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Create Awesome PDF Files of Webpages with Joliprint [Bookmarklet]

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Want a quick and easy way to create awesome PDF files of your favorite webpages? Then you need the Joliprint bookmarklet. Your new PDF files will come with a two column format, link to the original webpage, the date created, clickable links, and no unnecessary webpage junk.

To get started simply drag the Joliprint Button outlined in red below to the desired position on your Bookmarks Toolbar.

Note: You can also add Joliprint to your website using the appropriate button shown below (left side).

When you find a webpage that you would like to save as a PDF click the bookmarklet and within a few moments your new PDF will be ready to go. As you can see in the screenshot below you can directly download the PDF file, share it on “Facebook, Twitter, or by e-mail”, or use the shortened URL download link manually as desired.

Install the Joliprint Bookmarklet

Akemi Iwaya is a devoted Mozilla Firefox user who enjoys working with multiple browsers and occasionally dabbling with Linux. She also loves reading fantasy and sci-fi stories as well as playing "old school" role-playing games. You can visit her on Twitter and .

  • Published 04/5/11

Comments (14)

  1. Casiuss

    This is incredibly awesome… Cant tell how great this is!

  2. RoseTyler

    I’ve been using Web2PDF Converter for this. =)

  3. dban

    or wkhtmltopdf if you want to made your own joliprint:)

  4. MJ

    I was looking for something like this a week ago. I will try it (and the ones other users post), thanks!

  5. Jack

    If you don’t want the self indulgent logos of both Joliprint and WEB2PDF on your PDF file, you can try simply using NitroPDF reader which also prints anything to PDF including web pages….plus it is a fantastic reader!

  6. Gtucker

    Didn’t work for me. The PDF file had some of the raw text from the web site I was viewing, and a lot of text like this:

    bookmark to the Bookmarks Toolbar, select
    Bookmarks Toolbr folder as the target.
    • Delicious
    • Newsvine
    • Digg
    • Facebook
    • Reddit
    Orca Text Orca Text Orca Text Orca Text Orca Text
    Orca Text Orca Text Orca Text Orca Text Orca Text
    Orca Text Orca Text Orca Text Orca Text

    We’re sorry. Search is currently unavailable.
    Please come back and try again later.
    To Bookmark this page in Firefox:
    1. Select Bookmarks -> Bookmark this page.
    2. The «Add Bookmark» dialog will open,
    asking you where you want to save the new
    3. Select the folder that you want to save the
    bookmark to from the dropdown menu
    and click on OK. If you want to save the

  7. Jan

    Used it to prnt a very complicated recipe with lots of pictures and it was fabulous!

  8. Frank

    I’ve been using Works great. Wonder what the difference might be. Guess I’ll have to try this one to find out, won’t I?

  9. Will

    I will stick with Bullzip! Great tool for just about anything…including web print!

  10. AsianAngel

    @Gtucker – Which website were you on? *curious*

  11. AsianAngel

    @Jan – Awesome. ^_^

  12. AsianAngel

    @Casiuss – ^_^

  13. Woot

    Been using PDFmyURL, but I’ll give this a go. Thanks.

  14. Jorge

    Awesome. It works great.

    I have been looking for something like this for ever

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