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What Happens When You Choose the Wrong Computer for Remote Access [Humorous Image]

Note: You can view the full-size image using the link below.

Accidentally chose wrong computer while using Remote Access [via Reddit]

Akemi Iwaya is a devoted Mozilla Firefox user who enjoys working with multiple browsers and occasionally dabbling with Linux. She also loves reading fantasy and sci-fi stories as well as playing "old school" role-playing games. You can visit her on Twitter and .

  • Published 06/29/11

Comments (21)

  1. fakeforme123

    Its even worse when you control a computer that is already controlling the computer your on.

  2. Brodiemac

    You divided by zero!

  3. MJ

    I did this once for a try :D. It’s even cooler in motion because of the delay.

  4. Hatryst

    Infinity :D

  5. Bjarnovikus

    I know that problem so well xD And as MJ says… it’s even more fun when you see it moving :)

  6. tecn0tarded

    looks like my first days with xp

  7. m1o2

    oh recursion

  8. Mike

    How exactly does this happen?

  9. Gianluca

    Remote Acceseption

  10. trm96
  11. TheMrBugz

    all to familiar

  12. Radarak47

    Remote DDOS

  13. Leo Graper

    Yep, done that, been there, to be exact, twice! Also with VNC, 3 finger salute and killit! ;)

  14. Vitas

    I did not know this is even possible! :D
    At least with microsoft remote desktop you cannot do this ;) This should be fixed by logmein

  15. Diggerjohn111

    I am thinking of using this image as a wallpaper.

  16. clb92

    In VLC media player just choose (in File menu) “Open recording device” (or something like that), choose Screen from dropdown box. Set it to more than 1 fps.
    Click Play!

    Have fun!

  17. Carroll

    How about a few details?

  18. xdr

    It’s quite simple, I done it with team viewer. I opened remote desktop on my pc to my mac and then connected from mac back to my pc. I can’t remember why thou.

  19. Hayawata

    Been there, done that… XD

  20. MikeAck

    been there done that :P

  21. dlgn

    You can do this with remote desktop, I tried.

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