The Connected States of American Project Visualizes US Based on Communication [Video]

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By Jason Fitzpatrick on July 8th, 2011

What would a United States map look like if it was drawn by social networks instead of state boundaries? A collaboration between ATT and MIT seeks to find out.

MIT Senseable City Lab, armed with anonymized mobile phone call and SMS data from ATT, has set out to chart what the US looks like when you map out social communities instead of geographical communities. Watch the video above to see a nice visual teaser for the project and then hit up the link below to play around with interactive maps that can show you, among other things, which counties around the country the people in your home county spend the most time talking to. When we tested it we found that Detroiters spend a huge chunk of their time talking to people in Southern Florida and Southern California–snowbird friends and relatives perhaps?

Hit up the link to read more and take the interactive maps for a spin.

The Connected States of American [MIT via Y! Tech]

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  • Published 07/8/11
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