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Google Video Shutting Down; Rescue Your Orphaned Videos Before 5/13

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Google Video is shutting down its hosting services as of the end of this month; users will be able to download their old videos until May 13, 2011.

Google Video’s fate has been in limbo since 2006 when Google bought YouTube–since 2009 they stopped accepting new uploads. None the less there are millions of videos in the Google Video system that are about to go dark. At the end of the month Google will disable playback from videos hosted by Google Video. Two weeks into May they’ll shut down the login access to Google Video. Between now and then, users can log in and download their video content in FLV format by visiting their Video Status page and clicking the new “Download Video” link located beside each video in the action column. Hit up the link below to read more from the Google Video Help entry on the topic.

Uploaded Video Content No Longer Available [Google Blog]

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  • Published 04/19/11

Comments (9)

  1. John

    Just to clarify, does this mean we’ll not be able to search for videos on other sites as well? I use google videos a lot for that.

  2. Cambo

    I always wondered why they were maintaining GVideo. With YouTube GVideo was hardly used.


    Google’s search can search any video/image/forum you want from anywhere. Just click the category on the left hand side of the search window. You don’t need a Google Voice-specific search engine.

  3. CapiTen

    Couldn’t they just migrate the videos to youtube ?

  4. Jason Fitzpatrick

    @John: Unless I misunderstood their announcement, you’ll still be able to use to search for videos just as you can now. The original component of Google Videos, the video hosting (which has been replaced by YouTube) will be gone.

    @CapiTen: I think it’s rather unfortunate that they aren’t.

  5. Tangmeister

    Lawl, is this anything to do with my timing? A few months back, after getting annoyed with clicking the “Videos” tab on the Google search page and having to copy-paste into Youtube to find a video, I sent a suggestion via the site’s link (wonder if anyone uses that!)

    Well if this move is b/c of me partially, then I AM PART OF GOOGLE’S HISTORY! :D

  6. Juxachim

    @John, Yes all videos hosted on Google Video will disappear if not downloaded and re-uploaded somewhere else. :( 2.8 Million of docs, lectures, archive footage. Google needs to keep these vids alive! They are removing much viral information we can not easily find elsewhere. I find it very unresponsible.

  7. Juxachim

    Vital, not viral… Viral is for youtube and monkeys riding on pigs. Google Video has much educational content.

  8. Johnny

    I did not know about Google videos until now… When I saw the Videos link in the main page I just thought that I will be search for videos in the web, not hosting them…

  9. Shourya

    I think now they should pay attention to update youtube and provide a way to update username, I’m waiting for these changes to taken place from a very long time :) I can’t stand with my current youtube username :( Please google do this too. I know you can do it !!

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