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Windows 8 UI: Here’s the New File Copy / Replace Dialogs

There’s loads of information suddenly pouring out of Microsoft about how Windows 8 really works, and today they explained how they are handling when you copy files over top of other files with the same name.

One of the key changes is that when you’re copying a file and prompted to replace an existing file, now you can open or interact with the file in question by just double-clicking on it in the dialog. Check out the link for the rest of the details.

Designing the Windows 8 file name collision experience [MSDN]

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  • Published 08/27/11

Comments (35)

  1. iNt0xeD

    “Polishing and bedazziling a turd only gives you a shiny turd”


  2. lol

    So, who polished you?

  3. Dank

    @iNt0xeD Is that why windows has 95% of the market?

  4. Asteng88

    Truly lagging edge technology. Zzzzzz

  5. Sarris

    Geez…. so MS thinks we are all stupid or what? They make it harder for those who are computer literate in an attemt to make it easier for those who are not. How about 2 versions of windows? One for those who are computer literate without all the protections, user accounts, permissions, etc. And onr for those not so computer literate. As it is now, it takse a herd of time just to make a new op sys usable. And MS wonders why people hesitate to change when new versions come out.

    I’m done ranting now……….

  6. Captaindon

    Anything that makes it easier for my wife, mother, uncles etc makes it easier on me!

  7. Milton

    Microsoft will never be what Apple is. They only hold so much of the market because people are afraid of change. PC users are brainwashed. Hope youre wearing a raincoat ’cause its raining cold hard facts up in here.

  8. LCARS

    It’s hard to believe this qualified for a separate “How-to” article….

  9. hamburger

    Why do these things always turn into mac vs. windows flame fests? Why cant people just accept that both companies have their users, both have good things and both have negative things about them. I use both operating systems, and enjoy using them both. I love some things about windows and others about osx. Both are good and bad. Why cant people just leave it at that and let others purchase what they want instead of turning a simple informative thread into a “x is better than y” type thing?

    ok, I end my rant now.

  10. Benjamin Rau

    Good job, Hamburger.

  11. Pellau Magazine

    Thank you Hamburger!

  12. iNt0xeD

    @ lol: LOL good point

    @Dank state your source. Besides, if it were true that would give you an accurate reading on the intelligence of said market

  13. iNt0xeD


    Perhaps because those that do not like M$ have had countless hours logged helping people that like M$ but screw it up. The reason M$ is life without walls is because the house’s windows are broken, there is no roof for security and those walls have fallen on the owner and crushed them with updates and crappy software

  14. llorch

    I was under the understanding that the apple originally used a OS designed by Microsoft but severed ties almost immediately so that Jobs could gain his own market share. the differences are still minute. the average user can still get into the back end of windows and make significant changes and its still difficult to get into the back end of OSx from apple to do likewise. both companies have america in a strong hold and are behind the times world wide. what else is new.

  15. Romero

    While I understand the need of those “computer literate bashers” to ridicule the efforts of Microsoft to make a better system. If you are so smart, you should make your own OS, wait you already have, it’s called “Bashing OS”. Both Microsoft and Apple (along with Linux and others) are great products and they continuously improve. Again, if you don’t

  16. Kevalin

    +1 for Hamburger, and a sincere wish that iNt0xeD and those who insist on playing the Fanboy Game–for Mac, Windows OR Linux–will someday grow up enough to realize that being “right” about some things is not always necessary, or even useful.

  17. darakus


    Windows: run powershell as administrator
    Mac: type sudo in front of commands

    I dunno, but access to both ‘backends’ seems pretty easy to me.

  18. bobobano

    And windows dumbs down again for the average user, heaven forbid they actually the populace to increase their intelligence. That said, I understand why they are doing this. With the newer systems coming out there is typically more memory available, which allows them to do this. No more stopping in the middle of the copy to ask what you want to do, it’ll complete the copy as best it can and then ask what you want to do with ALL of the conflicts simultaneously.

  19. gilteon

    Am I the only one who actully looks forward to the finer degree of control offered by the new dialog?

    Also, thanks hamburger for the rationality.

    @iNt0xeD, “Perhaps because those that do not like M$ have had countless hours logged helping people that like M$ but screw it up.” Just switch ‘M$’ with ‘Apple’, and you’ve got (nearly) every Windows fanboy’s argument.

  20. theorangebox

    Milton ….Apple is what Microsoft was, The Evil empire…U N0ob

  21. theorangebox

    hey hamburger, because such is like u fanboi,
    i like sandwiches hate hamburgers u No0b

  22. xana452

    If you know how to use a computer, use windows. if you dont, use a mac. If you dont know how to use either, then stay off of computers, you dont belong there.

  23. Faultline

    @llorch Yeah, maybe but after the apple-MS split apple decided to build an OS that is basically FreeBsd which, btw, is free, hence the name. download that, research a how-to about turning freebsd in mac os x and voila. you now have the mac os for free. not illegal because it is basically what apple did.


    u dam noob


    you’ve pointed out the true problem with people; they’re idiots. nothing is worse than a self-righteous idiot who thinks he knows what he’s talking about. It doesn’t matter what OS people use there will always be people who do not know how to use the system they paid out the a$S for.

  24. Mtech

    Gee Talk about dumbing it down. Why can’t they have an Option like Total Commander or Tera copy does

  25. SteveB

    MS and Apple both have their place. If either one suddenly opted out of the market then free market competition would be lost and prices would go up. We’d all be worse off; so think about that next time you want to bash one or the other….

  26. PaulMJR

    i like the changes Microsoft is doing.

    Microsoft and Apple operating systems are both great also so is Linux but to compare them is only showing how simple minded people can be. Comparing two different operating systems in which is better is like comparing a airplane vs a yacht. they both get you to the same place at the end of the day and both have there own risks on the way. As a student studying the computer IT field i would say don’t look down on any of them because in what i can see all of them need improvements. None is better than the other it depends on which operating system is preferred at the time. I have Windows 7 Ultimate, Ubtuntu, Mac OS X Lion, and Windows XP operating system on my dell pc. I use them all. And yes I actually do have ALL of them running and NO im not just saying it either.

  27. Asteng88

    llorch, they both visited xerox and took the idea from there. Xerox was the original GUI. First one, but the dumb managemen there saw no use for it.
    I kind of agree with the hamburger here, although it’s turning into a bit of a hamburger love fest. It’s not about which one is best, the article was about the fact that they made a splash about managing copying files. Shows it’s a few mods and a new bland face to win 7. If you don’t like the bland new win 8 interface you can default to the win 7 interface. Basically save your $$
    I used to get excited about the Microsoft releases but it seems like they are stuck with this really bad registry and lack real innovation. It’s a shame.

  28. Asteng88

    Paulmjr as a student, someone should employ you know while you still know it all.

  29. pohsibkcir

    It’s not so much about innovation as it is about people not being to handle the possibilities of a true 64 bit world. The technology to advance to 128 bit has been available for a decade, yet the dominant factor is driven by public demand and most public demand can’t wrap their heads around anything more than Millionaire Matchmaker, Jerseylicious, or some other reality based fubar program. Most people want their choices made for them. Innovation? Innovation will be when a 128 bit OS comes hard-wired on a e-sata thumb drive that wont need an anti-virus program to protect it.

  30. Adam

    Good to see computer geeks still exist.

  31. hamburger

    @ Asteng88 :
    haha, to funny. Love fest… perhaps the love fest with hamburger is why America is so fat eh? JK, I just have been watching to many documentaries on the history channel.

    For the people saying that one should support windows people and one will understand why windows is so terrible, well, I do. I am a computer tech for both windows and mac. If someone is getting so frustrated at people not knowing how to use computers, then they should not be in the field of tech support and learn a little patience. Honestly, I am grateful for the people in the world who don’t know how to use computers. It gives me a job! Without them then most of my work would be gone and I would be down to less than 40 hours a week, and as a student who relies on this job to support my family while studying that would be detrimental. So thank you “idiots” who don’t know how to use computers.

  32. jimlad

    I have a love/hate relationship with Hamburgers.

  33. webfoot

    There is crap, real crap, festering elephants’ crap, Windows 7, and then there’s Vista. Where does Windows 8 fit in this series? Sorry no prizes.

  34. PheenixPath

    Wow…the 4chan of comment sections…only more infantile. I had hoped such a thing wasn’t possible. Humanity=totally f****d.

  35. Evilcapitalist

    I repair computers for a living. Bring it on.

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