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Windows can not Shut Down Yet [Humorous Image]

There are just some days when nothing goes right…

Shut Down [9GAG]

Akemi Iwaya is a devoted Mozilla Firefox user who enjoys working with multiple browsers and occasionally dabbling with Linux. She also loves reading fantasy and sci-fi stories as well as playing "old school" role-playing games. You can visit her on Twitter and .

  • Published 09/6/11

Comments (23)

  1. Wayne

    haha… Understand the feeling. I’ve had that screen show up with a blank list before. Really annoying.

  2. Two Replies

    If anything, I’m betting the “Shut Down” app is a third-party app.

  3. Juan

    The sad thing is in Windows 7, I get this message every time I shut down!

  4. mike

    I’ve actually seen that message before!

  5. mike

    in windows, not the image before

  6. Poet

    I suspect Bill Gates uses all those wasted seconds of time to get free processing time. Otherwise the machines we call computers would move faster than an old black and white TV you find in the basement.

  7. Meena Bassem

    what went wrong with the power button.?

  8. Bobro

    strange when ever my machine gets turned off its usualy because of a blue screen with white writing! lol

  9. Toosh

    So you think this is Humorous Image – well I get this every day!!! Just like Juan – yes and how we laugh lol

  10. Firas

    @Meena : Loved your comment. some of my computers power buttons are cables tangled to my mouse.. lol

  11. Eric Schell

    Donor stan

  12. Brad Walton II

    That’s why I bought a real computer, I haven’t had a virus or blue screen or shut down or any problem for that fact on three mac’s in 5 YEARS! GET A CLUE PEOPLE, after you buy all that antivirus software over and over and other programs and call someone or repair it you have paid for a MAC anyway! Oh, and I own a computer repair business started in 1994 only had 1 mac in, it was more than 10 years old and needed a power supply, about 6 years ago and it’s still running. These machines outdate their software instead of the opposite. a former Windows user. Don’t give me slack about games either you can dual boot at least using the best hardware into windows and play your obsessive gaming addictions.

  13. Alain

    sorry my bad english but if you shut down shut down are you not shut UP ? any way i think you are then shut in, no? – now… where is a software to pull the plug ?

  14. Bruce

    Ah my friend who has drank Mr. Jobs cool aid, remember that 90% of personal computers use Windows OS. I think that you will have to agree that no matter how good MacOS is, it has not proven to be good enough to increase market share of Apple in the PC business over the past decade. Markets don’t lie. And what works for you, doesn’t work for most of use (e.g 90%). Enjoy your Mac, but please don’t try after 20 years that it is the end all, since the market clearly has shown it is a niche player at best. Now the iPod thing, that’s another story

  15. Llano IT

    It is funny to say that I have PC’s running in my home and I have no trouble at all on my windows systems. But I do go into a lot of peoples homes and find that they are flooded with virus’s, toolbars, spyware, malware and you name it, they have it. It keeps me busy repairing these systems and usually I find that the problem is not in the OS software or the PC, it is usually that the users are not careful about where they go and what they download. As for the message I have seen it usually when I am shutting down in a hurry to go and fix someone elses PC.

  16. Bob Craig

    Every PC, Notebook, and Lap Top I have is Windows free.
    No Blue screens, no viruses, no problems I don’t create by myself ( fat fingers get in the way).
    I have even taken a netbook and connected a full size mouse, keyboard and monitor to it and still didn’t have to rely on Windows or any Microsoft product.
    For any Microsoft product I need to run I use a seperate program to make the accomedations to operate without snags, hang-ups, or blue screens.
    Amazing what you can do with the right Operating System and a few programs.
    I will say that Unix based systems are the most stable and as many of them as there are it is hard to say they will be in the Windows shadows for long.
    My next plan is to try a version of teh Japanese Unix based operating system called “Haiku”.
    The best thing about most of the Unix based Opeating Systems is they are free. And the BIOS systems are coming up to speed too.

  17. dlgn

    Stop arguing about Mac vs. Windows and open your eyes to the glory of Linux.

  18. DePariah

    Look can we not turn this into a flame war? Every time something concerned with either Windows or Mac gets posted to this website we end up with 10 dang pages of Mac vs Windows vs Linux. Linux is an operating system – not a mission, while Windows & Mac are getting so similar its hard to tell the difference. I personally use Puppy Linux on my netbook and Ubuntu Studio on my Laptop, but I dont go starting flamewars. So just stop…

  19. Carlos Wilthew

    Hey you guys running Linux / Ubuntu, pls give me an advice: Probably I won’t be able to afford the price por Win 8 and Office 2010 or later. I currently run Win 7 64 bits and Office 2007. If I switch to Linux / Ubuntu and Openoffice, will I have compatibility issues with my word and xlsz files, programs like Nokia PC Suite, and hardware (wireless card, laser printer). Thanks!

  20. fat

    This is a virus calld shu down

  21. vgamesx1

    yea see its always the Mac/Linux fanboys starting flame wars….
    like Brad Walton II which FYI windows is a “real” computer and in fact your microwave or watch is a computer by definition, google it, “definition of a computer”.
    its never I’ve had my Windows PC for about 5 years and haven’t had hardly even any problems as if I had anything to brag about or any other OS fanboy.
    I mean really I’ve only caught a virus once in this computers life and only done a few reinstalls.
    1 for Dell’s crapware, 1 for the virus, and 1 for just for the heck of it (no problems, just went and did it).
    plus my computer was only $300 so if you like throwing your money out the door, fine by me, as this cheap clump of parts does all I need, plus the biggest advantage of windows over mac is that I’ve done serveral upgrades to my computer, such as ram, graphics, (planning on new power supply), and cooling.
    can you do that with a mac? I think you can with ram but it also cost half as much as a mac does it not?

  22. vgamesx1

    also Linux fanboys seem more like zombies…
    just saying…

  23. Sandy

    I had these problems with win 7 but, I just love the “force shutdown option”, no more holding shut down button for me!

    I haven’t seen the BSOD for a while now! Since I’ve got my mac I only see the semi-transparent-gray-screen-of-death!

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