ChimpFeedr Combines Multiple RSS Feeds into a Single Master Feed

By Jason Fitzpatrick on August 11th, 2011

RSS feeds are an awesome way to keep up on news and new articles from your favorite sites. What if you need to combine multiple feeds into one to use with a widget, RSS-to-email, or other single-feed tool? ChimpFeedr can help.

ChimpFeedr is dead simple to use. Plug in your feeds, click the button, and it spits out an RSS feed that features to combined output of all the feeds you fed into it. You can then take that master feed and use it funnel headlines to your favorite news widget, to an RSS-to-email service (like MailChimp), or wherever you might need a consolidated RSS feed to power an app or tool.

ChimpFeedr is a free, web-based service.

ChimpFeedr [via Addictive Tips]

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  • Published 08/11/11
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