Add Firefox’s Awesome Bar Bookmark Search Function to Chrome and Iron

By Akemi Iwaya on March 16th, 2011

Do you have a large number of bookmarks saved in your Chromium-based browser and need a quick way to search through them? Then see how easy it is to search through those bookmarks just like Firefox users do with the AwesomeBar extension.

To engage the bookmark search function type “ab” in the Address Bar as seen above and press either Tab or the Space Bar. That will display the AwesomeBar prefix-bar as seen below. Enter the desired text to begin your search.

For our example we decided to conduct a search for bookmarks related to the Ubuntu Twitter client Hotot. The results will continue to narrow down nicely as you type…

Typing just a bit more finishes narrowing our search down the rest of the way for Hotot related items.

Install the AwesomeBar Extension [Google Chrome Extensions]

Akemi Iwaya is a devoted Mozilla Firefox user who enjoys working with multiple browsers and occasionally dabbling with Linux. She also loves reading fantasy and sci-fi stories as well as playing "old school" role-playing games. You can visit her on Twitter and .

  • Published 03/16/11
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