When It Comes to Free Apps, Android Dominates [Infographic]

By Jason Fitzpatrick on April 27th, 2011

Apple fans like to tout just how many apps there in the Appstore–OK, OK, there’s quite a few–but Android completely dominates when it comes to the percentage of free applications.

By what margin does it dominate? Over half the applications in the Android Marketplace are free compared to less than a third of the iOS applications. What’s interesting about the numbers is how close the raw number of free applications is. Both the Appstore and the Market have roughly 130,000 free applications available for download with Android in the lead; the Appstore has 121,845 apps and the Marketplace has 134,342. What is significant is how Android has pulled ahead and how the large portion of the total available apps are free on the Android Market and how that reflects the greater Android culture.

Interested in more stats about the two? Hit up the link below for more infographics covering the changes in iPad app development and popularity as well as the overall shift in the mobile app ecosystem.

There Are Now More Free Apps for the Android Than For the iOS Platform [TechCrunch]

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  • Published 04/27/11
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