360 Is an Android-Based Panoramic Photo Creator

By Jason Fitzpatrick on August 30th, 2011

Android: If you’re looking for a simple way to create and share panorama photos on the go, 360 is a free and effective panorama creator for Android.

If you can stand–relatively–still and slowly turn in place then you’ve got what it takes to crank out panoramic photos with 360. The setup is a bit finicky, after you install the app and create a free 360 account (you don’t need actively use the service to create panorama photos but it makes sharing them a lot easier) you’ll need to calibrate your phone’s compass to the application. Be prepared to do this anywhere from one to a half dozen times depending on your phone. We had to run through the simple calibration guide a few times before the application started correctly snapping pictures at the right intervals during our rotation.

Once you’ve calibrated it, however, it’s super easy to use. Run it, click the Panorama button, get your camera nice and level with a firm grip, and then tap the screen with your finger. Turn slowly in place and after you’ve turned 360 degrees the app alerts you and then renders the panorama. You’re not going to get results anywhere near as sharp and perfect as you would if you were using a $$$$ DSLR with a $$$ panoramic tripod head but we were pleasantly surprised at the quality for how fuss-free the creation process was. You won’t be winning awards with the results but you’ll certainly have clear enough panoramic images to show your friends.

360 is free and Android only application. The installer is a hefty 8MB so you may want to wait until you’re connected to Wi-Fi node before downloading it.

360 [Android Market via Appolicious]

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  • Published 08/30/11
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