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OpenCaching Turns Your Smartphone into Geocache Tool

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OpenCaching is a free application that turns your Android device or iPhone into a geocache tool complete with maps, log book, and cache logger.

Download the app to your Android device or iPhone, fire it up, and you’re ready to start locating and placing geocaches.

The app uses your devices GPS to locate local caches which you can then filter based on difficult, terrain, and type. When you find them you can log them directly in the app, update social networks with your finds, and mark the cache as a favorite on your personal geocaching map.

Hit up the links below to read more.

OpenCaching for Android
OpenCaching for iOS [via Addictive Tips]

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  • Published 05/6/11

Comments (3)

  1. Grant

    We have been using GeoBeagle, and it works very well with the site. It reads the GPX files, and makes the file of finds (set it to log to a file instead of SMS) to upload later when you are ready to log everything. Because of this, it works off the grid where there is no data connection. If you are in an area with a connection, though, it will integrate with Google maps, including turn by turn navigation.

    Since this uses the GPX files from pocket queries (I guess you could do them one by one, but that would be unpleasant) it is much better with a premium membership.

  2. Kat, the biggest geocaching site, has its own app. OpenCaching doesn’t have anywhere near the same amount of caches. And btw, OpenCaching is owned by Garmin, and somehow I doubt they are in it for anything less than profit and marketing.

  3. Hans

    C:geo is better that groundspeak’s official app they sell and its free via the market.

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