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E3 Booth Babes Display a Painful Lack of Video Game Knowledge [Video]

If you thought a prerequisite for manning a booth at an electronics expo was a passing knowledge of the electronics and games you were promoting, you were wrong.

In the above video Chloe Dykstra puts a set of “booth babes” from the E3 2011 conference to the test by asking them simple questions about video games both new and old. If you’re a gaming fan and you can watch this video without laughing out loud you’ve got an iron will (or you’re shaking your head in disbelief that someone could work a gaming convention and not know the answers to these questions). We won’t lie, we were shaking our head when the one model admitted that she’d worked at GameStop for a year and still didn’t know any of the answers.

What questions would you put on list? How about “Finish this sentence: ‘Your Princess is in another…'”, “Dimension?”.

5HP: Booth Babe Edition – E3 2011 [YouTube via Kotaku]

Jason Fitzpatrick is a warranty-voiding DIYer who spends his days cracking opening cases and wrestling with code so you don't have to. If it can be modded, optimized, repurposed, or torn apart for fun he's interested (and probably already at the workbench taking it apart). You can follow him on if you'd like.

  • Published 07/1/11

Comments (22)

  1. rebelheart

    whatever, Tatyana is it :)

  2. somtimeisayhi

    I’ve been playing video games since I was young and the only one I got was the zelda question. =/

  3. SavageDisaster

    The Atlas Shrugged question isn’t fair. The only Ayn Rand novel I’ve read is Anthem and I’ve played BioShock. I can *now* see the the resemblance to some themes she likes but that is far from passing knowledge.

  4. Chuck

    The one thing that bugged me the most about this video is that none of the girls on the still image of the video above actually came out on the video.

    Now, I am a gamer and even I didn’t know most of these questions. However, I don’t work for the gaming industry so I have an excuse. These girls on the other hand are exactly the kind of women I like, clueless.

  5. vtzete0

    man, tough questions.

  6. Lenix

    easy. i dont get why everyone thinks those questions were that difficult.

  7. Jared

    They really were not that hard. I knew all of them and I haven’t even played half the games.

  8. Andrew

    I knew all of the questions except the 4th one.

    She is wearing the Portal 2 Three Turret Moon shirt!

  9. notta

    That blonde Prims girl has the whole Katherine Heigl thing going on. She is fine!!

  10. Hawkins

    I missed the first question, as I’ve never played Pokemon. Is this unusual? I thought it was for kids.

  11. jon_hill987

    @Hawkins: It is actually a quite deep jRPG. Sure it is child friendly, but it is not just for kids. I didn’t get the full answer myself as I have only played the two most recent generations though.

  12. Randy

    These are all kiddie games. I didn’t get a single one correct, but the bimbets should have. :D

  13. Roi Atalla

    What was the answer to that Portal question?

  14. batman

    i knew none of them, which im very proud of.

  15. Ali

    Now they should take me instead to do that modeling thing .. LOL !

  16. Ushindi

    Gee, do you suppose those attractive girls weren’t actually hired for their game knowledge?

  17. kzinti1

    The only 2 I knew were Link in the “Legend of Zelda” and Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged”, as the basis of “Bioshock.” The worst novel I ever read and the worst game I ever played.
    Why do the companies always hire hookers for their convention booth’s? For the “free one’s?” The hiring of these walking, gibbering, blobs of silicone and grease paint is disgusting. No wonder there are so very few games worth buying any more. The company execs. are all a bunch of drooling morons.

  18. kim

    Do we need this crap on what is usually an excellent tech site? I’ll leave the comments alone, since those aren’t your fault.

  19. @Roi Atalla

    I guess it was the cube which had those pink hearts on it :)

  20. David S

    I couldnt have even guessed the last 2 questions and been close to the answer, and only got the Bioshock one because they gave you the answer by showing a picture of a Big Daddy.

    therefore it is not the end of the world that they didn’t know any of them.

  21. Anonymous

    That was funny! I didn’t know any of those answers either (and I couldn’t care less). In fact, it’s rather refreshing. Cause had I known any of those answers then it’s very possible I might not have a life worth living! In fact, I feel kind of sorry for anyone who gets 100%.

    But don’t feel too bad if you did happen to score 100%. Hopefully you’re under 25 where there’s still time to turn your life around. But if you’re in your 30’s or older and have wasted countless hours in front of your glowing box(s) learning nothing more than who/what Peekachu is or have amassed a WoW account that’s actually worth a little money to someone then I think we should all feel very sorry for you.

    It’s not like we should know who our U.S. Congressional representatives are or who our local Mayor, Police Chief / Sheriff is, or anything like that. Certainly nothing IMPORTANT! Could you just imagine what might happen if we actually took even half as much interest in our government as we do with our entertainment?!

  22. lifeh2o

    I play games just to enjoy and I knew none of them

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