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Mac versus PC – A Comparison Chart on Who is Winning [Infographic]

The folks over at the iTOK Blog have put together a chart comparing Macs and PCs based on features such as stability, affordability, speed, software compatibility, and more. Here is your chance to weigh in on the matter of who you feel does it better.

To view the entire graphic visit the link below…

So what are your thoughts? Is the chart accurate or is there a lot of room for interpretation? If you have used both which one do you feel works better over time and provides better value?

Note: This is a discussion where both sides could be argued to be the winner, so please refrain from starting arguments or a flame war in the comments. Good reasoned discussion is always welcome.

Mac vs. PC – Who’s Really Winning? (Infographic) [via Geeks are Sexy]

Akemi Iwaya is a devoted Mozilla Firefox user who enjoys working with multiple browsers and occasionally dabbling with Linux. She also loves reading fantasy and sci-fi stories as well as playing "old school" role-playing games. You can visit her on Twitter and .

  • Published 04/12/11

Comments (59)

  1. xana452

    Not to disagree with the chart but um… I do believe you can run the Mac OS on a pc, but I think that its illegal.

  2. Teotw

    @xana452 I don’t think its illegal, more of a grey area. Just some eula breaking, that’s all. I think its one of those things peeps wont find out unless the FBI comes knocking at your door.

  3. Gouthaman Karunakaran

    PCs can run MAC OS X. That’s what they call a Hackintosh. I think it’s legal as long as you pay for the software.

  4. Phil

    As a couple have already said, PC’s can run OSX, the main reason they have a hard time is because Apple doesn’t want them too. So basically I’m not sure if point should be counted against PC or Mac.

  5. Jerry

    I think it’s not like Windows “wouldn’t be able” to run Max OS X. Apple just tries to make money by reducing the compatibility to their (expensive) hardware…
    But that’s only my opinion.

  6. Iain

    Its the price factor that kills the deal! I also feel that Apple are very restrictive in terms of what you can do – addons etc – same as ipod, itunes, iphone etc. So I am likely to stick to windows for the main graft and my ipod touch for fun and mobility.

  7. Ryan

    I disagree with the speed test, stability and security.

  8. Hatryst

    Mac OS running on a PC is never 100% usable. You can try it to satisfy your “Mac hunger” (i want a mac its so expensive, but the OS is so cooool). So go ahead, build a Hackint0sh, but it doesn’t get the work done for you like the way any original Mac would (experienced comment).

    Seriously, I’d say that this infographic has ended the war between PC and Mac users. You have the pros and cons, its your decision to go with either of them (or use Linux instead :D)

  9. bkj216

    That chart is crap. There are so many wrong statements on there its silly. (And I own both systems)

  10. Eek

    i really would not mind having a mac. a small one i can travel with here and there and just keep in my backpack when i travel (been looking at the air). the only problem i have is the price? I mean honestly, THAT much for a small laptop with such low specifications? the claimed “stability” can only be worth *so* much. I don’t think its something I could do any time now nor in the future.

    Imagine, I want to buy a graphic tablet for my graphic work (cintiq :D) and then i would have to buy a mac (if we follow what most graphic designers and GD schools say)…. i already have students loans…

    does anyone else here believe that Macs could blow the opposing markets out of the water if they lowered their prices?

  11. KayDat

    Agree with bkj216. The chart is complete rubbish, I can’t even be bothered listing all the problems, I’d almost be listing the entire chart.

  12. durr

    Let me tell you why this chart is false:

    Mac security only tells how it has no virus (which is not true), but instead of that it has much more trojans and that is much worse. All that mac provides on the multimedia side is crap, look at Avisynth and you will see that is the most powerfull frameserver EVER and it is also open source, which mac software is mostly not, which brings me to another point. No frameworks, no knowledge sharing, idiotic licensing system and actually no open source is wanted on mac systems. It sure is good for developers at some point, but at the other side you don’t want to build everything from scratch, over and over again. Font rendering under Windows is the best, it’s not as blurry as on Mac (Apple loves anti-aliasing). Linux is just … well it’s not worth metioning it in this point. Windows can run Mac in a virtual machine or dualboot with Hackintosh, another dumb brainless bullcrap.
    What do people define as stable? Well i think OSX is nothing to work with, more to play with and for that it is stable. Anything else that actually needs powerfull functions and more software alternatives , that don’t cost as much as your first college semester, Windows or Linux should be your choice. That’s why most people in businesses choose Windows and Linux because of other facts, such as support, etc.

    Colormatching is one point i have to give Apple, but that’s it.

    Also, i would never ever consider Foxnews as a valid source for anything! (look at footer of the chart)

  13. domeso

    This chart is missing very important “reasons” for Mac vs PC

    Mac is fueled by dreams and powered by imaginations… PC is not
    Mac is from The Steve Jobs…. PC is not
    Mac is iXXXX … PC is not
    Mac has a fancy UI and hide away all “unknown (aka advance)” settings which makes OSX “easier” to use, PC is not.
    Mac is a “Life style” which users can tell everyone he/she is using one…. PC users can not
    Mac is……

    MacOS used to be good, back in pre OS9 ages, where there used to be a stable, advance, virus free, cool systems, not now.

    As an ex-Apple user who quit using Mac since OS 9 and iXXX, dated back from Apple II, Newton age.

  14. Chronno S. Trigger

    I never listen to these things because they’re invalid right of the bat. What they say is MAC vs. PC, what they mean is MAC vs. Windows. If it was truly MAC vs. PC, they would be saying MAC vs. PC, Linux, and MAC. Then the misinformation goes on from there.

  15. aaronrgod

    @Chronno S. Trigger: They’re just playing in to Apple’s ad campaign of “there are Macs, then there are any number of different combinations of hardware, running Windows, which we will call a PC, for some reason”. It’s infuriating! And right, where is the mention of any other OS? Windows != PC. Eugh.

    Hi, I’m a Linux user, and I don’t need logos, buzz words, and labels to hide my insecurities about using computers.

  16. Robbie

    I think Apple not allowing OSX to run on PCs is detrimental to them IMHO. But at the end it is a philosophical thing that is hard to change.

  17. No1451

    I use both on a day-to-day basis, I have a small 13″ MacBook Pro for portability and a Windows PC for desktop use. This chart is amusing, but not because of it’s value, it is quite simply too flawed for it to be anything but a joke.

    At any rate I like both OS X and Windows 7, they both get the job done quite well and if treated properly, stability and security become a non-issue.

    The biggest point I can make in favour of OS X is that if a piece of software runs on *nix it can usually be made to work under OS X if you’re willing to do the work necessary

  18. NWLB


    PC > Mac

    If it were that great, the Chinese would have decent knock-offs by now, they don’t. Apple has become a toy company more than a computer company.

  19. G

    I thought this is one of those serious websites. I mean, what the fuck was this? Are you for real?

    Mac don’t have a chance against PC.
    PC is cheaper, upgradeable, faster, customizable, just to name a few things Mac isn’t.
    Also, there is Unix on PC, which is waaay better than Mac OS and Windows, and it’s open source. I mean, you can put it on Mac, but that’s not what they want you to do.
    Mac is not an option to anybody who earns money on their computers.

    So, let’s sum it up: PC >> Mac!

  20. sandyxdr

    They want to say that Mac isn’t a PC? What is it then? A BS? Doesn’t even have cut and paste for Goodness sake!

  21. Mike

    I own and run both O.S.’s. The mac is better for my grandma. Otherwise, it’s overpriced I.M.O. Otherwise, for adults who are capable of independent thought, Win7 in its various incarnations is, by a comfortable margin, superior. Think about it: gaming, media center, or email/web browsing only, you can get a relevant Win7 box and not pay a penny more than is necessary. Or, buy a Mac and enrich Jobs – with nothing to show for the extra Benjamins except a pretty(ier?) GUI? Seriously? Kids! Come on.

  22. Bill Gates

    Obviously this comparison was the work of someone in favour of Macintosh. More multimedia apps for mac? wow this here is a big statement you don’t even go into the depth of what is on offer you are merely going off on a whim. Quality beats Quantity on every front for computing needs, you can have 25,000 video software applications and only 10 of them be what most of us would call decent. The entire Adobe suit is available on PC and many many other industrial scale applications for multimedia that counts. Before you write your next review do a little more research and go in-depth on actually what is not possible on either.

  23. MoonDPC

    Windows is the best
    Linux is 2nd best

  24. TireuxdeRoche

    Ultimately, only Charlie Sheen is Winning.

  25. mrmojorisin

    Windows and PC is the best. Mac is and always was a knock off. Apple wants to corner the market in erverything it does. Then they think they can bully people around. I was offered a free Ipod touch with my cable purchase and I told them keep it I would rather use a track than give one cent to that awful company.

  26. Withanamelikedave

    A PC can’t run OSX? Mac OSX is designed to not run on a PC. Negative points for Mac on that one.

    Kudos to MS for making an operating system that attempts to be compatible with the widest range of software/hardware possible instead of locking it down like Apple has.

    I imagine it must be easier to have a stable system when you only allow approved ‘apps’ to be installed on certain hardware.

  27. Hamburger

    I dont really agree with many of the points on this. Security is no longer a really valid points as more and more viruses are being developed for macs, facebook boonana virus for example.
    Also, my mac crashed and froze up more than my pc ever has. My pc also boots up significantly faster than my mac does due to my ssd. Thats not really a good comparison though since my mac doesnt have an ssd yet.
    As for “pc doesnt support mac”, well, thats not really an issue with pc builders but with apple. Apple doesnt want mac osx to run on pcs so they dont make it compatible. Drivers are hard to find as well as other hardware support. Hackintosh doesnt run on all pcs but yes, it does run on some with the right hardware.
    Both machines have their advantages and disadvantages, but as far as “This one is THE BEST AND BETTER THAN ALL OTHERS” goes that is all a matter of needs. As a musician and one who likes to record my own tracks, write music, etc. i use mac. For my gaming and everything else I use pc including photoshop and video editing. Just preference. Both are good machines though. (But I must admit that I didnt pay for my mac, it was given to me by work. I dont know if I can justify 2 grand for intel based laptop when I can buy one with better specs for 1000.)

  28. Jon Tabakman

    Very flawed chart. PC’s are not cheaper. They are far cheaper, and more bang for your buck by miles. They can also run Mac’s. I own both, and work on both. There is no way I’ll ever pay $2,700 for an iMac that runs slower than the $120 college surplus purchase (1 of 10 that I got from the local college). One of my customer’s did because she likes the graphics. To each his own, but in all fairness, the chart is garbage.

  29. ZZ

    I have to say, the people calling this chart flawed are closer to the point. For one, it’s more of a windows vs Mac chart because it seems to completely ignore the *nix lineage in the PC ecosystem. Row one is similar misleading mostly describing middle ware issues, which as you may remember Microsoft is basically shut out of as a result of the DOJ troubles several years back. And this ignores the whole quantity vs quality argument, while quietly perpetuating the myth that all multimedia studios only use mac (Turns out most ground surveys find the trend is to use Linux on cheap hardware with the occasional windows running a master scheduler.)

    I think the most misleading has to be row four. As many people pointed out you can run a hackintosh, but the legality of it depends on where you are. Technically running a hackintosh runs afoul of the EULA Apple ships with it’s product, but in a lot of place the specific terms are either legally unenforceable or a ignored in practice. Given that you can similarly say the same thing about running Windows on the Mac. In most of the version of windows it is against the EULA under the same conditions. Whether you believe that Microsoft has chosen to not try enforcing this as a way to gain market share, or as an act of good faith with the end user, I think a 360 view of this issue puts this row at least on equal ground.

  30. ExTexan

    Since Apple has never had more than 10% of the market it is a moot point.

  31. Bigfoot14

    Dear Mr. Admin,
    I don’t get it. This article is comparing Apples to Oranges, Belgium to China, 747 to a Cessna. Market share, Mac 5.11% vs PC at 92.21%. Mac has it’s 5.11% niche and does a few things well. If it were as good as you say It would have a much bigger niche. You realize that Apple has been around several years longer than any PCs. 5.11% – What happened?

    To make this comparison valid, you need to tell us the specs of the computers that you are comparing. A Mac Pro up against a duel core PC lap top may not be a good comparison. But we really don’t know what you compared.

    Mac owners are not usually Geeks. They don’t home build computers and most don’t even upgrade their Macs themselves. They take their white computers to the Apple store and have it done. So Mr. Admin, this article may alienate a lot of real Geeks that go to your web site. To reach your target audience, you need to put this article on a Wine & Cheese web site.

  32. Diggerjohn111

    The biggest fight in Geekdom. I am a PC guy, but I don’t hate Mac. That being said, I am not about to switch either. I like being able to gut my own machines and retooling them, not standing in line at the Apple Store with the other “cult members”.

  33. Mayur Saxena

    Even I am fan of Macintosh, but I love working on Windows. Windows is the easiest platform to use whereas Mac is little hard to learn. As I’ve been using Windows since my childhood, I’m always comfortable with Windows, I like to Operate Mac for little time. I’ll get bored if I sit on Mac for long hours.
    You need to start experimenting Geeks, PC can run Macintosh. Apart from Mac OS X, I have installed Snow Leapord on my machine and is working fine.

  34. RainbowUnicorn

    Why are there posts that read as though they imply that a Hackintosh runs with full functionality on a PC as Windows does on a Mac? Has it been done?

  35. Snert

    I use neither andor none.
    I built myself a brain-scanner made out of a colender, 18″ of Romex 12-2G, a few parts and pieces of an old reel-to-reel machine, bacon grease and and dead alley cat.
    I plug any part that fits into my left ear and go happily about my business. It looks weird but do geeks care about looks?

    MAC vs WIN? Who cares as long as you can do what you want.

  36. Bruce Mcknight

    I use both and find that it works the best for me. My main system is 21″ iMac, using dual band apple extrem wireless router, Using home network I run two pc laptops in other rooms. I have tried running windows on the Mac using parrllels, but removed finding more use runing through network. For media I use mostly all apple products. Since I do comport repair I find the need for both systems.

  37. m0hamed

    what about linux. no I am not saying it could win this but it should have been brought to the table to see if it compares

  38. Grant Prudlow

    This chart is flawed, even from a completely objective point of view.

    1. Security: Yes, Mac does win this one, but the idea that there are no viruses for Macs, though once true, is a lie. You just don’t hear about them often because there’s way more people using PC’s.

    2. Reliability: Really? First of all, this hardly has anything to do with reliability. If you’re stupid enough to mess with critical files with no clue as to what you’re doing, that’s your own fault. And Windows 7 will warn you if you’re doing just that, anyways, so your argument is invalid.

    3. Compatibility: Actually, you can run Mac on a PC, as others above have said.

    4. Speed Test: I’m not saying Windows wins this, because I really don’t know. But you’ve got to wonder how accurate this study really is. Keep in mind that Macs and PC’s have different hardware, and they don’t mention which version of either OS they used, or really anything else. Also, I just opened Internet Explorer (on Windows 7) to test this — about 3 seconds. Yeah, somethings wrong with this chart.

    PS: @domeso “Mac is fueled by dreams and powered by imaginations” — lmao thats so true!

  39. Dami101

    Um GAMING!!?!

    That is the main reason I love PC, haha, Macs SUCKS when it comes to top-of-the-line gaming.

  40. Cody

    I have come to think of the Mac/Windows debate as being virtually identical to the stick shift/automatic transmission debate. Both will get you to your destination, but one of each is for people who like to be “hands on” and use the fullest potential of their machine, even if the experience requires more effort. People who like the journey. The other is for people who want to be at their destination with a minimum of fuss and extra effort. Macs do a lot of the thinking for their users, and customizability is minimal across the Apple line of products, whereas in the PC world (by which I mean the *nix OS’ also), it’s all about tweaking and getting every last bit out if your hardware. Both have their place.

    Oh, and the chart is a clearly biased and poorly developed and overly simplified piece of crap.

  41. Rick

    This debate has gone on for far too long. The guts of a Mac and the guts of a PC come from the same places, just with different names. Some Mac parts get assemembled in the US, which gives the the psuedo claim of being made in the USA. You can run Mac OS X via VMWare, which you can get free from Microsoft. The Mac versus PC is a misnomer out the gate, because the Mac is a PC. Macnuts don’t want to be considered PC users because it lowers their snob value. Apple lost my respect when they put Franklin-Ace out of business in the 1980’s for making an Apple II clone that was actually better than the Apple II it was cloned from. Apple had the edge in the PC market and lost it. They were in most of the schools in the 1980’s in California that had Computer courses. The IBM PC, which was the standard until the late 1980’s, had difficulty in maintaining standards throughout the industry that attempted to be IBM PC Compatible. The development of Windows by Microsoft and MSDOS made it much easier for IBM type PC’s to be uniformly compatible with one another.

    Apple went the elitist route and has never swayed from that. Their Mac versus Windows commercials were cute, funny, but insubstantial. If you look at Windows commercials, they don’t compare or compete with Apple, they just show you what Windows can do. I have yet to see any Mac commercial since the 1980’s that even comes close to showing the consumer what they can do with their computers. Apple makes the iPod and iPhone, which represents the majority of their income … No, wait … They make most their money with iTunes and the iStore and creating the market of dependency for which those two stores exist. The iPad is an iPhone with Internet capabilities. It takes the same software, which you can only buy in one place … And that sums up the Apple Corporation. Proprietary and elitist functionality. I grew up with not two blocks from where Apple had it’s headquarters in Cupertino, CA. They had the best employee package around in the 1980’s … And then they changed. Apple shrouded itself in the proprietary mist it now dwells in. Their products come with attrition built in, because it is easier and cheaper in some respects just to by the latest model iPod Nano, than to send it in to have it’s battery replaced. It’s the same with the iPhone too. What are customers supposed to do if their battery dies? Wait 4 to 6 weeks for Apple to put in a new one and return it?

    Apple computers and any other PC language does the same exact thing. They take user input and convert it into binary machine code instructions and Windows is much more compatible than a Mac at doing that. And they have lost the lead in Audio and Video supremacy. Without the iPod and iTunes, Apple would have bit the dust more than a decade ago.

  42. Olde Geeke

    Once again you overlook the obvious.

    Install one of the hundreds of flavors of Linux on a PC (whichever suits YOU-not a fixed version) Now you can try most as a “live-CD”, booting to the CD, without installing it. See if you like it. Does Windows or Mac X let you do that? NO! They cram it down your throat, with no freedom of choice when you buy a new computer.

    I have three elderly computers and all run one version of Linux or another, along with Windows, as a dual-boot, just for kicks, and to remind me what a resource hog Windows really is. Macs run a port of unix, which is exactly what Linux is, only with choice.

    I am really glad, in a way, that everyone is scared to try Linux, I repair computers for a living — Microsoft has been a goldmine to me. And, there are so few Macs around — I get one once in a while, so they do screw up, sorry to let you McSnobs in on that dirty little secret. Usually it is contamination from an excess of smug in the room.

    There hasn’t been one single task I haven’t been able to perform with Linux, but then, I am not so mentally lazy that I can’t learn the ins and outs of a different application.

    Mostly, at least from my experience, the majority of home computers are used to run a browser, email program, and access facebook and pogo. It doesn’t take a Cray, or a mental giant, to do that.

    Corporate America is moving inexorably toward Linux, like me, they are tired of having their pockets picked. Bill gates didn’t get rich by allowing “choice”. And Apple would have went under long ago if Gates hadn’t bailed them out to avoid monopoly charges.

    Oh, and if you want a Mac that runs fast, try one of the competing OS’s designed specifically for Macs, you’ll be as surprised as I am by the increase in speed and efficiency if you convert a Power PC to a Linux version ported for Macs.

  43. Erik

    I have one question, what is available for multimedia on a Mac that doesn’t exist on a PC in comparable form in this day and age???

  44. ashish

    i don’t have a mac, but i have heard people ditching macs for incompatibility problems with lots of software, and being unable to “do all those things that windows people do” with those software etc.

    i just have to say, if mac was really that popular and efficient and economical, people would’ve used macs as their first computers rather then PCs

  45. SuAlfons

    I bought an iMac in 2009, because I always wanted to. I have never had a PC this silent (or the other way round: silent PCs are in the same price range). I like the MacOS, I do not particularly like Win7 (office has it), but I could definitely live with it.
    I do not see where the Mac has its multimedia advantages, besides some nice consumer programs being shipped with it.
    If I manage to find a decent (silent) PC next time I’m in the market, I will likely go back to Win (dualboot Linux) again. If PCs continue to be lousy designed, noisy boxes, I will stay with Mac.

  46. SuAlfons

    a, yes: Most of the programs I use on the Mac are Free & Open Source!

  47. BigAl

    PCs come in any shape, size, and configuration. Good for price and selection, but bad for multimedia, which normally requires more resources to run. Try running a lot of Flash or doing some high-end photo or video editing on a cheap notebook.

    There is a reason that Macs are better in multimedia: Apple uses high-performance hardware and typically refreshes their models with the latest chips on an annual basis. Ask the guy at your local TV station what he uses for video editing…odds are it’s a Mac. Compare a high-end Dell and a Mac, you will similar price/performance.

    Compatibility is a silly comparison. Nowadays, you can run any OS on any OS via virtualization.

    Usability should be a comparison category. For me, I prefer OS/X. Out of the box I get a fully Unix-certified kernel, which Windows abandoned years ago in the early days of NT. Expose and Spaces are great pieces of OS/X. Win7 Aero is close, but not not quite there with ease of use (except for “Snap”). The Dock in OS/X has a cleaner/easier implementation than Win7’s.

    The OS/X printing subsystem is built on CUPS, a standard *nix print service. PDF printing and editing are out-of-the-box.

    Windows still does not have virtual desktop functionality built-in, something which Linux and OS/X have had for years.

    Of course, overall software selection is better on Windows, so I load the following into Windows to get close to what OS/X offers: CutePDF, Acrobat, VirtuaWin, CygWin, Switcher, and pdfsam.

  48. Jared

    Comparing the Mac and PC is like comparing a home digital video camera and a professional video camera. The home camera is going to be a lot lighter, possibly be faster, have all the functions you would NORMALLY need, and be MUCH easier to use because it is so user friendly. But what if you want manual focus, sound control, audio inputs, etc? You won’t be able to do that with the basic video camera. That’s why the professional camera has all the jumbled funtions built into it, so if you want to do something that isn’t a frequent neccesity, then you can if you want. The professional camera will also have inputs so IF you want to upgrade something then you can (microphone, view screen, etc.), while the basic camera cannot because of it’s specialty of being so basic. So really the two products are based on the knowledge AND the necessity of the customers. I own and love BOTH computers for different reasons, and will stick to both of them for a very long time. Peace guys. Both are great computers.

  49. BigAl

    Good analogy, Jared. The difference I would add to your comparison is that BOTH cameras are professional video cameras.

    One camera has 3 buttons: record, play and setup. The setup button takes the user to lists of 200 configurable options, each arranged in an easy-to-find place.

    The other camera has 202 buttons: record, play and 200 options.

    Both are great cameras, but depend on the videographer’s preference.

  50. Enzer Milliard

    I would like to start off saying that a Macintosh operating system and a Windows operating system are different, but a Macintosh computer is still a PC just as a Windows computer is. PC is just an acronym for personal computer so unless it’s not yours it’s a PC. Secondly “If you a program file or folder anywhere” is not a proper phrase (refer to Reliability on the chart) and this reflects badly on the author of said chart (it is also one of the reasons I generally stay away from Gizmodo).

    Generally I agree with all of them, but I’m not so sure about the Multimedia segment. Sure out of the box a Windows computer is pretty much useless for doing anything relating to multimedia, but thankfully there are an endless number (this number is problematic) of programs to supplement it. If you add the cost of professional multimedia processing into the cost of a Windows computer I also can assume it would get much more expensive and probably surpass a Macintosh in that department.

    On the topic of gaming: the chart has “Macs can’t connect to an Xbox 360.”. Personally I find this quite a pointless point, at least for me, because I don’t even connect to mine on my Windows computer. I do play a lot of video games though and many of them work on both platforms and Valve is nice enough to give you both if you buy it on Steam.

    On the topic of big screen connectivity: I guess it’s just my TV, but it’s terrible at being hooked to a computer and doesn’t even get the 1080p resolution it should on it. I’m wondering if this is more video card drivers than actual operating system issues.

    On the topic of speed test: These numbers have system specifics so it’s hard to tell if the hardware is comparable. We all know the slowest memory is the hard drive, so if one was running a solid state disk and the other was running from a 2.5″ hard drive then there would be a noticeable difference. I’m not saying that the answer is wrong, just that I’d like more clarification on what is actually being compared.

    Either way I’d rather have a Linux computer, but it’s still a gaming nightmare.

  51. Vorlock

    Mostly all of that chart is wrong…

    Stabiltiy… I have gone into so many computer stores, that sell macs, to find the only computers in there not working are the macs. They have had a kernel panic and stayed on the desktop! leaving you with nothing but a nice picture, at least on windows it turns off and back on. All the pcs in the shop work and have many applications that come STANDARD on new pcs.

    Security… Basically there is none on a mac because at the moment there is no need for it, but if you wait a couple of years when the viruses start to stack up, they will be nothing more than an expensive box. and by the time a new problem is patched, leaving all older macs out of the picture because they want you to buy the newer model, they would have been hacked again and crashed. Wrecking there minimal stablility and security.

    Compatibility… Apple have basically stopped the average user from getting osx on a pc. An unfair test.

    Speed… Fast only for now and only when they work. they have only got the edge on speed because of the lack of security features and checking procedures they have. Compared to windows that can go through hundreds of security checks during and after boot and shutdown. The internet browser test is totally wrong since since the ie9 update.

    To get those slow speeds they must have had a totally unfair test towards windows.

    Colour matching… I didnt even know it was worth mentioning on that chart. What a bogas sub heading. I guess apple have nothing better to do than beat there rivals with a great colour matcher.

    All in all it was an unfair test. anyway use windows for gaming and linux for everything else.

  52. lamebot2000

    This chart is false. PCs can run MacOS. PCs can run a virtual machine and install MacOS on that virtual machine. This is the same way that VMWare works. That brings the score to 3 PCs 2 Macs.

  53. nerd

    Not only is the chart false as PC has a sh*t ton more “multimedia programs” than mac, but the last comparison doesn’t even matter to PC users. No one with a PC wants a mac OS.
    Also I don’t see any real comparisons; CPU efficiency, average CPU heat, capacity for upgrade, etc. Lifespan is a *huge* one I would like to see some stats on because I know mac is atrocious for obsoleting their own computer hardware.

    Overall I give the person in charge of this article an F. They clearly have no knowledge of the subject and didn’t put in more than a google or two for information. If I were their boss I’d fire them for incompetence.-just sayin :D

  54. Bob1999

    I am thinking about buying a macbook pro,but i have had a windows all my life. Should I switch?

  55. Cal1789

    Surely in the grand scheme of things it’s a win for window, because they actually ALOW there software (windows) to be installed on any computer. On the other hand Apple does not allow (legally) there precious OS to be installed on any machine other than their own, and will not support it if some one has managed to.

    You could say that Microsoft have become a more open source company and a lot less the “evil” corporation than apple has become. (Not by much admittedly, they are both git’s)

    I only say this because I really do not agree that the Mac should be given a win for compatibility when quite frankly it’s Microsoft /Windows who have the actual moral high ground on this specific issue.

  56. TMCinSF

    I find it amusing and more than a little disturbing how hostile these “Apple vs. PC” discussions can get. People who “hate” Apple / Steve Jobs or Microsoft / Bill Gates need to get some perspective in their lives. There are many things in life worth hating or getting angry about (e.g., child abuse, poverty, domestic abuse, genocide…to name a few) but the Apple vs. PC “debate” is not. The question, “Which is better?” does not even need to be answered on a global or national level, only on an individual level as each person makes a decision about what they want or like for themselves. I recently purchased my first iMac (after 20+ years with PCs) and I love it. Do I “hate” PCs/Micrsoft or “love” Apple? No. I like the product I recently purchased. When it’s time to get a new computer, I’ll take a look at what’s on the market and get whatever fits my needs at the time. In sum: Simma’ down people; it’s not that important.

  57. ComputerLover

    I have owned desktop PCs my whole life and purchased a Macbook in 2008 to go to college/be trendy etc. This was the biggest mistake of my computer-life thus far. The actual hardware specs on Mac computers are laughable for the price… a quick comparison of any dell computer will reveal this (The Dell equivalent of the $999 macbook air, for example, is $300 and arguably better tech specs).
    The one advantage Mac had (which should not come into play for a buyer planning to USE his machine) is the resale value. I bought my macbook for$999 with student discounts in 2008 and sold it in 2010 for $800 on ebay.

    …i just feel REALLY sorry for the fool that bought it from me.

    @TMCinSF Your the first person to mention “hate,” sooo, what are you talking about? Its simply a matter of observational fact: you overpayed a significant amount for your iMac… regardless of opinion. But hey, shiny Apple logos do attract the chicks…

  58. Apple or PC What To Do

    I had always had PCs until 2002 when I switched to Apple. I was one of those “PC Switchers” that Apple had the ad campaign about. Although I loved my Macs, I grew disenchanted with them over the years. Some of the good: They didn’t crash. My browser might crash, but my machine didn’t (unless there was a lightning storm or power outage). I loved the way they looked and the user interface. I loved customizing my desktop and the user icons; I still love that feature very much and there is nothing really like it in Windows that I know of unless I am mistaken (I have tried to find out). I have never run antivirus software and have never caught a virus (I have done periodic checks but nothing found). The bad: Apple is the worst at admitting when they have a design flaw in a product. They won’t issue recalls and fix their mistakes. Also, I own PowerPCs and yes, they became obsolete. Apple stopped supporting them. So my products, which were worth thousands of dollars, have now been reduced to being worth a few hundred dollars all because I cannot upgrade the Operating System. I cannot even view the Apps Store. Clearly after all this time I am in need of a new computer, but I am not rushing back to the Apple Store. I feel they have treated me poorly. They are also overpriced. And they do NOT put the latest and greatest technology into their computers. You would think that they WOULD, at those ridiculous prices! You’d think they would build them like Alienware, and that they would be able to run games like maniacs. But no. They use anemic video cards and processors and think we will not notice. They don’t include USB 3.0 nor an HDMI port and other goodies that we expect. Not only that, they don’t even have Bootcamp set up to run when you visit the Apple Store. How about that???? How am I supposed to test an Apple computer out and see how it runs Windows, give it the full test, unless I can see for myself? If you ask me, Apple is a dumb @ss and is shooting itself in the foot. Windows has plenty of its own problems. I don’t know if I can get used to Windows 7 and I would have to completely relearn Windows. That for me would be really hard as I have not touched Windows in almost 10 years. I don’t remember anything. Tried it in Best Buy and a trackpad drove me crazy. Do they still come with built-in tutorials the way they used to? I know you can install Mac OS on a PC because a friend of mine did it, but he isn’t local, and I don’t think I would want to anyway, because you get so many more options on a PC. Except that I would miss the beautiful GUI interface and being able to customize my desktop. I would miss that a lot. But as for Steve Jobs, I wouldn’t miss him nor Apple, and as for Windows and Bill Gates, I don’t have anything great to say about them either.

  59. Ray C

    Mac interface was built for monkey to use. If mac is so powerful and so great, show me that a mac can run a graphic on a 52inch HD TV, thats a 1920×1080 resolution with 60fps. People that say Mac is better never see a Nightmare GTX580 4x Sli, to compare with. Once they see what is a PC with Ferrari engine lookslike, then they could safely say, MAC is rubbish.

    Anyone could tell me what kind of GPU does Mac uses? Does it able to process Physx properly? Does it have CUDA? ohh I’m sorry, i forgot if talking to Mac user is talking to computer illiterate people, so obviously they wouldn’t understand what the hell have I just talking about.

    Right…… Monkey…..feed banana… banana??? Give Apple…

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