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Death by Browser Toolbar Overload [Humorous Image]

How many times have we all seen and had to fix browsers like this?

All of the tool-bars in the world are on this computer… (Larger Version of the Image) [via Reddit]

Akemi Iwaya is a devoted Mozilla Firefox user who enjoys working with multiple browsers and occasionally dabbling with Linux. She also loves reading fantasy and sci-fi stories as well as playing "old school" role-playing games. You can visit her on Twitter and .

  • Published 08/17/11

Comments (44)

  1. anon

    Friends don’t let friends use IE.

  2. Kevalin

    Faugh! While I agree with your opinion of IE, I’ve had to remove more than one extra toolbar after installing some wonderful “free” piece of software.

  3. Robert

    That ain’t all of them!

  4. SDGlyph

    ‘Funny’ image. ‘FUNNY’ image. Gah!
    ‘Humorous’ has to be one of the most self-negating words I can name.
    It’s just… gah!

    Sorry, I’ll go lie down now.

  5. John

    Those all look like reputable toolbars, where are the ones that get installed when you accidentally click anything on one of “those” sites?

  6. Hatryst

    Chuck Norris has a lot more toolbars than these :D

  7. nt0xik8ed

    i see this a lot but where is the funwebproducts toolbar?

  8. Road Dog777

    U mean it isn’t supposed to look like that?
    Sheeh! Lame; even my tool-bars have toolbarettes/with pull-down menus, to boot!

    R-Dogging myself into a stack-dump!

  9. Meena Bassem

    where’s google toolbar? and why is there a blank toolbar under ask toolbar?

  10. sunz

    lol i remember i had about 5 toolbars ask, norton, mywebsearch etc now all gone :)

  11. indianacarnie

    How many times have I had to clean up family and friends computers that looked like this?
    More times than I can remember!

  12. DaveyNC

    I had one like this the other day. It also had 7 AV programs on it and 3-4 spyware programs. The guy couldn’t understand why the screen would just freeze up on him.

  13. Callum Booth

    My sister has possibly every toolbar possible and she’s got a netbook…

  14. shinigamibob

    It also probably doesn’t help that Norton is expired…

  15. Jim

    Needs more Bing, two is just not enough.

  16. tmlambert

    I’m pretty sure at this point the browser would be better off rendering the mobile version of the page.

  17. weirdogeek

    that is so not all of them
    and also BLCDGAOJLA

  18. K@RiS

    I see this literally everyday! and its funny how they don’t complain about it. I have to point out to them this is unacceptable. Then when I remove all of them they realise why!

    “Oh thats why you say use FireFix or Chrome” …. Yes!!!!

    Its stupid things like this why I most of my friends are leaving Microsoft for Apple.

  19. m4x

    When I see browsers loaded like this at work I don’t say a word because I already know it’s a PEBKAC issue. Save yourself a headache and just smile and walk away or they’ll be asking you to fix their home PC too.

  20. m4x

    Oh.. and leaving MS for Apple doesn’t fix the problem. PEBKAC!!!

  21. Guest

    And now change your screen resolution to 800×600!

  22. xilmiki

    I really see a pc like that!
    I asked “would you remove some bar?”….she say, no no i like it!

  23. Pamela Foster

    ROFLMBO~ There is almost 3/8 of the screen left to see what you are trying to! BWAHAAHAHAHAHAHAA

  24. Peter

    I tend to lean towards default settings and standards – like, I don’t make my own window colors, I use the presets. So as you can imagine, I would normally use IE. But I just can’t take it anymore!!!!!!!

  25. Dale Hord

    OMG!! If, when people are installing programs would RATS (Read All The Screen), some of you wouldn’t have this issue. However, people are so impatient, when they get a new download or a new piece of software they just clickclickclickclickclickclickclickclick on the Next button until they get to Finish, they just can’t wait. More and more company’s are putting Google, Ask, MyWebSearch, Norton, etc., etc., etc., Tool-bars in with their software with that little check box that you passed up on the 3rd or so screen. So the next time you get that free download, take the time to read your screens you may be enlightened as to just what you are getting.

  26. Derek

    Sadly screens like these are all too common and a proper pain in the @$$

  27. SilverDragon

    LMAO I see this everyday and it’s still funny and depressing at the same time. Thank you Mozilla for FF, now if we could talk MS into teaching their software to work as promised without the memory hogging inane glitching (yes I mean you IE! ).

  28. SalerPaul

    Gotta love the BLANK one that does nothing – at least it is HONEST!

  29. J000

    I see this a lot…maybe not this bad but it really grinds my gears. When I kindly ask to remove them I usually get “I don’t use them. I don’t even know how they got there”

  30. christel

    Tooooo funny. I run into this all of the time and it can be a big problem! Tool bars will break many browser apps!

  31. Tim

    You all think this is funny. Well… personally, I do too. But, this looks like a screen from my last boss’ PC (and some of the higher-ups too). How do these guys get to be managers, directors, VPs etc, and know sooooooooooooo little about PCs?

  32. Mohamed

    When I first started using computers I used to opt in for those it wad later when I found out how bad it was

  33. Richard Vazquez

    I just recently had to repair a laptop for a friend. Other than the 36 viruses and 15 spy-wares/malwares found, his browsers had something similar to the above example. Some tool-bars are easy to remove but others are somewhat bothersome to remove.

    I know that 99.99% of us don’t read the agreement to each program we install and most are just to “see what” it does. And I am assuming that 9 out of 10 of us don’t read the installation steps. But most problems come from the program asking us if we want to install the tool-bar. and ergo 9 of 10 just hit the yes button.

    Just read each installation step before hitting the yes key. Heck you can always go back and install it, if you want to.

    On another note, IE? I have personally stopped using it since I found Opera and then Google Chrome.

  34. Anonymous

    NOTHING is “free”! Not online, anyway. Now you know just some of the price you pay for your “freebies”. And that’s just stuff you can SEE! Want to talk about malware, LSO’s or leaky apps? How about viruses, bots or rootkits?!

    Be afraid people. Be VERY afraid. Either take that computer and throw it out your window along with that crackable smart phone or educate yourself (by reading HTG).


  35. LiLT1234

    Umm, can you say “PC Hoarder?” LOL

  36. LiLT1234

    WAIT, that should be Hoarders…. ; )

  37. Wayne

    How did you get a screenshot of my mother’s computer? I hide IE, install Firefox, Make Firefox look like IE, Make Firefox the default browser, etc… she still finds IE and does stuff like this.

  38. Vinayak

    Ive seen it only in mozilla and IE;go for chrome!

  39. Ronald

    There is a program called toolbar remover that cleans something like this up quick and easy. don’t forget to clean the registry after words because some of these tool bars like to try to come back

  40. Larry

    I’ve worked on many computers with this problem. It’s is mind numbing.

  41. Lady Di

    LMAO…toolbars are for people who fail to grasp the concept of screen real estate.

  42. Ouzar Carlisle


  43. scouser73

    Why do people no realise that they can refuse to install that crap!

  44. Roi

    Chuck Norris doesn’t need toolbars. He himself can do all the toolbar’s functions!

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