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Peek Into Pockets and Geek Bags at Everyday Carry

If you’re looking to kill a few minutes (hours?) looking into the pockets of other people, you won’t find a more detailed and better photographed archive than at Everyday Carry–a blog dedicated to cataloging the contents of peoples pockets and geek bags.

Users submit photos of their daily gear and brief descriptions. You’ll find everything from the common (lighters and hand sanitizer) to the interesting (exotic tech toys and firearms).

Hit up the link below to take a look at the contents of pockets and bags across the world.

Everyday Carry [via Tech Crunch]

Jason Fitzpatrick is a warranty-voiding DIYer who spends his days cracking opening cases and wrestling with code so you don't have to. If it can be modded, optimized, repurposed, or torn apart for fun he's interested (and probably already at the workbench taking it apart). You can follow him on if you'd like.

  • Published 04/4/11

Comments (19)

  1. Carlos Ferrari

    By the looks of it this guy was looking to kill something more than time. :P

  2. bemymonkey

    Victorinox, Rotring, HTC smartphones… wow, I think you just linked me to my alter ego. Nice find!

  3. Withanamelikedave

    Taurus 9mm? I think this is my wife’s bag.

  4. Luke Rogerson

    Why do so many of the pictures have guns in them? I can’t believe you are able to carry them legally in America!

  5. Zack

    @Luke It’s in our Bill of Rights that we’re able to carry firearms. If someone has a concealed carry permit, they can conceal them, like in a bag.

  6. Jesse

    I guess you have never heard of the 2nd Amendment. The majority of the States allow citizens to carry firearms. There are a few communist/socialist/liberal States on the left coast, and Atlantic coast: NY & NJ for example, that try to control guns instead of criminals. That kind of failed Progressive thinking only disarmed the citizens, and allowed the criminals to prey upon the populace with impunity.

  7. TJ Fadness

    Do you realize that calling leftists communists allows them to call you fascists? Just wondering.

  8. Paul

    Murder per capita: US (2nd amendment) = 0.042802 per 1,000 people; UK (gun control) = 0.0140633 per 1,000 people. Jus’ sayin :)


  9. Dan

    I used to carry my snubnose in my laptop bag but it bulges on the side. Now I just holster it IWB-style. BTW, I’m not in America, but my country also allows concealed carry.

  10. Kipling

    Your comment was so belligerent and ignorant I had to respond.

    “Dem libruls wanna take our guns ‘way!”

    I’m glad I don’t live in an insane country like yours. Where the average moron can get a hold of a gun and conceal it. I wonder why other countries that have strict gun-control laws have so little gun-related deaths?

  11. Dax


    Get rid of the Guns and criminals just go the the next logical weapon.

    Jus’ sayin. :)


    I am glad you don’t live here either… :D

    Freedom has its price, some of us are willing to take that responsibility.

    Cogito, ergo armatum sum

  12. Davie


    I’ll take social freedom over government control anyday.

  13. JLT


    (I’m truly not looking to get flamed or to be controversial)

    I’ll propose that, the greatest debate in the United States is, “how much freedom and decision making do we want to defer to government”. As a committed libertarian, European/progressive (sorry if that’s not you’re your mentality) willingness to allow control over the populace is genuinely bewildering. A Libertarian’s (US foundational ideology) interest is to not negatively impact my neighbor with bad or illegal behavior. We should GREATLY fear and loathe a large and powerful government.

    If hand guns were sold in vending machines on street corners, criminals might be more circumspect about who they were going to brutalize. I’m not planning to brutalize anyone with my sidearm, I would be happy to have a thoughtless criminal pay with their life for poor decision making. Remember “Danger is natures way of eliminating stupid people”.


  14. Kipling

    You assume one thing: every armed citizen knows how to use their gun and can calmly use it when they need to. Also they have to know when exactly to use it. How many gun owners do you think can distinguish a mugger from another person? They can only tell when it’s too late. If a mugger has a gun/knife pointed at you, do you think you can whip out your concealed gun before they injure/kill you?

    Another situation that gun-supporters like to stand up with is: in a situation like Columbine or a terrorist attack, armed citizens can apprehend the attackers. That sounds nice and all, but is the average citizen a trained soldier? What’s stopping them from missing and shooting a bystander? What’s stopping them from panicking and start shooting innocent people? You’ve got to admit, the average person is a complete mongoloid. There’s no way you can become Rambo by just owning a gun.

    I don’t think allowing the average rube to get a gun is the best idea we, as a collective humans species have thought up of. Sure, I love freedom and I like my rights, but do you think a gun is too big of a responsibility for Joe six-pack?

    And if you throw around the Second amendment, remember it said “arms”. I’m sure the founding fathers didn’t think that we would have semi-automatic pistols with extended magazines nowadays.

  15. Dax


    Regardless of your ill-informed views of self defense and stunning and offensive elitism. Your logic that we should not be armed because we may shoot and innocent bystander while trying to stop someone who is “actively shooting” those people is… well ridiculous. I guess should just stand still and line up so the shooter can only hit the people he wants?

    But I guess that’s just one armed Joe six-pack mongoloid’s view.

  16. Jason Fitzpatrick

    @Paul: It’s a tad misleading to use two entirely separate countries as a basis for comparison. I could just as easily say that the murder rate is lower in England because more comprehensive healthcare and education decreases the desperation in the poor population that leads to physical violence.

    It would be more accurate to compare the murder rate between regions of the United States based on gun sales, restrictive gun laws, percentage of the population that owns firearms, and so on.

  17. scared

    Isn’t it bit scary that people carry at least two pocket knifes on daily basis?

  18. Larry

    Damn Geek, see what you started? :D

  19. khendar

    It is sad that so many people feel so threatened by their fellow citizens that they feel the need to carry a weapon. I don’t know whether removing the right to carry guns will make places like America more or less safe, but I know that its a sad reflection on society when people need to strap a loaded weapon to themselves just to go out the door.

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