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Pre-Launch Tour of One of the Original Apple Stores by Steve Jobs [Classic Video]

If you are a devout fan of Apple products then you will definitely enjoy watching this piece of Apple history. The video is a pre-launch tour of one of the original Apple Stores conducted by Steve Jobs himself.

Steve Jobs Introduces the Apple Store (2001) [via BoingBoing]

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  • Published 05/27/11

Comments (11)

  1. Hatryst

    Yup. One of the remarkable videos in history. ;)

  2. Carlos Ferrari

    Who is this guy? Where’s the bearded skeleton?

    #joking LOL :D

  3. ADWheeler Photography

    You won’t be procreating after wearing those jeans….thank god!!

  4. Austin Powers

    “Those are skin tight. How do you get into those pants, baby?”

  5. Henrique

    This guy is a computer legend – if you say this is not geek enough for you, you have no idea of all the story surrounding this guy and the computer you have in your hands today. He definitely had some impact in every single pc we have now and seeing a video like this is telling a story.

  6. Cactus

    i noticed all negative comments have been removed

  7. Max Headroom

    He may have been a geek at one time, but now he’s just a marketer and old-time shuckster.

  8. Kevin Erkelenz

    Mr. Jobs is a great guy and a visionary in his own realm. I hate almost all apple products including my iPad (which was the final reason for deciding to do so) but the man is a legend that is undeniable. I don’t believe he is to blame for all the herrendous design choices and price ranges their products employ considering he is not the only one who owns the company, but he can be given credit for revolutionizing and finally kickstarting the industry. I don’t think we’ve seen any more innovation come out of one place than we have in the past decade coming from apple – for better or worse.

  9. Cactus


    I dont think so, Technology just matured to a point where these things are possible.
    The only thing apple is good for (in my opinion) is making expensive hardware, Incompatible software, And market brainwashing. They are truly a marketing genius machine, That is all.

  10. jimmy

    this man is one of the most brilliant men in history of the world.
    right up there with William Hearst
    i wonder when the Citizen Kane of him will come out

  11. Steve

    Jobs is a good salesman but the true genus was Waz.

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