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Futuristic Movie Timeline Showcases Movie Timelines

If you’ve ever chuckled at a movie with the future set in the present past (or a looming future-present), this futuristic movie timeline is for you.

Courtesy of designer Dan Meth and his pop culture infographic series, the futuristic movie timeline showcases several things. First, it highlights the dates from many popular futurist/sci-fi movies in relation to the present. It also shows when, in relation to the present, the story was created. It’s a neat way to check out what writers of the past envisioned the future to be and if that future has come to pass yet.

For more of Dan’s pop culture series, hit up the link below.

Dan Meth’s Pop-cultural Charts [via Geeks Are Sexy]

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  • Published 08/19/11

Comments (13)

  1. Talus

    Where is terminator? year 2029

  2. Odin

    planet of the apes…

  3. Odin

    oh nvm its on there

  4. chiccorosso

    How did they date Matrix? they don’t give any specific date.

  5. Terry

    How about those last 3 films that go out of frame? Just curious…

  6. Diggerjohn111

    Yeah! Chicco is 100% correct, Morpheous even says, “We’re not even sure what year it is.”.

  7. j

    Planet of the Apes and Barbarella are both about 4000 AD, Dune is nearer to 20000 AD

  8. chris

    how about back to the future?

  9. AMalePoet

    Binghamton University a SUNY school has a history preperation course (09 level) called “History of the Future”. Seems many of the films listed here are used in “lecture” and shown on the biggest screen in the lecture building. Years ago I used to slip into the class to watch those clssic films on the big screen.

  10. awv1

    Where’s MAD MAX in your time line rookie? without will end all sagas.

  11. Davie

    Morpheus says that Neo believes it is 1999, but it is more like 2199, so it is just a general idea about it being ‘a couple of hundred years’ into the future, doesn’t have to be too exact, not like saying it could be 20 years ahead, or 20,000 years in the future.

  12. Davie

    @Terry, Barbarella is about 40,000 years in the future (according to the video release notes), Dune is ‘over 10,000’ so probably more like 20,000 like j says, and Planet of the Apes is set in 3978 AD.

  13. xdr

    Demolition man start in 1997 so it should be mentioned twice. Where are Star wars? Long, long time ago…

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