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OneNote iPhone App Updates; Rocks Search, Shared Notebooks, and More

Earlier this year Microsoft rolled out an iOS app for popular note-taking application OneNote. The updated release brings a slew of new features including search, sharing, and customization capabilities.

While the first release was great just because it brought your OneNote notebooks to your iOS device the newest release is a vast improvement. With the 1.2 update you can now search within your notebooks, sections, and pages, pin your favorite notes for quick access, sync shared notebooks through your SkyDrive, enable selective syncing to save on bandwidth, and select image size dependent on whether you want higher resolution or faster syncing photos.

Hit up the link below to grab a copy or read more at the official release announcement here.

One Note Mobile for iPhone [App Store via The Windows Live Blog]

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  • Published 07/28/11

Comments (8)

  1. Leeroy

    Where’s the love for Android?

  2. gyffes

    What is this “Android” of which you speak?

  3. Parsa

    Better question, where’s the love for iPad?

  4. Daniel

    Why not Android for phones, tablets, des
    Stops. Android. Android! ANDROID!!!

  5. Dean

    why no android because android sucks, and Microsoft and apple have had abetter standing between the twp then Microsoft and android (which is Google)

  6. Daniel

    Well Dean, l,ll be sure not to hire you for business line expansion. Even Microsoft needs to expand sales channels due to increased competition. Belie e me, Microsoft and Apple are not star crossed lovers. The are competitors just like Google.

  7. Kevin

    Android is quickly surpassing iphone and may well end up being the system to contend with.

  8. simmo

    Android growth surpassed iphone sales and usage last year Kevin, there were plenty of articles on this very matter, and here is a more recent one about market share changes. (source unreliable, only tracking us markets)

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