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Google Chrome Updates; Faster, Cleaner Menus, Encrypted Password Syncing, and More

Google Chrome has rolled out a new update that includes a host of improves such as easier to navigate menus, encrypted password syncing, over all speed improvements, Flash sandboxing, and more.

Google Chome’s new update has a host of subtle but powerful improvements. The browser is faster, the security is improved thanks the addition of encrypted password syncing and sandboxing of the integrated flash player, and the settings menu has been restructured and cleaned up for easy navigation. Check out the video above to take a peek at some of the changes or hit up the link below to read more.

Speedier, Simpler, and Safer: Chrome’s Basics Get Even Better [The Official Google Blog]

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  • Published 03/8/11

Comments (6)

  1. Nuno

    Flash sandboxing only works in Windows? What about Mac OS X and Linux?

  2. Gyffes

    And does it still lack a Master Password feature? ’cause without that, it’s a security joke, encrypted sending or not.

  3. Samir

    Another longtime missing feature is to “confirm before closing all tabs”

  4. Godric

    ok, so here is some clarification for those who really want to know what is going on with chrome instead of your standard bitch-and-run poster as those above. As far as the above comments go i have only these comments:

    Bother to read the damned article before you moan.

    “For those of you who save your passwords in the browser, you can now quickly log on to the websites you frequent even when you switch computers, by simply synchronizing those passwords across your computers. You can also encrypt those passwords with your own secret passphrase for extra security.

    There is your master password.

    Second, how much do you REALLY know about encrypting? a security joke? i disagree my friend. However, if your really that paranoid about others finding out what -phile websites you have been visiting than you can always use a FREE password manager such as keepass that not only manages all of your logins but includes features such as auto-type and open url that allows you to login with literally four clicks of the mouse. Oh, and did i mention it comes with not only a MASTER PASSWORD but also an optional file called a key file that contains an encrypted character string that is generated by the program. If this option is used your entire database cannot be opened without both the password and the key file. You can store this file anywhere you would like and the entire system, while it does run off a desktop, is meant to be ran off of a USB drive for optimal security.

    Tab closing? really?

    are we still whining about this? either use ctrl + w or ctrl + f4 both will only close the tab you are using.


    also i’d like to add that you can easily recover any closed tabs. SO SHUT UP!


    there is absolutely no need to sandbox on a MAC or Linus/unix based OS. EVER. Here’s why:

    absolute worst case scenario: you run a flash app that just happens to have a linux/mac/unix virus in it. Despite the fact that the chances of this happening are equivalent to dying in an an airplane stick up unless you have been targeted, which in that case, is your own damned fault, for the sake of arguement we will say you do. So, now you mac is crashed. ok, what do you do from here? well hopefully your not another macinsoft-in-the-head and you have stored all of your sensitive documents and files on either A) a separate partition (not amazing but decent protection) B) a separate hard drive (much better protection) or C) an entirely independent RAID set up (kamikaze protection). if you have done any of these things than it is a simple matter of reloading your OS.

    HOWEVER: if you have taken NONE of these precautions then you deserve what comes to you.


  5. Godric

    correction to the above before the idiots start flaming: linux not linus

  6. Dhanush


    Well Said!!

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