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SuperCopier Is a Lightning Fast Alternative Windows File Copier

If you’re looking for an alternative to the native Windows file copier, SuperCopier is lightning fast, customizable, and includes features like file prioritization.

The default handler in Windows Vista/7 is light years ahead of the clunk handler found in earlier versions of Windows. It’s still, however, kludgy at best and leaves little room for customization. SuperCopier not only copies files faster between locations but includes really great features like the ability to prioritize a file in the queue. Let’s say you’re copying a huge batch of files from one drive to another and you realize that you need a few of the files to copy first. You can easily jump into the copy queue in SuperCopier and bump them up to the top of the list. SuperCopier also keeps an error log, allows for speed limiting, custom responses to file collisions and copy errors, and the ability to keep the copy window open after the file transfer for review of errors and other information.

SuperCopier is freeware, Windows only.

SuperCopier [via Guiding Tech]

Jason Fitzpatrick is a warranty-voiding DIYer who spends his days cracking opening cases and wrestling with code so you don't have to. If it can be modded, optimized, repurposed, or torn apart for fun he's interested (and probably already at the workbench taking it apart). You can follow him on if you'd like.

  • Published 08/10/11

Comments (29)

  1. Lee

    I have used Teracopy, it does crc checks after you move or copy, and seems to have much of the same features.

  2. Lady Fitzgerald


  3. Xsever

    I use Teracopy too and it’s rock solid and blazing fast.

    HTG: care to make a comparison?

  4. Todd

    “lightning” not “lightening”

  5. Soumya

    yes yes a comparison betwn SuperCopier & Teracopy wud be nice

    then i can decide whether 2 switch or not

  6. Schultz

    Development appears to have stalled at this beta version in August 2009. Terracopy is not free for commercial use. This seems to be but I haven’t actually installed it.

    I use Terracopy at home

    and RichCopy at work

  7. mgo

    Gee whiz…this story certainly does not meet the usual high standards usually found on HowToGeek. Who wrote it, for pete sake???

    Besides…what’s wrong with good old RoboCopy which is faster than heck and is native to Vista and Windows 7?

    Why not just cobble up a few batch files using RoboCopy for readers to use?

    Here ya go…

    robocopy “type in source” “type in destination” /mir


    robocopy “C:\Users\your user name here\Pictures” “D:\pictures backup” /mir

    /mir means replace older files with newer ones
    pause means it will stop at the end of the job so you can see the results.
    keep the quotes in the batch file so RoboCopy knows that it’s a valid command.

  8. Andy

    I read a review of this elsewhere and I recall that although it sounded good, it would have problems with file writes that require admin privileges. So for now I will stick with TeraCopy



    I’ve never heard of “RoboCopy”. You say it’s native to Windows Vista/7? I shall have to do some googling on this… thanks for the heads up!

    By the way, I’ve been using TeraCopy Pro for the past four years or so, and I’ve been quite pleased with how it copies and moves my documents around as needed… compared to the standard Windows copy handler, it’s lightning fast!


  10. Demonkunga

    I was using Teracopy until I found out it doesn’t select the files you just copied or moved after you’ve copied or moved them. I use that feature to delete files sometimes, so it really helps to have them selected. :(

  11. Ronreb

    Right as rain mgo! Jeez. Is someone getting a tip for this tip? First off, the thing’s still in BETA. On top of that, it’s only mentioned that it copies files to other locations. Teracopy copies or moves files and/or folders and does crc checks as Lee said. Maybe “Supercopier” will catch up if and when it gets out of BETA. Meanwhile, Teracopy has already evolved a few times and keeps getting better.

  12. KB Prez

    I’ve been using FastCopy. It leaves Win7 copy in the dust and it’s free. I’m very happy with its speed.

  13. Litbea

    One more to include in the comparition: CopyHandler. I’ve been using it since some years…

  14. baris

    what about teracopy ?

  15. Abhijeet Mukherjee

    For those who are looking for a comparison of SuperCopier with Teracopy, here are 2 main things that SuperCopier does and TeraCopy doesn’t:

    1. Allowing you to save a file transfer list to disk so you can resume the file transfer after restarting your PC or at a later time.

    2. Lets you reorder the priority of files in the transfer list. (Sometimes I want to copy a lot of files, but I want one file to be copied first so I can start using it)

    TeraCopy is a good tool too no doubt. And definitely the most popular because people haven’t heard about other tools as much. But this one is pretty good too. Yes, it is in beta and hasn’t been developed lately, but it works well and that’s all that’s needed.

  16. VanManWTF

    I spent lots of time looking for a file copy replacement for Win7. Most do a fine job, I use SuperCopier for it’s configurability. On my older PC, starting 4 or 5 copy/move streams basically kills the machine, and Win7/TeraCopy/etc all spawn multiple thread. SuperCopier lets you configure how to handle copy streams, as in each one as a new “window” or append operations to one “window”. This allows various sources and destinations as one copy operation, all queued nicely with error handling/reporting, file skipping, retry, pause, etc.

    The downside = project seems semi abandoned…

  17. VanManWTF

    (Forgot) Also, it allows for more control about when to append vs new copy stream. So, copying from multiple sources to 1 destination can end up in 1 stream, but copying to another destination becomes a new stream.

  18. AssasinDroid

    I have been usin teracopy for thr longest time I can remember.

  19. Reply

    the problem i found with teracopy is thats u cant copy from a maped drive to C:/ or a system folder.

  20. sunz

    not as good as Teracopy

  21. kevalin

    Just out of curiosity, did more than two of the commenters who immediately insisted that TeraCopy is a better file copy program than SuperCopier even TRY SuperCopier? Or did you merely go to the page, note that it’s in BETA, then reject it out of hand as useless?

    I don’t have either program yet, but I occasionally do enough file copying to be interested in downloading something that might speed up the process. It seems pretty irresponsible to make negative comments about a program you haven’t actually tried just because you already have one you’ve paid for.

  22. davesathome

    I installed SuperCopier and ran one test vs. ROBOCOPY.

    357MB (16,500 files) from c:\source to c:\target on Win7 64 Ult

    SuperCopier 17m 30s

    ROBOCOPY 6m 27s

    Conclusion: SuperCopier is now uninstalled

  23. Reply

    @davesathome test it against teracopy seems that robocopy its good.

  24. esam

    yes please teracopy pro VS supercopy

  25. Xeogin

    Robocopy is great for network transfers too since it has a restartable mode. (/z I think) I’ve used it for sometime, it’s been around since NT, but hasn’t be native until 7. It’s part of the 2003 resource kit, which I used to install on all XP/2K3 box so I could automate a backup of certain users network drives to their local machines copies of all of yesterdays work just in case they messed something up, since regular backups don’t happen that often and were a pain to get to since they were all offsite.

  26. pyro226

    I’ve tried copy handler and teracopy. I prefer teracopy because it avoids fragmentation (when I tried Copy Handler a few years ago, it scattered chunks of files everywhere).

  27. astral_cyborg

    I’ve tested various copy handlers, such as TeraCopy (free edition), Ultracopier, SuperCopier, FastCopy and RoboCopy.

    Imo TeraCopy is my favorite, because of the combination of nice and easy GUI and it’s capabilities. Other applications may be better copy handlers (I also think that RoboCopy was the fastest) or may have better GUI (UltraCopier is great on that).

    The only bad thing that I remember about TeraCopy is that it was problematic with 64 bit versions of Windows. It could not be registered as the default copy handler of the system by it’s installation and it needed to be fixed manually by editing the registry. The latest version seems to be working fine.

    Copy Handler seems to be interesting, too, but I haven’t tried it yet.

  28. davesathome

    TeraCopy ran for about 25 seconds. It was looking promising but then it crashed.

  29. Yoshiyah

    Well SuperCopier is free. TeraCopy is shareware. I used TeraCopy and it crashes a bit to much when I am transferring large files, like ISO files or HD videos.

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