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Watch a Live Stream of Today’s Lunar Eclipse

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If you’re in South America, Europe, Africa, or Australia you can watch today’s 100-minute total lunar eclipse in person; everywhere else you can enjoy a live stream and narration by astronomers.

Starting in three hours you’ll be able to watch via Slooh’s SpaceCamera where they’ll have updated information, information provided by astronomers participating in the live stream and more. Check out the SpaceCamera at the link below or check out the via link to read about more ways to enjoy the eclipse at Google.

Slooh’s SpaceCamera [via The Official Google Blog]

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  • Published 06/15/11

Comments (6)

  1. Hatryst

    Awesome. Now that’s what we call ‘coverage’ :)

  2. Chronno S. Trigger

    “Watch for free on your android phone” I love it, especially since the bandwidth at my office is limited. It’s stuff like this that makes me glad I have HowtoGeek on my RSS reader.

  3. blaze


  4. jon_hill987

    Thanks for posting this. It is cloudy here si I was going to miss out otherwise.

  5. ed

    this newsletter is a little late, i just got it and the eclipse was already over. should have been posted a few days earlier. ah well.

  6. purger

    Great, finallyy something worth to take app. For

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