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Researchers Showcase Pixel-to-Vector Conversion Tool

If you’ve revisited an old video game only to experience Pixel-Shock you’ll be excited to hear about a new process for rendering old 8-bit games in smooth vectored frames.

Researchers at The Hebrew University have created a new algorithm that scales pixel art into vectored images. The results are stunning although the process is quite intensive.

There are two potential gaming-related outcomes for the new algorithm: it may end up improved to the point where it can render games on the fly so game emulators can turn an old NES or PC game into a beautiful and well rendered vector game or gaming companies themselves may license it to create smooth-looking games for next generation consoles.

Hit up the link below to see more examples in their whitepaper on the subject.

Depixelizing Pixel Art (PDF) [via Extreme Tech]

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  • Published 05/25/11

Comments (9)

  1. clooch


  2. Grimache

    I dunno, I cannot image Super Mario Bros. all nice & smooth…..

  3. Neef

    I don’t know. I rather like the pixel-ness of older games.

  4. jb

    Nintendo..get to work on Super Mario Bros. 3 HD. CHANGE NOTHING. :/ Additional levels or worlds will be taken into consideration though.

  5. Legacy

    I would like to know whether there is a software that makes a 8-bit picture from a usual one

  6. Adam

    There are other, much better upscaling algorithms than nearest-neighbor. See this wikipedia article:

    That said, it is pretty cool to be able to figure out vectors from raster images. I thought Photoshop already did this? Perhaps this is tuned specifically to pixel art with greater performance. Haven’t waded through the PDF yet….

  7. Fodaro

    Looks very impressive, but I think it would take some of the charm out of classic games. I guess if you wanted to up-scale a lot then the pixelation could become rather bad, though.

  8. DF417

    This is hardly new technology. There are several web sites and programs that already do this even for free.

  9. kieranlee999

    you can do this on photoshop well i can

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