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Windows 8 Has Completely Redesigned File Copy/Move Dialogs

We all love Windows 7, but who doesn’t want to find out more information about the upcoming version of Windows? Today Microsoft released some information about the new copy/move/delete dialogs.

The primary changes are that all the copy/move actions are in a single dialog window, where you can pause or resume copy jobs if you want, or even check out some really detailed information. The rename dialogs have been changed to be much more useful… but why are you reading this? Click the link to read the entire post over at MSDN.

Improving our file management basics: copy, move, rename, and delete [MSDN]

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  • Published 08/24/11

Comments (42)

  1. BOSS

    Looks like the ubuntu one.. -.-

  2. Martin Wildam

    Ubuntu, Fedora etc have this since many years – and in fact, I prefer it that way.

  3. falcon

    Gnome in Linux does the same for many years now …. looks like Microsoft is again copying open source and calling it innovation

  4. gr33n13m0n

    ohhh very fine Bill … first u steal the window concept from Mac and now other functions from Linux! RESPECT :D

    Looser :D

  5. Shill

    If they add only multithread management, supercopier will still be useful.

  6. Josh B.

    No, its close to gnome, but gnome doesn’t pause…

  7. Josh B.

    and there’s terracopy for windows… much faster…

  8. Akira Kain

    I think they have knicked this more from their source code from Xbox dashboard, i have been able to do this function on downloads and file transfers. u can pause a download, start another queue them up, re-start another..

    but it’s all been done before anayways, well most

    it will be the kinect compatibility that will launch it far above other OS, who doesnt want to be in the Minority report ins tead of just sitting there at their desk?

  9. weirdogeek

    i looks ok but….

  10. nt0xik8ed

    gotta love the linux trolls who will be reinstalling their crap distro because it broke. its good to see microsoft putting in new features on an operating system that actually works instead of letting go waste on something as junky as linux. good job microsoft!

  11. sureleyINT0XED


    Seriously? Do you want people to think windoze is better than Linux? HAHAHAHAHAAAA

    You wish buddy. Tell that to the MILLIONS of people banging their heads on their desks because their OS sucks and they don’t know who to blame. If they truly understood that windoze sucks because its windoze, the world would indeed be a much faster, more secure, less bloated and overall cheaper world

  12. Stijn Verwaaijen


    So you never reinstalled Windows? LOL

  13. Jake

    Ah, the age old debate. MS or OSX or *nix or Chrome or Other. Which is better? Did MS steal something from an app or OS? “Good artists borrow, great artists steal” – Picasso.

    Each one has their good and bad and kinda okay parts. If Linux was the best, there would be one master distro that worked for everyone. As it is, you have variants with little more than minor changes.

    Windows is all over the place, making it better can only help make things better for everyone. Innovation, updates, changes, down right stealing happens all the time in the software world.

    And, in 50 years, who is going to care that there were these different OS’s, or that people lobbed insults in ether, “My OS can beat up your OS!” Check out the different options, find one you like, use one or many, whatever it is and let others to their choices. If someone asks, sure, tell them how great it is, but don’t crap over soneone else cuse they want to use one or another. Who knows what we will be using as a computing medium, HW or SW?

  14. Andrew

    Looks familiar…

  15. Juvenile

    Windoze. Gotta love the knee jerk reaction from the geek squad reps.
    Why can’t you guys stop being upset. You hate that your OS is not mainstream?
    Guess what? The world runs on Windows first.
    It’s a FACT.
    So quit making stuff up.
    How many companies went bankrupt b/c of windows?

  16. qwer

    in total commander this option was many years ago

  17. Stijn Verwaaijen

    Now who’s upset and jealous?

    “The world runs on Windows first. It’s a FACT.” Oh come on… Do some research! :D

  18. Tom


    Actually it doesn’t. Windows is really only present on client PC’s. The rest of the networks run proprietary forms of UNIX/Linux on routers, switches, and servers (and most notably, phones). I’ll bet you’re not using a Windows phone, either. SAN and NAS devices also run proprietary Linux/UNIX code, simply because it is highly customizable in terms of what you need it to do.

    I don’t hate Windows, I just use the tools that get the job done better. And cheaper.

    If it’s a FACT, where’s your evidence?

  19. George

    Maybe Microsoft should just start making software for Linux if they’re going to “get” ideas from Linux anyway… I’m just sayin…

  20. GopalRathnam

    Windows (any version you call it) is like a AIRBUS which needs all the 9999 persons as pilots to carry one single passenger. just a waste. we all inherit wastes from MS

  21. Andrew

    Whoa, some valid operating system arguments going on in this thread..

    Lets all just be happy that we have the ability to type up this useless trash using multi-threading, multi-core modern day OS miracle machines, that abstract our hardware and low level instruction sets so well from our view and need to comprehend whats going on underneath.

  22. Rafael


  23. Bob

    Folks Steve Jobs would have never let MS on Mac’s if there wasn’t something good about it at
    least from a business perspective anyways !
    Have to agree with Jake …. decades old debate … your choice, hey at least we have a choice !

  24. Meena Bassem

    hmm, reminds me of mozilla, stealing opera’s Button, and in the new version, stealing Chrome tabs
    have these guys ever heard about something called inovation?
    btw, like there’s no software already that can do better than that… i’m really cool with super copier and i’ll use it in windows 8 instead of that crap

  25. Daniel

    As a user of many MANY variants of linux, Mac OS’s for the last few years and Windows since 95. I can say that up until XP I was on board with Linux and Mac.

    Then with XP I took the crappy occasional crashing over the Mac your not allowed to do anything unless we let you or the linux what flavor of the month will work and what will not and figuring out the difference every time…

    Once Win7 came out, I was done. Not to say that Windows is more stable than Mac or that it has more features and capability than linux and its million flavors but no. Its the ability to install a OS that is designed and for the most part runs and functions with few to no errors and yet allows me to install or do what ever I want.

    Linux .. still is just as stable as the current flavor of the month and only supports what the developers feel like supporting.

    Mac is still no better than a dictatorship that tells me what food to eat and what cloths to wear.

    The day Mac comes out with a OS that will support ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING I will throw windows out the door and sprint to the store to get it as fast as possible.

    And no VM’s/Bootcamp does not count for anything, I dont want to have to VM just to run software I enjoy thank you very much.

  26. sureleyINT0XED



    Seriously? Windows might dominate home PC’s but EVEN MICROSOFT has been known to hide behind linux for security. It’s people like you that are right under Billy’s boot and can’t see that there are so many more options. Wake up!

    P.S.- I can’t tell you how many businesses went bankrupt but I can give you an idea of how many spend BOOKOO $$ with security software and fixes because windows run so efficiently- ALL OF THEM!!

  27. Morely the IT Guy

    A basic principle of Engineering (software or hardware, makes no difference) is “steal from the best.”

    Once more MS software engineers have discovered something better in another user interface and incorporated it into Windows as well as they are able. No surprise, and I am somewhat grateful that they do these things, since I get paid to use and maintain Windows.

    On the other hand, I have five bucks that says they try to patent this. That’s just how business is done by unscrupulous and unethical businesses.

  28. Fodaro

    Aside from the M$-Linux flame war (which I am not going to participate in, despite the $ sign), the fact remains that whether they like it or not, many users are stuck with Windows, either because they’re not allowed to install another OS or they’re not skilled enough. For those users, these are some good improvements. Personally, I use Linux, and I actually miss Explorer’s clean and minimalist interface sometimes.

  29. Tyler F

    There is a difference between copying and taking a natural sense. Is copy dialog in just one window really innovation? It just makes sense. MS are just taking the next step onwards. Its the same with the MS stealing from Mac, a GUI was of course the next natural step up from command line.

  30. nt0xik8ed

    @ sureleyINT0XED i have a kubuntu computer and a windows computer. i, unlike yourself, know exactly what i’m talking about. linux is junk! that is unless you are in a third world country with nothing else around. i reinstalled kubuntu once a month. it’s a lot easier than going to forums, waiting hours if not days to get an unintelligible answer that Richard Dawkins couldn’t figure out just to get a simple program to work that run perfectly fine in windows. see i can even spell “windows” correctly too. there is also something called system restore. where is that on linux? free and open source mean one thing, it’s crap no one would pay for. i love flaming the newbie trolls, haa

  31. M4cster


    “Linux is junk”… Really? Then why do you have a kubuntu computer?
    If you REALLY knew your stuff, then you’d be able to see that the benefits of linux far outweigh the ever slowing windows that needs to be slowed down & further bloated by anti-virus.
    IMO, Linux users love the fact that they have complete control over their computers, the software and how it works, and want to be free of the “don’t know how it works, or what it does, but I’ll just point and click anyway” brigade.
    System restore? Are you kidding? I’ve yet to meet one single person that has had any level of success with that waste of space.
    If windows is for you, that’s fine. But really, don’t start making comparisons or slagging of other OS’s unless you really DO know what you’re talking about.

  32. Jarcmaster

    linux is superb, great stability, security, virus “free” adaptable and now soooo many distros easyntonuse, Windows is also great and getting better on every 2 distros (98 a crap, windows ME A virus itself, XP the best, Vista a shi….. 7 got a lot better, so windows 8 will be next failure so Microsoft has a pretest to sell Winodws 9 which should work out of the box as the windows history proves.

    I use Linux every day, and I hate the new look in distro Ubuntu, it just copied MacOS, but is still functional, and if u virtualize your windows inside VirtualBox them you do not have to worry about anything, Microsoft has a lot of programs hard to emulate on Linux using Wine or PlayonLinux, or Crossover, so stop defending one or another, there is bad when all is good ….and there is good when all is bad! ying yang my friends…..

  33. MacWinLinux_User

    I think it’s egregious to say that ONLY ONE single operating system is the SINGLE ONLY USEFUL one. I run a MacBook Pro that triple boots OS X 10.6, Windows 7 Enterprise, and openSUSE (as well as Windows Server 2008 R2 on my desktop) and they ALL are superb and have their usefulness. Gaming? My Windows desktop, hands down, all day, every day. Mac? Wonderful for graphics editing and the like. Linux? Indispensable in terms of server usage and stability.

    Like ALL brand new operating systems, Windows 8 will blow chunks and die on release day and as always, we’ll bitch about it, and they’ll release an SP1 to fix it.

    Windows and Mac are becoming way more mainstream (read: Mac viruses are becoming more common and my MacBook Pro becoming less stable than my PC at times) leaving Linux, again, the most stable OS and ONLY because it has a gajillion different distros.

  34. MacWinLinux_User


    Microsoft MapPoint and Streets and Trips are really the only completely affordable useful programs of their kind (offline navigation) and ONLY available on PC.

    PS: Don’t anyone mention RouteBuddy on Mac. Yes it works and YES it will drain your bank account to use it.

  35. MetaNova

    I fight for Linux! On Windows, can you install an icon pack without installing a crapload of customization packs? Didn’t think so. What about theming? What about the CLI? What about package management?

    I use Linux because it’s just the best for me. If you want to trap yourself in a box, use Windows by all means. Just don’t complain when the box becomes too restricting. I find it funny how the Windows slogan is “Life without walls.”

    Here’s a good starting point:

  36. kevalin

    Blah, blah, blah… blah, blah, blah.

    Jesus, you guys, shut up. You use what you use. Pretend you’re mature enough to let others do the same.

  37. Mats Svensson

    I have that and more with TeraCopy.

    Have used it for years, the built in copy/move is useless.

  38. Casiuss

    @kevalin +1 ! I’ll go with that one.

  39. SurelyInt0xeD


    I think M4cster said it great.

    Keep on pointin and keep on clickin :)

    In the mean time I’ll be laughin buddy

  40. HJRoman

    I have a PC with W7 and had a laptop with Linux. Finding tools and apps for Linux was a pain in the ass. Most of the few I found had to be tweaked for my linux distro others didn’t even work. What the heck? I want an OS ready to go, not something I have to recompile every month or have to install another ‘flavor’. I am not a software developer, I don’t want to mess with source code. I want programs with installers that identify the edition of OS I am using, like Windows, not trying several compilations until I found someone that works with my OS, like linux.

  41. dexter

    Loosers & haters,
    You think other OSes don’t copy? KDE copied aero, Ubuntu unity copied windows 7 superbar. Even mac and linuxes copy from each other simultaneously. Open your eyes and stop being fanatic.

    And OMG, firefox copied tabbed browsing from opera, then again OMG chrome copied it. And the H-U-G-E OMG, tabbed browsing was not opera’s idea!!!!

  42. smelise

    Two years after its official debut, Windows 7 will finally become the leading operating system around the world by the end of 2011, says a report out today from Gartner.

    Before the year is over, the current flavor of Windows is expected to show up on 42 percent of all PCs globally. Further, Gartner’s latest research shows that 94 percent of all new computers shipped this year will come with Windows 7, leading to almost 635 million new Windows 7 PCs in 2011 alone

    Homework done ;)

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