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Coffee vs. Tea; An Infographic Breakdown

Coffee is a big part of geek culture; check out this infographic to see how coffee compares to tea and what the health benefits and risks of drinking one over the other are.

Over at Killer Infographics they have a detailed infographic breaking down the differences between drinking coffee and tea including levels of caffeine, health benefits, and health risks. Hit up the link below for the full infographic.

The Health Benefits of Coffee vs. Tea [Killer Infographics]

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  • Published 04/8/11

Comments (6)

  1. george

    linky no worky.

  2. Ciberspyder
  3. Logically

    I drink tea, my girlfriend drinks coffee… It was fun comparing :D

  4. aa2

    We forgot to mention that tea taste like shit…

  5. damian921

    @aa2 Only the very unpopular Shit Flavor tea. You should check who’s baggin’ yours.

  6. DougJonesin4coffee

    The information in this infograph is not completely accurate. A recent study shows coffee does NOT raise your blood pressure. This is not the only problem with this infograph. It was obviously created by biased tea drinker. Tea helps protect teeth? Tea is 3 times more likely to discolor your teeth.

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