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Supplement Your Current Anti-Virus Software with the Microsoft Safety Scanner

Are you looking for a free supplemental scanner to work with your current Windows anti-virus software? Then the Microsoft Safety Scanner is the right app for the job.

The homepage provides an overview about the Safety Scanner, provides links to Help and Resources, and displays a list of the current Top desktop threats.

Note: You can choose the appropriate language version for your location in the upper right corner.

When you click on the Download Button you will be able to choose between the 32 and 64 bit editions.

Once you have the file downloaded, double click the exe file and accept the EULA to get things started. You will then be able to choose a Quick Scan, Full Scan, or Custom Scan. When you have selected the desired scan type click Next and wait for the scanner to finish its’ work.

Note: The download is ~68 MB in size and will expire after 10 days (due to changes/updates in anti-malware definitions).

Download the Microsoft Safety Scanner [via SimpleHelp]

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  • Published 04/21/11

Comments (18)

  1. Hatryst

    But what if I’m using MSE?

  2. bkj216

    This is the same as MRT. Just type in, “MRT” in the Vista/Win7 start menu and it’ll pop up.

  3. AsianAngel

    @Hatryst – I would imagine that this would not be useful to you then since they likely have identical (or very close to identical) definitions. It can be great to have on hand though if working on someone else’s infected machine. ^_^

  4. KB Prez

    The scanning screen says it will remove any malware that is found. I’m concerned about it removing something without asking me first. I checked the Help links on the web site and I can’t find anything that gives more info about the removal process. I wouldn’t use this software without knowing more.

  5. Lady Fitzgerald

    It lost me when it said I had to redownload it every ten days.

  6. zs

    @KB Prez
    ” I’m concerned about it removing something without asking me first.”

    yes,I’m concerned, dose ‘MRT’ give you any options???

  7. Anonymous

    Why not just use Malwarebytes Anti-Malware?

  8. UUUnicorn

    To H__l with Microsoft–I tried Security Essentials AND Windows Defender–they take TOO DAMN LONG in time to conduct thorough scans on my computers!

    For my desktop, I use Norton Anti-Virus, Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, Spybot Search & Destroy, and Spamfighter (these last three are free).

    For my netbook, I use Avira Antivir, Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, Spybot Search & Destroy, and Spamfighter (all of these are free).

  9. Migabri

    As alternative anti-virus no-runtime scanning program there’s Bit-Defender the free version… it also have to say that it may be better to momentarily disable the standard anti-virus when you are scanning with the supplementary

  10. KB Prez

    @zs, I don’t use MRT, but I checked it out today and the very first screen says it “automatically removes prevalent malicious software”.

  11. Rick S

    Avira for real time protection and the free version of Malwarebytes for added clean up.
    Found that to be the best. Sometimes I check my comp with others but it comes out clean every time. If you have a bunch of other crap running in the background it just screws things up.
    More is not better. Hahaha Just fixed a comp that was so slow they couldn’t use it properly. It had five anti virus programs running all at the same time.

  12. AsianAngel

    @Rick S – I am almost afraid to try and imagine how they managed to get five anti-virus programs co-existing and running at the same time. O_o

  13. thenonhacker

    OMG people recommending Norton AV? That thing slowed down my PC, and take a LOT of my memory. If you want something fast and reliable, go for Avira or Microsoft Security Essentials. My gaming laptop is swiftly breezing.

  14. Allan E.

    I downloaded and ran the Microsoft Safety Scanner and ran it. It detected a adware program and partially removed it. Following their recommendation I contacted their support to find out how to remove the rest of the malware. The support technician recommended that I download and run Malwarebytes Anti Malware program to remove the rest of the malicious malware. So it seems to me to be a wast of time to use the Microsoft Safety Scanner when you are going to have to use Malwarebytes anyway.

  15. Jacob

    Replace eery 10 days? How about it periodically downloads it own updates, like most Microsoft apps and OS’s do?? I only noticed that after I started the download. I have removed the downloaded image and will not be using it.

  16. AsianAngel

    @Jacob – There was a note just above the download link referring to the download size and 10 day limit.

  17. ICYTAZ

    Sometimes the free shareware products are a dam site better as if you decide to change after a year of subscription with one product, and then try installing a different product just to be met with compatibility issues. It’s convenient for the suppliers if you’re stuck using their product year after year because it’s more than often impossible to completely remove the product so it doesn’t cause these issues. Even the best uninstallers can never get rid of everything. I’m using BitDefender Total Security 2011 and that only because I got it free from BitDefender to encourage me to be stuck with their compatibility issues?

  18. john3347

    I downloaded and installed Microsoft Safety Scanner on a Windows 7 computer. The program ran for approximately 36 hours and scanned 6.8 million (6,8xx,xxx) files during which time the progress bar had moved approximately 1 inch across the 6 inch width of the progress bar space. When I realized that it would take more than a week to scan, I aborted the scan.

    Has anyone else had similar experience with this application?

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