Page Zipper Unpacks Multi-Page Articles for Single-Page Display

It’s annoying when you find an article worth reading but it’s diced up into little segments. Skip clicking next-next-next to read; use Page Zipper to unpack multi-page articles and read them all on one page.

Page Zipper is available as both a bookmarklet and a Firefox extension. You simply click on the bookmarklet (or extension icon) when you’re looking at a segmented article or gallery. Page Zipper renders the page with all the individual pages laid out for easy reading. No more clicking next a dozen times to get to the end of the article or gallery. In addition unpacking long articles it also rocks keyboard shortcuts for viewing galleries and automatically resizes images to best-fit your browser window. Check the video above to see the article and gallery features in action.

Visit the link below to read more and grab a copy of Page Zipper for your browser.

Page Zipper [PrintWhatYouLike]

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