Have you been wanting an easy way to set KeePass Password Safe 2 up on your Linux systems? Then get ready to rejoice. Now you can get that KeePass goodness on your Ubuntu or Debian-Based Linux system using a PPA, the Command Line, or manual installation files.

To add the new PPA open the Ubuntu Software Center, go to the Edit Menu, and select Software Sources. Access the Other Software Tab in the Software Sources Window and add the first of the PPAs shown below (outlined in red). The second PPA will be automatically added to your system.

Once you have the new PPAs set up, go back to the Ubuntu Software Center and click on the PPA listing for KeePass 2 on the left (highlighted with red in the image). There will be a single listing in the right pane…click Install.

After the installation is complete you can find KeePass2 waiting for you in the Accessories sub-menu.

All that is left to do is get your new password database up and running!

Command Line Installation

For those of you who prefer using the command line for installation use the following commands:

sudo apt-add-repository ppa:jtaylor/keepass
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install keepass2


KeePass2 PPA at Launchpad

Download KeePass Password Safe for your Debian-Based Linux System [Debian.org] *Note: Manual installation files.

Learn more about the Debian/Ubuntu Releases of KeePass Password Safe [KeePass Password Safe Forums]

Visit the KeePass Password Safe Homepage


You can download the wallpaper shown in the screenshots above here:

Hanging the Laundry Out to Dry [Photobucket]

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