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Need more Cables! [Funny Image]

View a Larger Version of the Image (The Great Wall of Cables) [via Reddit]

Akemi Iwaya is a devoted Mozilla Firefox user who enjoys working with multiple browsers and occasionally dabbling with Linux. She also loves reading fantasy and sci-fi stories as well as playing "old school" role-playing games. You can visit her on Twitter and .

  • Published 09/2/11

Comments (21)

  1. Aether

    Holy mother of god! That room better be sub-zero or those cables are gonna cause everything to fry… Who the hell needs ALL that?!

  2. sml156

    I always woundered what happed to my left over spaghetti, after all these years I finally find out

  3. Meena Bassem

    Where is that place exactly?
    oh, one more question
    what happens if i cut the yellow cable?

  4. Josh B.

    Poor tech. I feel bad for the guy.

  5. keltari

    Heh, that picture has been floating around the internet for years. It has to be fake.

  6. dan

    cable factory? lol

  7. paul

    ive got a couple of cable ties at home if that will help

  8. john

    this is my garage and im looking for volanteers to help me find the cable that goes to my printer

  9. Snoo

    This is the government AFTER Obama. :)

  10. Bernard

    This is like electricity cables on the streets of Thailand

  11. Harry

    It reminds me (except the wire is cat5) of a mainframe room i worked in during the late 70’s you know the kind toggles to enter data and papertape reels.Is this a server farm.

  12. Joe

    This is pretty much what happens when you have too many routers racked together. I’m pretty sure this is the case here. Usually they break up the location of the routers so that cable management is an easier task. I’d sure hate to be the guy to troubleshoot a bad cable in this place!

  13. Joe

    Judging by the thickness of those cables, it looks like they are cat6 cables and being that there are soo many of them, this picture can’t be too old, maybe 3 years tops.

  14. Billy

    I sure hope those are shielded, assuming they are plugged into something.

  15. JB

    This looks to me like it belongs to the cheapest (or only) ISP of a 250,000 population city

  16. Scott

    Looks like it could be in the Terre Haute Main phone office DACS 3/1 patch panel upstairs

  17. Mats Svensson

    – Yeah we are having some problem, tried to fix it our self by moving a a couple of those yellow cables around just in case they where loose, but it didn’t help.
    Could you come fix it real quick, we have a deadline this afternoon….

  18. skinymikeofdoom

    And this is why we’re out of IP V4 addresses

  19. natowarhead

    And we have a winner.

  20. Terry

    Dell Tech Support?

  21. shawn

    and qwest said it was my linux fetish slowing down the dsl, take that call center, now i have proof

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