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Free Download: The Complete Works of H.P. Lovecraft in eBook Format

If you’re a fan of the great American author H.P. Lovecraft, this is a must-download. And if you’ve never read his work, here’s your chance—there’s versions that should work on almost every e-reader device.

Head to the link, and look in the first paragraph for the links to the EPUB and Kindle versions. You’ll need to connect your Kindle to your PC via the USB cable and drop the book in there that way. If you want to read the EPUB on your PC, you can use Calibre or a similar software.

Free Complete Works of H.P. Lovecraft for Nook and Kindle [Cthulhu Chick]

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  • Published 03/24/11

Comments (10)

  1. LOki

    Dude! This post made my day. I am a huge fan of his works.

  2. Jaws4theRevenge

    Why doesn’t he offer more common text formats? Only people with eBook readers read? I don’t really want to have to download a proprietary program to read it.

  3. Ruth

    @Jaws, 1) She. 2) The complete works are available on a couple websites, like and I suppose I could also make the html file accessible, but this was imagined and designed as a project for eReaders. Physical volumes are available for anyone who wants to read a book and multiple copies are available online, albeit not in one place.

    3) I’m working on a PDF but it probably won’t be ready until the semester’s over or until I get a break in work/Cthulhus/homework, but I would like to offer something.

  4. Lady Fitzgerald

    E-book formats are far more flexible that standard text formats, especially PDFs. They are easily read on a PC or Mac using a viewer, such as the one found in calibre (calibre’s viewer will read almost all e-book formats whereas Kindle’s and Nook’s viewers will read only their proprietary formats) as well as on an e-book reader, tablet, or smart phone. E-book formats have become more popular than standard text formats.

    For those unfamiliar with calibre, check Many people see calibre as an e-book cataloger but it goes much farther than that. It is an e-book manager. It will store e-books, access them, organize them, sort them, convert them from one format to another, read them on its own viewer, load them onto a viewer, and more. Its only limitation is it can’t convert DRM (an insidious form of copy protection) infested e-books to a different format. One warning: calibre copies your original books to its own library that uses an organization tree that is foreign in concept to most humans. This is not a problem because users are not supposed to access their books directly but, instead, let calibre access them. It seems to be a big hangup for many beginners who are used to accessing files directly from a traditional (and antiquated) folder/filename tree. However, folder/filename trees are very limited in their ability to organize books whereas calibre, by using tags (keywords) for organization, is far, far more flexible. I’ve been using calibre for almost a year now and love it. It is under development and keeps getting better almost weekly. Calibre also has a very active and helpful user forum at

  5. Lucci

    Thank you, I have (off and on) been looking for a complete works for a year or so now. I have been a huge fan of things inspired by his work. I wanted to read them all as published/written and the other (paper bound) collections were always incomplete. Beautiful work as I’ve seen so far.

  6. dean
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  9. Quality Collector

    For those complaining about readers format, please visit

    Lovecraft complete works in .PDF classified by copyright status

  10. Mike @ Lovecraft eZine

    It never fails to amaze me when people complain about a quality free work, instead of simply saying “thank you”. Cthulhu Chick: As I’ve said before to you, excellent work; thank you for creating this for Lovecraftians. I know it took a *lot* of hard work.

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