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GigaPan Time Machine Offers Ultra High-Resolution Time Lapse Videos

GigaPan, the company that has been bringing us ultra high-res panoramic for years, has a new offering: ultra high-res time lapse videos. From the Big Bang to flowers blooming you can watch time lapse events in insane detail.

The video above is a tour of the new GigaPan Time Machine service. By combining GigaPan’s super panoramic algorithms with time lapse video tricks they’ve assembled a visual feast, ultra high resolution time lapse video. The service is quite new and currently only has five high-res time lapse videos but if the initial offerings are any indication the service is going to rock the best time lapse videos around. Watch the demo video above and then hit up the link below to check out videos of plant growth, gardens, brain scans, and carnivals.

GigaPan Time Machine [via The Official Google Blog]

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  • Published 04/25/11

Comments (2)

  1. cam2644

    It claims only to launch on Chrome or Safari.
    Why limit to two minority browsers?

  2. Mister.Emale

    You are correct, cam2644. I got the same message. Chrome or Safari only. This one will have to carry on without me. I haven’t spent the last four years upgrading and customizing my Firefox to go and change now just for one or two purdy pitchers! Can’t imagine what would possess them to code for two of the least used browsers only, but apparently wisdom comes in a different flavor for these folks.

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