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Are Depleted Uranium-Based Super Hard Drives in Your Future? [Video]

In the continuing search for smaller materials to create hard disks from, researchers at the University of Nottingham are working with a Uranium compound that brings magnetic storage to the molecular level.

Magnetic Uranium – Periodic Table of Videos [via Geeks are Sexy]

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  • Published 05/3/11

Comments (11)

  1. Brodiemac

    I can see the ads now…….

    32GB of storage
    USB 3.0
    Can penetrate the armor of an Iraqi tank.

  2. Shammancer

    He actually looks like a mad scientist.

  3. Anonymous

    Oh wow, someone needs to clean up that guy’s desktop, and upgrade that 10 year old OS for him.

  4. Ja5087

    Hmmm… this may be radioactive, don’t touch

  5. anthony maw

    when it comes to magnetic media storage, increasing capacity means nothing without an increase in reliability!

  6. mm

    It might be worthwhile to find out about the horrific birth defects that have happened in Iraq after the use of depleted uranium bombs and shells. Before buying a radioactive hard drive, better find out if the inventor was mentally deranged, or worse.

  7. John Clark

    Nice little dirty bomb. toluine, phosphor nitrogen and uranium.

  8. catflap
  9. Uncle B

    Depleted Uranium super-batteries rumored for cars, for Wind Power ballast, Solar Power ballast, to make them both more efficient, more adaptable for human uses? Is it true, American Navy Labs have dibs on depleted Uranium research anyway? Will they ever reveal anything to the general public? Hard-drives of radio-active alloys? Why not! Gold in Fort Knox purported to be diluted with depleted Uranium, tungsten, by Chinese, apprently they will not accept it – based on bad assays? Who will manufacture such a drive? Certainly the Japanese are radiation shy, perhaps the Chinese do not know better, or don’t care about workers anyway? Careless corporatism arising in the new age?

  10. Shandooga

    You mean they could have done something with depleted uranium *other* than splash it all over Iraq causing a generation of deformed children (so far) and making the land uninhabitable for the next 4 Billion years and they still chose the latter? Humanity is its own worst enemy.

  11. chimera

    whats next a 1000 tetrabit microchip

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