Photovine Shares Your Photos by Theme

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By Jason Fitzpatrick on August 18th, 2011

Photovine is a new iOS photo sharing application from Google that emphasizes sharing photos on public and thematically grouped “vines”.

When you share photos with Photovine you simply don’t throw them out into the cloud; you link them to existing vines (or create a new one) that showcase some element of the photo. Celeb run in photos? Girls in glasses? Dogs in silly hats? Whatever you like taking pictures of there’s a vine for it–or there will be shortly after you create it.

While the “tearing down walls” metaphor in the above video is a bit much, Photovine is a novel concept and we’re looking forward to it coming to Android. Hit up the link below to grab a copy for your iOS device.

Photovine [via ReadWriteWeb]

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  • Published 08/18/11
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