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The Wrong Way to Get a Legal Copy of Microsoft Office [Humorous Image]

When you have an IQ of yogurt [9GAG]

Akemi Iwaya is a devoted Mozilla Firefox user who enjoys working with multiple browsers and occasionally dabbling with Linux. She also loves reading fantasy and sci-fi stories as well as playing "old school" role-playing games. You can visit her on Twitter and .

  • Published 08/16/11

Comments (47)

  1. Meena Bassem

    looks like cody is right. too bad for an asian guy

  2. Lol_Wait_Wut

    “especially for an Asian guy”

    er… is proficiency at hacking some new racial stereotype i should know of?

    Being Korean American, i am very familiar with the f’d up ‘complimentary’ racist nonsense like:
    – we are all good at math,
    – we can f u up with our genetically inherited knowledge of karate,
    and the ‘not so complimentary’ ones like:
    – we all eat cats and dogs,
    – we can’t drive for sh*t,
    but the hacking thing is new to me. Can someone please tell me if this is a common stereotype i should expect to hear more or is this just a one-off invented by this guy?

  3. Noel

    May be this is humorous but I purchased my copy of Office 2007 and when it told me one day that my copy is illegal, the help that I recd from MVPs was so pissing that I regretted that I purchased the program..

  4. Cliff

    Were you born in Korea, or elsewhere? Did you ever drive in Korea? I have, mostly between Seoul and Uijongbu and Taegu. Especially in Uijongbu, the drivers I saw had skills and habits I’d never seen in America, and when they encountered a donkey cart on that same road, the donkey and its cargo and driver were considered as threats, it seemed, from the way automobile drivers behaved. Pedestrians, too were treated with disdain, as if they were an obstacle to be breached.
    The traffic jams in Seoul were treacherous. I often said that in America, you learn to drive defensively; in Korea, you drive offensively.
    Drivers did not yield to emergency vehicles, either. I don’t know if it’s not a law there, or if the drivers simply didn’t care.
    But I am mature enough to realize that just because they drive differently over there than we do here, that does not by itself make Koreans (or any other national group, for that matter) worse – it’s just different.
    The driving style of Koreans apparently suits Koreans. And I’ve seen plenty of bad American drivers. In the two times I was in Korea, I never had a wreck, and I never saw one, either. Can’t say that about driving here.

  5. Jim

    Cliff I’ve been to Korea too and have seen some pretty crazy driving. The worst I’ve seen tho is in Afghanistan, the aren’t any formal rules for driving except the law of mass. Who ever has more of it has the right of way, most of the time.

  6. B

    LOL … WT …

  7. Anonymous

    Isn’t (RaP like this posted on Craigslist like once a week?

    I fail to see the humor since there are a LOT of OP’s out there who have almost no “culture”, let alone an IQ high enough to SPELL! (Thanks to cell phone texting we’ve all been significantly dumbed down.)

  8. indianacarnie

    Very funny ! thank you for posting

  9. Lol_Wait_Wut


    What does where i was ‘born’ have anything to do with:
    A) My knowledge of what drivers in other countries or in the US are like,
    B) Complimentary or un-complimentary racist generalizations,
    C) The question of if “proficiency at hacking some new racial stereotype i should know of?”

    It is amazing how completely you missed the entire point of my comment/question while injecting something almost resembling a rationalization for racism.

    But to answer your question, I was born and raised in the US, have lived and/or driven in Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Russia, Italy, Greece, Peru, LA, Chicago, Tampa, Boston, Houston, New York City, D.C., and a few other places all notoriously filled with bad drivers. While i agree there are a lot of drivers in Korea with bad attitudes and poor skills, it is not very different then Greece or Italy or Peru or a bunch of other countries or cities in the US. In fact i consider Italy worse. Boston is not exactly peachy either. And from what I’ve heard from friends, Egypt is a nightmare. All of which has absolutely nothing to do with racism.

    Poor driving is the result of regional culture, not of genetics. If you dislike driving in Korea or even just Korean culture in general, i wouldn’t think it’s racist but to:
    A) name a specific ethnic group in an argument about racial stereotypes without acknowledging there are plenty of other places just as f’d up just because you have limited experience is irresponsible,
    B) make a comment seemingly in support of a stereotype with your own anecdote and then somehow end it with a ‘i’m ok, you’re ok, we’re just different’ ending is hypocritical.
    In fact, i don’t even know what your point was as it seems to contradict itself.

    [I went to Asia, i saw a lot of bad driver’s compared to America but no really bad accidents. It’s just a different way of thinking.]

    Are you saying it’s ok to be racist because your own experience showed you in part that a stereotype was true? Are you saying Asians f’ up the small things but we’re better at avoiding the catastrophic things? What on earth does either of those have to do with my original comment/question?

    In my original comment, my point was there are ridiculous stereotypes i have to contend with on a daily basis just because of my genetic ethnicity – regardless of if you personally think they are justified or not. Then out pops a new ones from left field to heap on the pre-existing pile. So i asked if hacking is the new stereotype i should be aware of?

    What exactly was your point?

  10. indianacarnie

    Woo Hoo!!!! It let me post! I’ve been trying to post comments for the last month and it would not let me. Was getting ready to write to HTG to see if I was blacklisted or something. I’m posting this from Chrome browser and not my usual beloved Opera…….. could that have something to do with it? Opera worked fine for posting comments till about a month ago. Has anything changed there at HTG or could it have the Opera update……… just wondering.
    Anyway as i said above Very Funny and thank you for posting/sharing

  11. brapa

    URA – 1DIOT – 4 – 7RY – ING

    This is a kick ass key:)

  12. Pejeno

    Seriously, please, consider adding twitter, facebook and google+ buttons to share your posts.


  13. Juergen

    WIN !

  14. AsianAngel

    @Pejeno – More social sharing buttons are supposed to be coming soon, so hang in there. ^_^

  15. Tom

    Good Lord people. For those complaining, IT WAS A JOKE. Lighten up.

    If we can’t laugh at ourselves, who can we laugh at.

  16. Yoshiyah

    It’s amazing what people would do to get a free version of Microsoft software. And they wonder why Microsoft goes through the extensive process of trying to protect it’s Intellectual Property.

    I actually had a nasty piece of malware that took my Vista Product key and distributed throughout the world to the point that it was blacklisted by Microsoft themselves. I was able to get a new Product key since I verified that I own the original disk, but it is really a shame what these criminals are doing.

  17. Yoshiyah



  18. fritz43

    Or just get Open Office, which is free.

  19. Will

    Yea but Open Office SUCKS. My dad had it and everytime he’d send an Open doc to word or vice-versa it’d f-it up all over the place. I’d rather pay to have my docs NOT suck.

  20. Liz

    Every Asian friend I have has eaten dog at some point, I promise. Ha Ha.
    Yes you are all way too serious, I thought it was really funny.

  21. TerryRay


    I agree with you. Those who read HTG and others need to understand what you are saying. It’s difficult to enjoy this image knowing that others are being put down by it. All kinds of people are bad drivers, can’t hack or whatever skill. Why should a certain people group be singled out for not being good at something. The image did express a stereotype.

  22. Julia

    LOL_Wait_Wut – You need to lighten up. People are so sick and tired of the race card. You may have been stereotyped as a bad driver but that is hardly racist. You have used the race card so often that it no longer has any meaning so you’ve really hurt your “cause”. Nowhere does it say that you are no longer allowed to be “offended” in this world. Get over yourself. Lighten up.

  23. Chris

    You commentors completly missed the point on this one. It’s subliminal marketing from Microsoft! On one hand it’s bashing the “free” competition, and on the other, it’s exposing someones “desire” for a Microsoft product! LOL

  24. Juan Enrique

    1- the most racist people I have ever met are the ones accusing everyone else of being racist.

    2- a software product is not intellectual property, the coding inside is. Licensing keys are to protect profits, not intellectual property.

    And now for something funny; what is black and white and has wheels?
    A zebra, and I lied about the wheels.

  25. bill

    This is where modern American society goes too far. Stereotypes are NOT racism!!! I have never been offended by a stereotype directed at me. A stereotype can help us laugh about our differences and become more understanding and accepting. I have a mixed family and we often throw stereotypical comments around in jest. We love each other and laugh together. That being said, I do know that racists can wield stereotypes as a weapon, but there is a difference.

    So the original snipet above was not racist. It was a joke between friends. Get over yourself. And I have eaten dog, by-the-way, but it was in Mexico (and it wasn’t that bad, just a little tough).

  26. Lorelei

    It may be stereotyping but we all do it whether consciously or unconsciously. I think the comment was more about how we consider asians smarter than us. I am a redhead and I usually get stereotyped as a sex maniac and hot tempered, only one of those is true ;-)!

  27. Tom


    Well said. Stereotyping does not always equal racism. Just because we recognize quirks and habits of others, doesn’t mean we “hate” them.

    I’m sure I’ve been stereotyped many, many many times, and likely will continue to be. Does it hurt my feelings? Not at all.

  28. MillsArchitect

    I am reminded of a comment I heard on a radio morning show some years ago. After a tirade similar to some of the thin-skinned folks above, the host observed that it seems that we as a nation are losing the ability to laugh at ourselves and appreciate the differences. As he put it, “It seems we live in the land of the offended, not so much the land of the free.”

    I was born, raised, and still (proudly) live in the US South. We southerners tend to be the brunt of many jokes and stereotypes. Honetly, some tend toward true, but but then some are just mean. The mean ones usually reflect a lack of knowlege of the area. There are areas all over our country that have ‘funky’ folks, not just the south. It’s sometimes hard not to take it personally when generalizations of your home are made for the sake of a joke. But then it has to do with the delvery as well.

    Anyway, I really do aggree with “lighten up.” Enjoy the differences we all have among ourselves. I love the different parts of our country as well the places I have had the previledge to visit around the world. We’re none of us better or worse than each other, just different. Relish and enjoy the diferences. It would be REALLY BORING if we were all exactly the same.

    Therefore, go forth and be different, be proud of it, enjoy it, and love each other. The Good Lord made us this way. ;-)

  29. FusedGraphic

    I don’t care that was funny for someone trying to get something too easy

  30. Lesley White

    OMG you actual eatly dog? Gross! I like dogs. Cats I could live without.

    Heard it is true about the driving – but that could just be a guy thing..

  31. 99er

    I honestly cannot believe one solitary picture had turned this post into a political correctness discussion, seriously people lighten up, Take the picture for what it is, a joke!

  32. KIMMY

    that is some funny shit. i had to read thru 1/2 of the crying here to get it since I didnt read the ‘key’s. that is some REALLY funny shit. I thought the funny part was ‘for being asian’ shows how stupid I am, I just assumed the two were FRIENDS!! Ever thought of THAT?

    Korean or not, my name is Kim and im American, you don’t like me because im white, or because of my ‘Korean name’ screw you, i like Asians of all flavors AND my name….. and even tho I am American, I bought a LEGAL copy of office (like an idiot) Photoshop CS5 (like a BIGGER idiot), Lightroom 2 and 3 (even trippppple the idiot) I should have been racist hit up some dude named Nguyen or Wang and I would have gotten them for free.. PLEASE –

    and I drive like a muther fkr so stay off the sidewalks. Korea aint got nothing on sidewalks or California’s Hwy 101 thru L.A.

    Racist rhetoric bullshit..

  33. KIMMY

    oh, one more thing – Not ONLY on HTG do we get morning funnies – we get to poke fun at people.. (that is sarcasm) we need to understand that life is sooooooooooooo sooooooooooooo short why do we have to be so damn critical of one another, it’s not right. I wished this energy could be put to something to make people feel better, or laugh, or relax, or to promote some type of insight or simply something positive. I know that is naive, but that is something that would be a beautiful thing. We ALL know this will never happen on a global level. But, you can do it for yourself and your neighbors or at a gas station you are passing thru. And yes, I am aware racism and sterotypes are unfortunatly freedom of speech, but, it’s just plain IGNORANCE when people say shit like this. AND when I am called a cracker or a honkey or a white bitch or … blah blah blah – I DONT CARE, I NEVER HAVE CARED – i will not give people that type of power, it’s deadly. And typically those people are insecure with themselves, or are having a shitty day or I just cut them off on the freeway because they are going 35 in a 70MPH freeway. (sorry to everyone I have ever cut off and a big screw you to all of you dinks who cut me off and park in my driveway :) Now, got anymore funnies from facebook?

    And be nice to someone today regardless of skin color, size, weight, how many eyes or legs they have. Just give someone a smile try it, you may like it….

    Just be grateful for the kids at HTG for stirring the pot unintentionally!!

    Keep stirring!

    PEACE on earth and free copies of Adobe to everyone on the planet! Those bastids charge toooo much for everything.

  34. Penguin

    What. Why is this picture sparking up so much argument? It’s categorized under “humorous image” and therefore is just intended for laughs. Some people are taking this way too seriously. Stereotypes and racism are still gonna exist no matter how long or well written your point is. Just learn to deal with it and not let it bother you. Makes things easier for everyone.

  35. Kevalin

    Oh, yeah, and let’s just give a shout out for the crazy driving in Italy! Bad driving, etc., sure the hell isn’t confined to Asians or Asian countries.

    The problem with stereotypes of any kind, free speech notwithstanding, is that the people who are most often inclined to use them are likewise the people most disinclined to look beyond them. And like it or not, that failure has contributed to more strife than anything else on this planet, including the silliness that takes places when religious beliefs are invoked as if they are the one and only truth.

    Yes, stereotypes are here with us to stay, humans being humans. But it’s a good idea not to spread them for precisely because humans are humans who already all-too-frequently require only small reasons not to each other with sense and compassion.

  36. MarkfromKY

    Hey! I’m Irish and YES! I have a drinking problem! I’ve been to Asia, including Korea, Thailand, Japan, The Philippines, and singapore among others, I’ve eaten dog a couple of times, and it’s delicious, kind of like beef only with a slightly richer flavor.

    ANYWAY, as far as I’m concerned the only REAL racists left in the world are the ones that throw the race cards, not the ones that supposedly offended them. Anyone that can’t take a joke about who they are, needs to get a sense of humor.

    I also believe that ANY productivity software should be free to private users. If I could afford to pay for Office I would same with Photoshop. However, I can’t In fact my electricity and phone will probably be shut off before the end of the month, But I’m forced to make do with what I can get for free. I won’t use open office for the compatibility problems I’ve seen, but believe it or not the works suite, while not as flexible as the office suite, is MORE than adequate for someone that actually knows how to use grammar and syntax and Adobe’s online stuff is great for collaborating with an editor/co contributor. As far as any artistic bents one might have, *G.I.M.P. is great and does almost everything that Photoshop does. *Graphic Image Manipulation Program* Have fun people…

  37. Mark

    Microsoft often offers Office (for use at home) at a steep discount (like $10) to employees who use it at work. Check with your employer.

  38. Mats Svensson

    lets-make-something-up-and watch-1diots-fight-over-it

  39. Cliff

    My point was that Koreans are bad drivers – from an American’s perspective. But, I also said that it apparently works for them in Korea, so why should I care? And I asked about your experience driving there to point out that unless you’d experienced it, you had no basis on which to have an opinion – or forming a defense against a stereotype.
    I enjoyed my tours of duty in Korea, and if I could afford to, I’d go back as tourist. I have a tol harubong form Cheju on my desk, I bought a set of Wedding Ducks for my wife and I just love kimchi. I even learned some of the language – enough at least to ride public transportation and converse with merchants.
    I don’t know any hackers at all of any ethnicity/geographical background. So, I can’t say if any group is better at it than any other group; but I doubt if it’s true – unless you compare veterans with neophytes, then of course, veterans are going to be better at it.
    And one more thing: if you’re going to quote me, at least get the punctuation right, too. It’s not “driver’s”, but “drivers”. Plurals do not use apostrophes. You wanna discuss stereotypes of bad spellers and wrong use of apostrophes?

  40. Lol_Wait_Wut


    Amazing. Your response was filled with contradiction, trivialities, irrelevant anecdotes and completely circumvented any cogent supporting logic.

    First off, i paraphrased you – not quoted you, hence the [brackets], not “quotes”. If you really are so petty as to rebuke me for a single grammatical typo as some sign of intellectual correctness, then you had better be sure your own understanding of written English is “Strunk & White” iron-clad before you criticize.. But since you want to make an issue by being a grammar nazi, in your original comment you put a comma before the conjunction “or”, began a sentence with “Especially”, put another comma before the conjunction “and”, had at least 3 run-on sentences that were grammatically f’d, etc… i.e your comment is replete with grammatical mistakes.

    My point – don’t be a douche. I took your comment for it’s content; so don’t be a jerk and start nit-picking on irrelevant stuff, especially since by comparison, my comment was waaay more grammatically correct.

    Secondly, your own anecdote overtly states you experienced a lot of bad drivers, yet you tacitly suggest that Koreans are better drivers then Americans in the respect that you never witnessed a major accident. Then you categorically say “Koreans are bad drivers – from an American’s perspective” The is ridiculous on several levels.
    A) You admit your own experience shows Koreans are worse AND better drivers then Americans and yet you somehow manage to make it seem the stereotype is true. Er… what? Pick an opinion and stick with it. Your flip-flopping is giving me a headache.
    B) You are speaking in support of why Americans think Koreans are bad drivers… because why? Have they all been to Korea and experienced this for themselves? Was there some mass tourism where 300 million people visited Korea in the last 10 years that i’m not aware of? The more plausible explanation is some racist idiot said it, and now it’s an Asian thing, regardless of the fact that there are plenty of places/cultures/ethnicities in the world that are just as bad or worse.
    C) You use the word Korean so loosely as to be completely ambiguous. “Korean” is a nationality. It is also a genetic ethnicity. When one talks of racism, the root of it is based on genetic ethnicity – not culture, nationality, etc… Your entire argument basically says ‘hey – i met some f’d up people in the country Korea, ergo it makes sense when American say anybody of Korean descent is f’d up.’ Whether you actually believe this or not, what you wrote is logically tantamount to that.

    “But, I also said that it apparently works for them in Korea, so why should I care?”

    If the above quote is how you feel, then why on earth did you feel it necessary to make an entire comment dedicated to justifying the stereotype – only 1 out of 4 stereotypes i mentioned, i might add, as well as completely ignoring the fact that it was not even the point of my original comment?

    “And I asked about your experience driving there to point out that unless you’d experienced it, you had no basis on which to have an opinion – or forming a defense against a stereotype.”

    Yes – this was your second question. Your first question was “Were you born in Korea, or elsewhere?” As I pointed out before (which, again, you seemed to conveniently ignore) wtf does where i was born have anything to do with anything? As i also pointed out, I have driven in many places and it seems I have much more experience then you, so by your own logic of having-no-basis-to-form-a-defense line, it would seem you have no basis for forming a defense against Koreans being worse then anybody else. Have you ever driven in Italy? Have you ever driven in Peru? Don’t bother answering – I’m sure you haven’t. I asked it rhetorically to illustrate my point.

    I am glad you enjoyed the culture while you were there. It is nice that you have wedding ducks and enjoy kimchi. I have little doubt that you are not mean, overtly racist, a supremcist, etc… but what on earth does that have to do with whether you are perpetuating racial stereotypes? I eat turkey every Thanksgiving, I own an American made car. I enjoy the MLB and the NFL. I’ve been to the south (of the Mason Dixon line) and been accosted by skinheads and called chink by grade school kids more then several times. By your logic, it’s ok for me to think ‘all white people in the south are racist’. Think about that direct analogy for a minute. That is logic you presented.

    Thank you for addressing the “hacker” thing, but i was not asking if there is validity to it. I was just asking if it is ‘the new thing’. It amazes me that out of all the comments, not a single one answered this extremely simple question but rather, jumped up my ass about accepting racial stereotypes. Actually, i shouldn’t be that surprised. This is the internet where everyone browses and nobody actually reads.

    Dude (Cliff), if you want to respond, i will read it (consider it last licks ala baseball) but i’m not going to respond because, frankly, this is taking up way to much of my time. I’ll end this portion of the comment directed at you with “i wish you the best, and no hard feelings whatsoever”.

    To all the trolls with the “take a joke”, “thin skinned”, “stereotypes are not racist” fools, i’m not even going to bother arguing with you. You guys don’t have the mental capacity to understand a cogent argument outside your little incestuous microcosm of provincial thinking. At least Cliff was polite, sincere, and actually has real world experience regardless of whether or not I agreed with him.

    Lol_Wait_Wut signing off. Happy day y’all.

  41. devolution

    hahahahahahahahah i love how this went from being funny cause of clever product keys and the other guy actually trying them out to stereotypes and driving techniques.

  42. amit

    wow some serious trolling on this page, good job!

  43. jakeblues

    hahaha this is funny!

  44. TheJokestah

    The asian guy is dumb.. I’ve been trying these keys for the past 2 hours and still nothing.

  45. brapa

    The Jokestah

    URA – NOT – 7RY – ING – HAHA
    Have a nice day!:)

  46. confringo

    wow like half of these comments are telling the asian guy to chill out and let us make fun of you and you should take it. racist people are racist.

  47. AsianAngel

    Ok…enough is enough on the comments here…everyone just settle down, ok?

    Locking it down…

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