NYPD Disposes of 5,000 Pounds of Illegal Fireworks [Video]

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By Jason Fitzpatrick on July 4th, 2011

What does it look like when you set off 5,000 pounds of fireworks on the ground? A lot like this disposal video from the NYPD Bomb Squad.

Fireworks restrictions are pretty tight in New York City; when you have that many people in that small a space the risk of somebody burning down a block of apartments with drunken homegrown fireworks show is a serious one. They NYPD rounds up fireworks they find but can’t just throw them in the dumpster behind the station. The fireworks end up on the NYPD firing range in the Bronx where the Bomb Squad sets them off in style (in this case 5,000 pounds worth of style).

NYPD Fireworks Destruction July 201 [YouTube via Make]

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  • Published 07/4/11
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