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Awesome Wi-Fi Network Names [Humorous Image]

What are the best, funniest, or oddest Wi-Fi networks names that you have seen?

Photo courtesy of Mashable.

Hide Your Kids, Hide Your Wi-Fi: Mashable’s Favorite Wi-Fi Names [via Geeks are Sexy]

Akemi Iwaya is a devoted Mozilla Firefox user who enjoys working with multiple browsers and occasionally dabbling with Linux. She also loves reading fantasy and sci-fi stories as well as playing "old school" role-playing games. You can visit her on Twitter and .

  • Published 08/11/11

Comments (234)

  1. Irish_IT

    Abraham Linksys FTW!!!!!

  2. xana452

    Skynet, a few streets over, and I’ve also seen one that says “momusethisone”

  3. Robert

    I was in a theater that only had two networks available: bad connection, worse connection. Made my day.

  4. 99er

    Router, I hardly know her.


  5. PheenixPath

    Mine: Velociraptor and Zombie Defense

    It was great with XP… “You are now connected to the Velociraptor and Zombie Defense Network.”

  6. Mark

    I use… “I am hacking your computer”

  7. ReynaldoRiv

    A lot of those made me laugh out loud; good show everyone, I’m glad to have seen this.

  8. I2obeI2t

    My home network is “virus.install.exe”

    These are great though.

  9. Hatryst

    Because that what people on the web are afraid of :)

  10. Sonic Titan

    at my house i can recieve a wi-fi network called the-little-homo-nest

  11. freky

    My network is called PantsOffDanceOff lol

  12. shaun

    My network is called International Terrorist Network

  13. natnatertatertot

    Mine is called Router 66.

  14. m4s

    There is a network in ~Downtown Toronto on Spadina… it is cleverly named “Spagina”… low brow, I know :p

  15. ZombieLover

    At my sisters house in Oklahoma I saw a neighbor using ZombieMariachis

  16. James Thoenes

    I currently have No Signal.
    I have used Lost Connection in the past.

  17. Eddie mello

    At a hotel in Japan…”WeCanHearYouThroughTheWall”

  18. Benjamin

    I have named my cousin’s F***Off, then put a MAC filter whitelist on, so if your MAC wasn’t on the list it said “Cannot connect: F***Off”

  19. Justin Garrison

    Mine is “Chuck Norris” cause it gives me stronger signal, faster connections, and hackers don’t stand a chance.

  20. Joydeep

    Abraham Linksys!!! LOL!

  21. Trina

    mine is a message to the very noisy neighbors: Please stop screaming at 3 am

  22. Timothy

    My SSID is Access Denied

  23. Dillon

    Called mine “Paranoia”

  24. Brian

    archangel network

  25. herp derpington

    I saw one called ”F***OffGetYourOwn” ”WeCanhearYouHavingSex” ”NuclearDefence”

  26. Dave

    Mine is “Hacker Group” , no one dared to connect it!!!

  27. Kyrst

    One neighbor had “FattyKiller”, a couple of days later another neighbor introduced “SkinnyKilla” lol.

  28. John

    Mine is called Airforce1… But my friends is called Aperture Science.

  29. punkgamer

    Mine is called: Aperture_Labs_Wireless_Testing

  30. anon


  31. ThinkSoJoE

    Mine is called “poop.” It’s all I could think of at the time. When I moved into my last apartment there was an open network called “STOP STEALING MY WIFI.” Which, of course, is the connection I used until I got my internet hooked up. You want people to stop stealing your WiFi, changing your SSID isn’t going to do it, buddy.

  32. JACK

    CIA Secure Line

  33. Van Helsing

    i use… ” Installing… “

  34. barney stinson


  35. Tim M


  36. HikariKnight

    Some friends of me have been messing around with the name of their wifi
    here is some of them
    “1kg bag of flour” and “sugar candy on a stick”

  37. Shamrock

    Mine is called: “Pretty Fly For A WiFi”

  38. whitecloud

    i have used connection failed. in the past

  39. ingo

    i have PurpleMonkeyDishwasher, too :) (great game, btw)
    have had before:
    – Ruminatorium (we lived near cows…)
    – CIA Van

  40. Matt

    No surprise that “youcanthazwireless” is an open network.

  41. Saurabh


  42. Saurabh


  43. Joe

    My SSID…HousBinPharteen

  44. Jason

    We named ours “SexMeInRoom232ForFreeWiFi”
    And my buddy had a wireless router that was named, “NoFattiesWelcomeForSexIn232”

  45. Syahrir

    someone in my apartment is using the name “i can hear you having sex” LOL

  46. JRMcL

    Mine is called ThePasswordIsOnTheFridge. For what I hope are obvious reasons

  47. Dabheid

    I’ve used “Hackdata.exe” before

  48. Lrrrr

    Aged Banana.

  49. Programming Thomas

    I ran WirelessNetView a few weeks back on a car journey and found loads like networkOfDoom, Police Surveillance Van, Wanna Have A Go, NASA and Magic. Sadly most people leave it as the ISP default.

  50. Spec

    I saw get your own wifi nigga once

  51. GermanDude

    saw BigFloppyDonkeyD*ck while in the city one day..

  52. alice T

    Our wireless router went bad but ours was HoofHearted. Say it fast a couple times and you’ll get it.

  53. Vedette

    I loled at the “we can hear you through the wall”

  54. Brendon

    Porn Tunnel

  55. Wuisname

    Mine is “Big brother is watching”

  56. FunnyNetworks

    Network for timecapsule wireless is “DrWho”

    Grossest/Funniest wireless name seen: “Abortion brings out your inner child”.

  57. Jimd68


  58. muhammad

    lol @ police van

  59. Jib

    Mine is Cornhole

  60. Stu

    Mine is currently “This wifi will break your computer”

    It used to be “Warning – Using wifi makes you sterile”

  61. slinger

    My neighbor uses “House of Pain”

  62. Yatin

    Mine is c:virus.exe

  63. Brett

    i use “some house on this street”…but now i really want to steal “police surveillance van” :)

  64. Akilestar

    SSID for the hotspot on my Evo 3D: “Look for the hot guy” and the password is my phone number.

  65. Aaron

    Hey, my network is named Skynet!
    And I thought I was being funny…

  66. Andre

    When moved with a two mexican roommates their WI-FI was themexicans password: sexytaco

  67. Pam

    Programming Thomas, How do you run a WirelessNetView. That would be interesting to do in my neighborhood. Or anyone else may know?

  68. Nigel

    How about “who has free wifi” certainly made my neighbors batten down the hatches. Specially when I installed a second one called “robin hood”.

  69. gfn4

    The name of my hotspot is “noyoumaynotusemyhotspot”

    Makes for some interesting train rides.

  70. Soluna668

    I use hacknot, cracknot, and whacknot. Like the old hear no evil. I saw two feuding neighbors change theirs to “KarmaWillWin” and “KarmaWontLetYou”… LMAO

  71. rc

    I use GoAway

  72. George

    Windows 7 said “You are now connected to ‘your ass'”

  73. Jake

    My wifi network at university was called “Jez is gay” after our housemate. The funniest thing? He wasn’t gay!

  74. Bob N.

    “Free Gay Porn”

    but as the economy got worse, it changed to “Reasonable Gay Porn”. I guess nothing is recession proof.

  75. David

    The most memorable ones i’ve seen is “My couch pulls out but I dont”

  76. Wifi Lurker

    Currently using FBI Surveillance Drone 9

    I have setup open wireless SSID called IP Freely.

  77. Nate

    “LulzSec Headquarters”

  78. Matt

    We have one called “L.O.V.E.M.U.F.F.I.N”

  79. Tedward

    We use HAL9000.

  80. Tedward

    or Chitty Chitty Gang Bang

  81. JEB

    My network is named “FBI-TN”

  82. JEB

    My cellphone bluetooth name is “Adolf Obama”

  83. millz

    mine was ” uncle touchy’s puzzle basement” and my wife made me change it.

  84. plop232

    My boyfriend’s used to be “4WillingMen”

  85. sicoe4444

    Named mine ‘Bless you’!

  86. afeef94

    Mine is called LulzSec and my neighbour’s is AnonyNetwork

  87. SS

    Mine says Verizon.

  88. defenderTX

    Funniest SSID I’ve ever seen – “Dildo Baggins”. Just raunchy enough to make me laugh hysterically.

  89. Cuiq

    I’ve used


    Those are recent I usually change the SSID every three months for fun…..

  90. sh0rtgeek

    I use “Free Public Wi-Fi” and put a password on it

  91. Craig

    Living in amish territory, we have an access point named “AmishKnifeFight”

  92. Trud0

    Mine is : ClickHereForPorn !!!

  93. DC

    i just changed mine to “Free Wi-Fi G-Spot”

  94. john

    i use a spare router to setup a network called “Free Wifi”, and redirect all traffic to something like goatse

  95. James

    I was traveling once, and noticed a network with the SSID “Jack’s Bomb Shack”
    That’s honestly the strangest one I’ve came across so far.

  96. Rick

    Mine is called SubEtha, the interstellar telecom from HHGTTG.

  97. Tim

    Mine is

  98. chuck


  99. Rich


  100. Randy

    There are two in the area 1) Virusmaker and 2) VirusMakerVictim

  101. Catherine

    it seems that the names of wi-fi arounds me are usually the names of their mice.

  102. Andre

    But the password was 1234567890

  103. elana

    theres one in my appartment building called “asswhuppin” hehehehe

  104. J

    ours was called “NotYoMommasInternert”

  105. slash

    i saw “i packed this bowl for two”

  106. nick

    Mine is “pantalones de tortugas”

  107. Cody

    “Wi-FightIt”, “TheGame”, “HPandtheOctoSquiggles”, “Internet”, “Wi-Fi from Hell”, “Virus”

  108. bglick

    I had a neighbor once that had an open WIFI router. With the default password. I changed the name to hacked_router. He soon changed the password.

  109. Tech93

    “GoonIdareyou” on an unsecured network, “This is not a WiFi Hotspot” and “TheGirlNextDoorCumOver AndUrIn” on secured networks hehehe so imature.

  110. Bosco


  111. sal


  112. Rosie

    “No Pay No Play” “Brown Chicken Brown Cow” “GLaDOs vs Chell”

  113. Gouthaman Karunakaran

    Mine has always been ‘No Free Wi-Fi For You’ and encrypted with WPA2.

  114. Anergyne

    Mine is “WeHearYouHavingSexAtNight”.

  115. Annette

    Mine is ‘Purple Monkeys”… but a neighborhood one is “Grandma’s Vagina” ( which just might get people to stay away! )

  116. Unknownable

    Mine is set to “The Clockwork Aethernet” as I love steampunk and am currently working on crafting a steampunk computer from and old one… and once I get a laptop… I will probably re-case it also.

  117. Derek

    I use “Secret Signal”. Got the name from the Team America film.

  118. Dirk

    HTG , more articles like this !!! Great to see how funny people can be :-)

  119. Srill

    Hot People Only!
    Pit of Doom
    Dial up
    Sleeper cell

  120. Curtis

    These were my recent wifi names:
    Ooh Daddy
    88 mph

  121. tommy2rs

    Back when I lived in the city I used “333onlyHalfEvil”, “ReallyItsNotHerpes” and “RIAAListeningPost” at various times. Now my old house acts like a Faraday cage so there’s no point in funny names.

  122. JM

    My neighbors are both OBGYN’s…theirs is named VaginaPatrol…..hilarious

  123. SA

    Best one so far i have on my list is “DANGER! DO NOT USE!”

  124. Blue

    mine is Spectre Gunship

  125. AudioDependant

    I used to used “The Batcave” for the longest time. come to think of it i’m not really sure why i ever stopped

  126. Fergy

    They should have gone to a Marine Corps barracks for a funny list. These names are common place. Right now I’m getting : LIKE A BOSS, Big Black Attack, getoffmynutsbiatch, f**k-off, and f**k-off guest.

  127. Bogsey

    my network is called FFFUUUUUUU

  128. Larry&Nate

    Ours is “netqueer”

  129. bccoffey

    A tribute to “the Office”

    Beeswax, Not Yours, Inc.

  130. Fig

    “Armando, Keeper of the Tubes”

  131. Reduxd

    Mine is “ApertureScienceInternetInitiative”

  132. Jerbear


  133. SMBLuva

    I use REDRUM

  134. Ringo

    -Im a virus
    -Pony express

  135. nemo


  136. NothingMan

    I was in TGI Fridays and a nearby one was called “Moist Crusty Gash”. Almost put me off my food.

  137. Jacob --


  138. Philip

    currently using VirusDatabase.

    oh, and for those that think they are secure with wpa2, its not hard to crack with the time and the means.

  139. Joe P

    Mine is BadNeighbors

  140. Baert

    Mine is McDonalds, I live next door to one.

  141. Matthew

    mine is Pay4YourOwn

  142. Gosha

    Last year I lived in an appartment on the engineering side of campus. By building had two unit occupied by white people. Our network was called “asylum” The other white dude’s: “Help Me I’m Surrounded By Asians”

  143. Bilbs

    SSID: Marco
    PW: Polo

  144. Domovoi

    I was thinking this was taken recently. It looks like the new Lion desktop settings.

  145. Timbo


  146. GimmeABreak

    ButStain (for a Mustang owner or Hater)

  147. Jyhash

    I named mine “Stay off my Wi-Fi, Miscreant!”, and shortly thereafter another wi-Fi network appeared from a neighbor called “We Are Not Miscreants”…

  148. Robin Jennings

    At our old apartment we had: abcde12345

    I would have liked to have known how many people tried to use our easy to access Wi-Fi?

  149. Ame Neiro

    Neighba, Fuck Yo Netz

  150. FlyingSpyder

    My handle is Spyder,, so I use “Spydes web”

  151. RoseTyler

    Mine are “I’m under your bed” and “I’m in your closet”.

  152. J-Son

    I changed mine from “Default” to “Not Default”. Pretty vanilla…

  153. jay

    there’s one here called cyberdyne systems

  154. Paul

    I like the Name “Mike Hunt” and when someone asks which one is yours. you just say you can connect to Mike Hunt :)))))

  155. Maxim


  156. Ryden

    Mine is “The Force” and my computer is the Lightsaber.

  157. T Robertson


  158. tBone lickens

    I was at a coffee house in Austin in what appeared to be a college neighbor and when I tried to connect the names of the wifi’s woulda made a sailor blush. But my fav out of that group was Chlamydia. I sure dint want to click on that one.

  159. swc

    Justhereforthebudlight (no copyright)

  160. Zack

    I have Used Belligerent Troll in the past. When my family upgraded to a more powerful Router, We changed the name to Aggrivated Elf

  161. Xero

    I had one that was called C:/trojan.exe

  162. GimmeABreak

    Here are a bunch:

    I also saw “Bob Loblaw Law Blog” – Arrested Development fan I guess…

  163. Vee

    Mine is “Peewee’s Playhouse” cuz I figured it be hilarious and creepy at the same time. xD

  164. Buzypea

    After reading this I went home and changed my hidden SSID to broadcast as ” kiss my (_!_) “

  165. Zip

    When i had my old apartment, my neighbor had their wifi setup as “Buttsex”.
    One day, my internet went down and i had to ask to use their network. The nice lady informed me that their password was, minus the censorship, ” F@#$MeHard”
    no lie.

  166. AsianAngel

    @Zip – Wa! O_o I know that had to be totally weird ha ha! ^_^

  167. Mojo

    Currently I am using “Mike Letoris” For holidays and special occasions I use ” I’m Rick James Bitch”

  168. Cerum

    Mine is “Your wife is flashing me”

  169. Fez

    Real geeks run wired ethernet

  170. Mason

    Mine is “HotLadiesFreeWifiForFreeF***1578”

  171. charles

    irony is someone naming their network “no free internet” and leaving it unencrypted. they thought that mac filtering and giving the router a non-standard ip address constitued security. then i changed the name to ‘free wifi here’.

  172. LOL

    I saw one named enflamed urethra..

  173. isaac

    (Nacho internet) clearly ftw

  174. Turk

    At my old house my network was named “YourDogS***sInMyYard”. I don’t have that problem now, and I named my current network “Wonkavision”.

  175. Bob

    I use ‘FreePornHere’

  176. Tommy

    “420 Network”

  177. Joel

    mines “hungry zombie children” which in a reality with zombies is terrifying

  178. RAH

    Mine is “StopLookingatMeSwan”

  179. umaine

    we had one at school called “shia labeouf’s vagina”

  180. chrisw

    lol mine showed up on the Cissco wifi router out of the box with DizzyPanda

  181. me

    Mine is “BOOBIES! (.)(.)”

  182. ...


  183. Nate

    I named mine the “Universe”. You never know when you need something from the universe.

  184. marcus

    Drew P. Weiners!!!

  185. Dru1138

    linksys park

  186. AscottWongle

    My Dad asked my brother to change the name of our connection to something else. It has been called “Something Else” for about three months now.

  187. Jordo

    Mine is Nunya Bidness.

  188. Captainllama

    “The Wireless Wonderland”

  189. J.R. Bob Dobbs

    LoL ” the Game ” you evil S**t
    currently using
    WEPis4Whimps for locked channel
    and NomNomHoneypot for the open channel
    been thinking about I-C-Wut-UDo-onSkype

  190. Cameron

    My brother bought a “new” router at BestBuy. It came out of the box with some settings changed, obviously a return. The Wi-Fi was named LimePanda, so he changed it to LimeDiseasePanda.

  191. Rich

    My network is named, “NoFreePorn4U.”

  192. Rhino

    For a while Our neighbors wi-fi was called “WeCanHearYouHavingSex” so I named ours. “DoesItSoundLikeFun?”

  193. cole

    I had some issue with barking dogs so mine is “your dog is barking, Let it in!!”

    It seemed to work.

  194. sandy

    We use the “WTF” connection, and I just noticed a neighbor had a “PAY ME” connection.

  195. joshua

    my dad used to have one that said “NOTYOURS”

  196. blak

    I smell curry

  197. Ryan

    We found one called “Free Porn”

  198. Dooly Poolboy

    TheBarebackDungdillaMcNasties was the best I’ve seen.

  199. duke of netherlands

    The best name I ever saw was when my roommate was paying for wireless for our whole floor (4 apts) and we just paid him for the service. One of the rooms had not paid anything the whole summer, and so he changed the name to “Ladies From apt 303, pay your wireless bill” and the password was “cheapBastards”

  200. Jelly Bean

    Mines is No Wifi Mooching. After i named it, no more lagging:) Yay!

  201. That one guy

    Mine is “Magical Wireless Thingy”

    Because doin stuff without wires, it’s like magic.

  202. Swimming

    amonkeysbutt… so when you are connecting it can say “you are connecting to a monkeys butt :)”

  203. Jiggafly

    “FBI Surveillance Van #63”

  204. ayush


  205. mobidea

    WiFi alert from the threat of cyber crime

  206. jonesybaby

    our neighbors at the old house was “Sweet Boner Dude!”

    We made ours sweet boner owner

  207. Barry in Nashville

    Mine is TBIWiFiTheftUnit
    The TBI is the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, btw

  208. Claire

    I have a few right now…. “theinterbutts” “AquardFlemango” “YourRoyalHinesh”, and “Portal to Hell”

  209. matt

    I like the Hide Your Kids Hide Your Wi-Fi. hahahahahahaha gotta love newscast on youtube :)

  210. thisone!


    I lolled

  211. Toaspantenix

    Mine is Steal my Internet and Die!

  212. Dang

    In our old building there was “rapedungeon”

  213. Godric

    One of my neighbours is Murder?WeCan

  214. tobie

    I had one once called dial up

  215. Docfuzion

    My unit can handle up to 16 SSIDs…I think I’m going to have fun with the neighbors. :D

  216. T-el

    mine is pork chop, my neighbor’s is LAN rover….. rich f***s

  217. Stuckey McIntosh

    “Infected” No one will want to hack that.

    “SSID” This user was most likely following instructions, literally: “Enter SSID here…”


    CLO.AX – Clough Limited and Downer EDI Limited’s joint venture company announces award of contract

    very nice post is this..i am sure many will like this!:-)

  219. Edmond

    Haha. Mine is set at “NoWaiFaiForU”

  220. thatee

    i use:
    Mmmm i like 3.14159265 (as in i like pie)

    before that it was:
    Resistance is futile, but you dont know the password

  221. burg

    my friend’s neighbors is “Free Child Porn Here”

  222. Tommiers

    My network is called AlQaida, still waiting for the USA to invade…

  223. ali

    mine is “Limited Connectivity”, :P believe me nobody even tries to touch my network haha..

  224. darkness

    Mine is 8====D —- ( . Y . )

  225. GodsRage


  226. Lee

    Gangsters Paradise

  227. Garland Q Tabernacle

    Ron’s Day Care and Child Porn Hosting

  228. Komal

    I named mine “The Sith” because of that pop up get sometimes says “The Sith is an untrusted network, are you sure you want to connect to The Sith” it makes me happy :-)

  229. jon

    When I was stealing my neighbors, he changed his network name to HORSEDI**

  230. Greg


  231. anonymouz

    mine is swedishmadepenisenlarger

  232. HeliusCron

  233. Ryan f

    Mine is Racial Facial

  234. XEntity

    Our neighbours was Yoda, so changed ours 3 to “DarthVader”, JabbaTheHut”, “BobaFett”

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