Take a Reference Photo to Check Your Camera Lens for Dust

By Jason Fitzpatrick on May 12th, 2011

It’s irritating to find out, after a long day of shooting, that a spec of dust has made an appearance in every photo. Learn how to take a reference photo to spot (and eliminate) dust on your camera lens.

Photo by Olly Newport.

Electronics blog Unplggd shares a simple technique for checking your camera lens for dust. Open the aperture up, set the set the lens to infinite focus, and snap a picture of a clean white surface (like a sheet of printer paper). You can also snap a companion shot of a dark surface if you want to do an in depth comparison. Although they suggest using the camera’s review function to check out the photo we think the LCD screen is far too small. Load the pictures up on your computer and review them on a nice big monitor for a better chance of finding those irritating specks of dust.

Once you’ve located the dust it’s time to give that lens a deep cleaning.

How To Test for Dust on Your DSLR Camera Lens [Unplggd/Apartment Therapy]

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  • Published 05/12/11
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