Glowing Chess Set Combines LEDs, Chess, and DIY Electronics Fun

Anyone who says that the centuries old game of Chess cannot be improved upon has obviously never played with a glowing chess board. Today we take a look at a cheap glass chess set modded to glow from within.

Instructables user Tetranitrate had a glass chess set he scored on-the-cheap and had always wanted to illuminate it in some way. He ruled out illuminating the board itself (no good way to keep track of the piece colors) and putting a battery in each piece (too big of a pain, over complicates the design).

His final solution, the one seen in the photo here, was to build a wood and copper board, run a low voltage across the surface of the chess board, and affix a conductive copper ring to the bottom of each chess piece to power the LED embedded inside. In this manner the pieces would glow on the board and then go dark as soon as they were removed from play.

Hit up the link below for additional details on the build and instructions on building your own.

LED Chess Set [Instructables]

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