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A New Style of Age Verification for Websites [Humorous Image]

Being asked to verify your age at different websites is nothing new, but the MyCrysis website decided to take a different approach…

Are there any particular items that you think would be funny to use for something like this? Let us know in the comments!

Age Verification for MyCrysis Website [via]

Akemi Iwaya is a devoted Mozilla Firefox user who enjoys working with multiple browsers and occasionally dabbling with Linux. She also loves reading fantasy and sci-fi stories as well as playing "old school" role-playing games. You can visit her on Twitter and .

  • Published 06/16/11

Comments (57)

  1. bkj216


  2. Jonny

    Not really effective, I’m 17 and I remember them.

  3. Kodess

    @Jonny, because asking for your age does work…

  4. Ali

    I’m 15 and i still remember them :D

  5. John

    A rotary telephone

  6. Katastrophy

    An 8-track tape… better yet, a Beta tape – that would trick up @Jonny

  7. Brandon-P

    How about a Beta! It was better than VHS anyways.

  8. Jeff-M

    How about a LaserDisc

  9. Dan-C

    Reminds me of the age verification system that the old Leisure Suit Larry games used to use. It would basically ask you questions that only an older person ‘should’ know the answers to.

  10. gcai

    punch cards? 1/2 magnetic tapes on reels? card readers/punches? Atari PDAs? Compaq luggable PCs? Apple Newton? typewriters? carbon paper? the list just goes on and on…. :-)

  11. Dking

    5-1/2″ Floppy, 14.4 Modem, Dot Matrix Printer with the tear off side holes and tear your own sheets paper supply. Slide Ruler, Mighty Mouse (cartoon), or a ditto machine.

  12. Chronno S. Trigger

    A TRS-80, I would laugh my ass off. 10″ floppy, though they do look a lot like the 5.25″ floppy. Apple II on the plywood. Apple III, three inch drop FTW. Atari cartage, preferably the E.T. one.

  13. Serowman

    Most of these suggestions might work on the average person, but I suspect they wouldn’t work for the average How-To Geek reader. I’m fifteen and I can identify most of those things even though many of them were gone before I was born.

  14. Derrick

    What company made OK cola?

  15. Garret

    @Derrick how do you imagine to answer that question if you’ve never been in usa?

  16. Age

    Ah, but see, the kids these days just “Search Google with this image” ;)

  17. LB75

    Now that Google offers their “Google Goggles” in a browser, this will only work until people catch on; you can pick whatever from way back, and Google Goggles will identify it.

  18. LB75

    Ah, @Age you beat me to the punch, I should have reloaded the page before posting.

  19. infmom

    A hole puncher for single-sided 5.25″ floppy disks
    A Commodore 1541 disk drive
    A slide rule
    A picture of Spot and Puff
    A picture of Tom Terrific
    A picture of Captain Kangaroo
    For really old people like me, a picture of Miss Frances from Ding Dong School
    A picture of Wernher von Braun

  20. Ali

    How about The Three Stooges

  21. LadyBizBiz

    A picture of a ‘Jubbly’ …. don’t think I can describe it! anyone else old enough to remember it?

  22. Chef_

    A Library?

  23. Tidus


    The most epic, refreshing, thrist-quenching ice-lolly known to man. Wrapped in cardboard and frozen to create an icy prism of joy and wonder, the jubbly is unparalleled.

  24. Bob

    A condom. That way we are all safe…

  25. Dale

    @ Bob that would work for some but it won’t fix stupid as stupid would forget to use it.

  26. Dave M

    Rabbit ears TV antenna
    Adding maching with a handle to pull

  27. Cryptic

    Grandpa Guitar

  28. Cal

    A picture of a teenager giving his seat on a bus to an older person.

  29. Jerr

    Pic of a burroughs OCR

  30. Susan

    An old Wang Disk Drive with the removable platter stack that weighed a ton and only held 288 mg worth of data. Had to drop and turn to load. Remember carrying them down 8 flights of stairs for fire drills in the 80’s.

  31. Teknyne

    vacuum tube?

  32. Paul


    And impossible to get into…

  33. Oz DiGennaro

    More radical please:

    an IBM punch card
    better yet, a punch from an IBM punch card
    a carburetor
    a distributor cap
    an ice truck
    a bicycle (oops, just kidding)
    a fedora
    a computer tape drive
    a teletype machine
    a piece of punched tape
    a pot on the stove in the kitchen

    Oh well…

  34. Thomas Edison

    A wax cylinder

  35. T.Hansen

    Name this former country (acronym) and a picture of DDR or USSR

  36. HunterParty

    micro bicycle with two wheels inside

  37. Miguel

    Add a photo of some of the first mobile phones on the Market….They’ll describe it as a Cash point machine with a Stripper pole on top!…

  38. Rya

    @LadyBizBiz I grew up calling those push-ups & @Tidus excellent description… I knew exactly what you were both talking about from your description… Do they still make those? Now I want one.. lol….

  39. Rya

    PS: a paper check.. and in the near future.. cash!

  40. Alan


  41. DON

    Nice but some 12 years guys know the names and some time 30 years old do’t :P :)

  42. Moe

    infmom – I’ve been dying for years to tell someone that Miss Frances (Ding Dong School – early to mid 50’s) once told us that “white” was no color, and “black” was all the colors mixed together. I eventually learned that was wrong, and have never trusted TV, since!

    Does anybody remember Winkey Dink – where we all colored on our TV sets? Or radio serials?

  43. Tim

    Film. Some actual 35mm or better yet, 110 film. That would stump the lil ones…

  44. Melvin

    “What is the U for on this dial?”, accompanied with a pic of an old TV channel dial.

  45. Lou

    2 things from the early 90s

    A Walkman
    A Pair of Z Cavaricci pants.

  46. dlgn

    I’m 13, and I still can recognize it.

  47. Brett

    @Chronno – those were 8 inch floppies and held 72k. And what about a picture of a drum of Agent Orange?

  48. Tony

    Crystal Pepsi.
    Zubaz pants.
    The dials from the old style gas pumps.

  49. outRIAAge

    A photo of Woody Harrelson behind the bar at Cheers. Better still: a video clip of Woody Harrelson behind the bar at Cheers.

    A photo of Michael Richards on the “Seinfeld” set.

  50. Fodaro

    Trouble is, you could easily put the image into an image search engine and find out what it was within seconds.

    @Cal: Most teenagers I know (myself included) would give up their seat to an elderly person (and do, regularly). Don’t believe stereotypes.

  51. SkilletRocks

    I would say this doesn’t work due to Google and the ability to look something up but hey that does take more time then putting in a fake birthday

  52. Cameron

    a walkman

  53. astral_cyborg

    Well, imo it’s better than the usual “Enter your age verification”, where the user may put whatever, such as “1/1/1900” :b

  54. Scott

    I saw varied disk drives listed here by people, but seems everyone has forgotten the gigantic 8″ drives. Just showing their picture would be a trick, since they was identical in looks (just larger) than the 5.25″ drives.

    Another thing to look at would be screenshots of specific games. For example, not the remakes/cleanups, but the first edition of Hero’s Quest and so forth. Could even use cars.

  55. microbarnsey

    Doesn’t work very well, I’m 12 and I still use them to record programs for my gran on,

  56. Ivydapple

    I’m almost thirteen and I know what these are.

    Still, this made me LOL. XD

  57. zarnaik

    Made me lol big time, but efficiency is indeed low.

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