high resolution photos of the landing sites and impact craters our moon explorations left behind.

Courtesy of the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) and the Hubble Telescope NASA has some spectacular shots of the moon to share. Spanning observations of the moon over the last seven years the photos highlight the scorch marks, impact craters, and objects created by and left behind by the Apollo missions. The photo above, for example, highlights a 30 meter wide impact crater created by the upper stage booster module from Apollo 13. The newest photos, from the LRO, cover the landing sites for Apollo 12, 14, and 17.

Hit up the link below for dozens of beautiful high resolution photos.

Apollo Landing Sites Revisited [NASA via Wired]

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  • Published 09/7/11

Comments (8)

  1. Isaac

    Looks like it was the real deal ;)

  2. hedon73

    of course this was the real deal

    this is witness to man´s greatest achievement in all time

    it is a shame that our society doesn´t pursue this adventure further

  3. Kutomba Wewe

    Oh these pictures are so detailed any doubts I had about the validity of the lunar landings have been totally dispelled. NOT.

  4. Cryptic

    Then you are an idiot if you think it was faked.

  5. Skitz47

    It wasnt faked but they found something we havnt been told about. Ask buzz and ?.

  6. zenpistolero

    Private companies will hopefully keep the ISS supplied and staffed for the future. They will probably be the next to land on the moon as well. It started out that to get into space you trained to be a pilot. Now it’s the top scientists who get to go and live in space. To get to the moon, study geology and learn to operate a mining drill. Tell’em to forward my mail to Luna City! :-)

    And conspiracy nuts are just attention trolls.

  7. Phil

    I was blown away to see the foot prints in the moon are still there from the US’ first flight to the moon. I now have no doubts about any fake set up of a moon landing. Thus, we can all forget about it and I see no reason to spend any more trillions of dollars to explore there anymore. The US citizens welfare must be the number one priority from now on!!

  8. kandries

    Is there really anyone on this earth who didn’t believe in the validity of the lunar landings, but now has been persuaded by these pictures to believe they really happened ? I sincerely hope not.

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