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How to Properly Clean Your Camera Lens [Video]

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Everybody is familiar with the most rudimentary of lens cleaning techniques–a swipe with a clean sleeve–but what about giving your lens a thorough and lens-friendly cleaning? This detailed video shows you how to get the cleanest lens around.

In the above video the guys at Nikon Help Hotline show you how to give your camera lens a deep and proper cleaning in a way that will remove dust, lift oils, and ensure that your expensive lens isn’t scratched in the process. It’s not the kind of cleaning you’ll do every day (or even every week), but when a swipe with a lens cloth isn’t cutting it anymore you’ll know how to return it to a show-room shine while preserving the pristine optics you paid so much for.

Proper SLR Camera Lens Cleaning [Nikon Help Hotline via Better Digital Photography]

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  • Published 04/14/11

Comments (10)

  1. Hatryst

    Thanks a lot for this :)
    (although my DSLR is quite clean right now !)

  2. maxthon

    What a stupid stupid brush, never use a brush with metal tip, this is not How to Properly Clean Your Camera Lens

  3. Kieran

    I must say, although quite informative… what a boring video, with bad grammar! I’m sure many people would be able to create a much more professional one, and in less time too!

  4. David

    @Kieran you realize those ppl are from italy and their native language isn’t anywhere close to english? for someone who doesn’t speak english as primary language, the english is really good. so, shut up and enjoy.

  5. jeroen

    @maxthon: If this is not the way, why not tell us what is the way? That said, they emphasize it’s important not to touch the surface with the metal, and anybody who does not have the skill to do that should not be cleaning a lens anyway.

  6. John Wall

    DO not use rubbing alcohol it contains Mineral Oil which is bad for multicoatings, and will smear.

  7. John Wall

    Sorry, meant to mention in addition to my last post. You can use Isopropyl alcohol but buy it at a hardware or paint store since it will not contain Mineral Oil. Rubbing alcohol is for medical purposes and contains the mineral oil to keep from drying out your skin. The oil actually make cleaning your lens more difficult. Honestly, I use Windex brand glass cleaner. I’d avoid just about any other brand and if you cn afford it the best lens cleaner around is ROR (Residual Oil Remover) which you can find at most reputable camera stors.

  8. ExTexan

    I agree with maxthon, using anything with metal on the surface of the lens is stupid. One slip and you have a scratch on the lens.

  9. Carol

    Would it be safe to use pressurized air to remove dust? I would also think it would be better to turn the lens upside down when you are brushing the dust off because you could see some particles of dust that were left around the edges of the lens in the video. If you don’t turn it upside down, the brush is just moving the dust around.

  10. semeno

    very profi video but maybe for retarded person,omg,gay articles are atacking! haw to geek is getting useless:(

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