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Iaza Parks 100+ Simple Image Editing Tools in One Place

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If you’re not a frequent image editor user and simply need to crop, rotate, or otherwise enhance a photo, Iaza is an simple web-based editor that one-shot changes your images based on your specifications.

Unlike other web-based editors that emulate desktop image editors within the browser pane, Iaza is a one shot wonder. You simply upload an image from your computer or the web, click a link for the procedure you want (like conversion, cropping, etc.) and, if necessary, add in a variable like the size you’d like the image cropped to. That’s it. Photoshop gurus will cringe at the lack of control but for someone who doesn’t routinely edit images and just wants an easy to read list of potential edits they can select from, it’s a useful feature.

Hit up the link below to take it for a test drive. Iaza is a free, web-based service.

Iaza [Update, now Ezimba, via MakeUseOf]

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  • Published 06/14/11

Comments (4)

  1. KonnyGama

    Great article,.. free Download “Image editing here .

  2. youtube e1sunz

    This works great and simple enough for anyone to use

  3. kim

    I Just saw that same image on a photo hosting site called ex3 or ez3 something like that. U guys actually hosted the button on your siteladt night. Was that image edited in this free editing program????

  4. kim

    Sorry it was on the petapixel website. ;) the hosting site looks killer and pricing is great too. But I use photo biz. Love u guys daily emails…thanks for ur hard work.

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