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SMS Backup Sends Android Text Messages to Your Gmail Account

If you want to backup and integrate your SMS messages into your Gmail account, SMS Backup offers a simple Android-based backup solution.

Install the application, enable IMAP in your Gmail account, plug your login credentials into SMS Backup, and you’re set to go. All your SMS messages will automatically be dumped into your Gmail account without any further interaction on your behalf.

SMS Backup is free and requires Android 1.5+.

SMS Backup [Android Market via Digital Inspiration]

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  • Published 07/14/11

Comments (8)

  1. rothbart

    I’ve used this for about a year and a half now and LOVE it! If you ever need to keep track of conversations had via text message (say, with your ex-spouse arguing over parenting issues?) then it’s AWESOME to have it automatically backed up into Gmail in such a way that you can easily print it out and/or email it to prove what was really said via text… even months later… even after a phone upgrade!

    Of course it’s also great for looking up directions, phone numbers, websites, or anything else someone may have texted you in the past but you can’t quite remember. From Gmail on a PC, you can easily search with “label:SMS” and additional information to only search your text messages. Great app. Highly recommended!

  2. immo
  3. Chrisse

    I love this app. The only thing I wish it included was a way to back up just that one contact you want rather than all the messages in your phone. I end up having to delete things I might still want, but don’t want on my gmail. It’s by far the best app out there for this though, and I’ve tried almost all of them.

  4. Joshua Konowe

    I am bias but our app let’s you store texts with or without a gmail account and on iPhone, BB or rim

  5. David

    Anything comparable for iOS?

  6. Pete

    I agree with immo. SMS Backup+ is where it is at.

  7. mahmoud

    can i copy SMSs back to my android , is it possible ??!!

  8. ACE

    Is there an app out there that can send the messages in conversation format rather than splitting the in and outgoing messages?

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