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OpenSignalMaps Offers Real World Cell Coverage Maps

What your cellular providers claims is their coverage area and what their actual coverage area is can be two different things. OpenSignalMap offers a glimpse into the real world coverage of multiple cell providers.

Hit up the site, plug in the zip code you want to survey, and then check out the coverage either via tower density or a signal heat map. The map includes 2G, 3G, and 4G providers and coverage. Hit up the link below to take it for a spin.

OpenSignalMaps [via Make Use Of]

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  • Published 04/12/11

Comments (9)

  1. Scott

    Is there some reason why they have excluded AT&T coverage. It can’t be very accurate if that is not on there.

  2. JKB

    It should be pointed out that the data comes from an android app and therefore skews the tracking towards certain carriers (Verizon for example). The site states that there currently is no iOS app for tracking tower data, so the maps may not be useful for (potential) AT&T customers.

  3. Nick

    About AT&T cell towers coverage, you may have a look at openBmap project.

    You may find AT&T cell towers at the following urls:

  4. JRod

    @Scott, AT&T is left out because they don’t want to admit how $h*tty! their network is.

  5. JRod

    @Nick that’s a great website, but I have absolutely no idea how to easily find the maps that refer to my area. I kept making random selections from the location or area code dropdown and it showed me random places all over the country … mostly California for AT&T.

  6. Nick

    @JRod I also find the current behavior quite irritating ! I am working on modifying this, merging all MNC ( ) related to AT&T

    A workaround would be for you to know your current MNC (it is displayed by the client apps) and then zoom in the map with it.

    Have you noticed that all collected data are available to anyone ? that is the kind of ‘open’ I like ;-)

    About the signal strength, you will find more info with

    Hope it helped !

  7. Tom

    Sprint towers in Southwest VA couldn’t be more wrong. Towers where there are none. No towers where they really are. You have maybe 1 out of 5 semi close. Sorry, but this is a complete fail, at least here.

  8. Pat

    AAfter checking a couple dozen locations .. all I can say is .. WOW !!! What a waste of internet bandwidth. A site that shows totally useless and incorrect information promoted by a ‘reputable’ site. Lifehacker .. don’t you check out sites before wasting your followers time? Shame on you. Your stock just went down in my book!

    OK .. this is one. But don’t let it happen again.

  9. tommy2rs

    For my zip code it’s not even close to correct. Shows no Sprint coverage at all, yet here I am posting this over a Sprint air card. A four year old card at that…lol.

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