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Use Video Game Console Life Cycles to Time Your Next Purchase

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If you’re on the fence about a new console purchase it helps to know the timeline the company is using and where your coveted console falls on that release timeline.

Unpluggd shares a timeline of the major consoles and their historical and projected future release schedules to help inform buyers. Want a Playstation or Xbox 360? Now is a great time to buy as the consoles are about halfway through their life cycles. Want a Wii? Hold off as the new Wii is coming out next year. For a more detailed look at the release schedules and the factors that play into the buy/don’t buy decision hit up the link below.

Video Game Console Life Cycle: Buying Your Next One [Apartment Therapy]

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  • Published 07/21/11

Comments (4)

  1. UXO_Hazard

    Sorry but this was one of the least helpful articles that HTG has linked to. It’s pretty much info for the most mainstream of consumers who lack the least bit of knowledge about videogames. I’m pretty sure the vast majority of your site visitors know this information already. Not only that, the article is almost shorter than the post linking to it.

    I’ll summarize it for other people:
    Nintendo: The Wii U is launching next year, wait for it or get the Wii at a discount.
    Microsoft: Good to go until 2015.
    Sony: Good to go until 2016.

  2. Dean

    I own a Wii, Xbox 360 and PS3, work in an IT related role and consider myself quite clued up about IT having worked directly in the industry in one form or another for 14 years – I couldn’t have told you anything about Wii U or the scheduled release dates for Sony or Microsoft; just because it’s not useful to *you* doesn’t mean it’s not for everyone else….

  3. tw34kfr34k

    it doesnt even mention ps3 is getting a new version very soon

  4. richard

    yes u are the worst time liner i have ever seen. so why dont u stop posting i agreee with UXO_Hazard and all the others

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