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Compare Your Internet Cost and Speed to Global Averages [Infographic]

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Internet pricing and speed varies wildly across the world. The US, for instance, currently ranks 15th in speed but enjoys reasonably priced internet access.

How reasonably priced? If you’re a US citizen you likely have an average internet access speed of 4.8 mbps and you pay a little over $3 per mbps. If you’re in Sweden, however, you likely have an 18 mbps connection and you pay a scant 63 cents per mpbs. The real envy of the internet speed Olympics by far is Japan with a mighty 61 mbps at a mere 27 cents per mbps.

Hit up the link below for the full infographic (or use this local mirror if you need to dodge a firewall), then sound off in the comments with how you compare on the international scale.

Internet Speeds and Costs Around the World [via Daily Infographic]

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  • Published 02/25/11

Comments (46)

  1. rndm77

    i pay 28eur that is 38.5 usd for 100mbs so that is 0.385 for 1mbs :D
    Slovenia – Europe

  2. Jason Fitzpatrick

    Ouch. I pay $40 USD for 20mbps, so I’m around 30% lower in cost per mbps than the average person in the US and about 300% faster.

    Still, I want some of that Japanese ISP action here!

  3. Emrah

    From Turkey and proud of using the most expensive broadband connection in the world. :) I pay 50 TL (nearly 31,25 $) for 1 Mbps connection.

  4. Odin

    50 Eur for 100mbps

  5. Odin

    netherlands btw


    Mexico here

    Feels bad man.

  7. Mark

    I’m in Scotland and i pay £10 ($16) for 20Mbps but i know some of my friends pay a lot more for a lot less…wish i could actually use the full 20Mbps though lol

  8. High speed, High ping

    in Lithuania I pay 11.29 eur for 100/100 Mbps also, at some places, you can get 500/500 Mbps for 28.67 Euros

  9. Chronno S. Trigger

    $80 for 20/20Mbps. US. It could be worse, but it could be much better. Anyone hear about what City Google’s putting their Gigabit fios in? That should tip the scales.

  10. Hmmm

    I live in South Korea and my internet speed is 100Mbps. Actually, I can download 1GB data in 2 minutes. I pay $20 for monthly subscription fee.

    When I was staying in Europe, it was very inconvenient for me because the internet speed was slow and connection was very unstable. If it were South Korea, ISPs would have lost all of their customers. No offense. It’s true here. Korean ISPs even provide a free home appliance such as vacuum cleaner not to lose their customers.

  11. Gary

    $55.00/Month for 110/15 in the US.

  12. derp

    i pay $45 for 512k because I live in an area where only 1 ISP exists, and they know it so they jack the prices up. Thanks Garden Valley.

    While their website boasts up to 10 meg. We can’t actually get it because fiber is scheduled for install in 2016… which doesn’t matter anyway because they are so oversubscribed that even the 1mb lines never exceed 25% of it’s total capacity except when testing on their internal bandwith test server.


  13. Zero Gravitas

    $40.59/£25.25 for 10 Mbps=$4.00/£2.5 per Mb. That said, I’m on fibre optic (VM) with min speed of 9.4 and average of 9.6 so can’t grumble…much.

  14. Zero Gravitas

    Oops. Forgot to say I’m in England.

  15. j4k0

    1mbps = 329 pesos- $27.12 usd
    home phone+internet

  16. j4k0


  17. LeoR

    Philippines: $22.70 monthly @ 110kbps

  18. Anand Kumar

    Do all ISPs provides unlimited data uses. Everybody is talking about speed. What about Data uses.

  19. Cape Town

    South Africa: 4 mbps $120
    Heavily shaped!!!!

  20. Tarek Aboulaynein

    (Middle East) Lebanon, Beirut

    33$ = 256KB

    Expansive And Shit!!

  21. Sunny

    Wow, its horrible in India here I pay around 30$ per month for 2mbps………………. its below standards by world standards

  22. Mavric

    Hey Guys…I’m from South Africa and I pay 950 Rand a month for 4mbps! In USD thats about 135 dollars! That’s expensive compared to what other countries have! I feel like I’m getting ripped off big time!!!

  23. Mavric

    Oh yes and I probably only average around 300 – 500kb during off-peak hours. Once in a while it will spike to about 2.5mbps…

  24. Cryptic

    $38 a month for 1 mbps. In Michigan.

  25. betauser

    Saint-Petersburg, Russia

    $12 for 8 Mbps (unlimited traffic)

  26. nuznuz

    all this crap speed and high costs for internet and the companys that have the power to sort this are the same companys that want us to buy online big companys sort your act out give us what we want and surely you will get the sales you want too real internet access and speed real online sales

  27. Walter

    In Perú 20$ for month 6mbps,,,,but really is 3 mbps.

  28. john3347

    In Northwest Georgia (U.S.A.) I pay Comcast $25/mo for an advertised 1.5 Mb/s and experience actual download speeds ranging between 25 Kb/s and up to 175 Kb/s. WAAAAYYYY higher cost/Mb than your survey shows as average cost/Mb in U.S. I used to pay $40 for an advertised 6 Mb/s which is still $6.67/Mb/s. I think the $3.33/Mb average cost in U.S. as shown in the accompaning map is ridiculously inaccurate.

  29. Kevalin

    What’s up with the US? We keep claiming we’re the “greatest country in the world,” but we’re just scraping by on the middle of the list on so many things, not just internet service. That’s great hype for companies selling cut-rate wares for twice the price, but if you’re a US consumer who’s believing it, well, at least you can smile through your rose-colored glasses while you’re getting ripped off, I guess.

  30. GeoManiac

    Cape Town, South Africa – 4Mb/s line, and an uncapped account (About 270 Gigs/month) – never runs more than 1/4 to 1/2 speed. Total bill R1200 . . . . We need some serious fibre . . . copper theft is the biggest threat in good old SA. :)

  31. Domo kun

    Serbia, 15€ ($20) / month, flat rate, 1.5Mbps/256Kbps

  32. John

    AT&T is charging me and others $33 (USD) per month for what’s supposed to be 5mb but rarely is, here in La La Land (California), USA.

  33. maglev45

    Turkey, 25€/month 1mbps unlimited; or 27€ 8mbps with 25GB fair use policy; when you download 25gb your speed downs 1mbps :D Thanks(!) to TurkTelekom for this..!

  34. Gavin

    $30 for 1.2mbps and 20Gb data :/ Malaysia

  35. Varun

    $29 for 1MBPS Unlimited d/l: India

  36. ga4a

    Latvia (East-Europe (Baltic States)) with best bandwidth in Europe (according to is not even listed :/
    Anyway, my internet speed, living in Latvia is 100/100 mbps and I pay roughly 22 $ a month. But fastest speeds here reach up to 580/70 Mbps and costs around 120 $

    But now to the official press information I found: people here pay for internet anywhere from 20-30 $ and speeds according to speedtest are 25,83 Mbps average. That brings us to conclusion that we pay roughly 1.9 USD for 1 Mbps if I did the math right (+/- because I changed currency to USD).

  37. Juan

    That explains why the world’s richest man is a Mexican, he owns most of the phone service and all of the internet service, ouch!:/ Mexico

  38. Mike

    Blue Mountains, Australia – varies between 1 and 3.5 mbps – $59.95/mth. Ping between 58 and 200ms.

  39. Rick

    I use Verizon Mobile Broadband and pay $30 for 5g at 1.4MBPS (unlimited data on my phone). Actual download speed .6 to 1MBPS. Pretty impressive due to the fact I’m in the mountains of New Mexico where even Verizon says it doesn’t have 3G service. The only other option is 56 KBPS for 39.99 and they don’t even get close to that speed.

  40. davosandoval

    In Ecuador…. wait a moment is Ecuador in the Map? I just can see the Ocean Pacific between Peru and Colombia.
    I am from Ecuador and this error is very sad for me.

  41. Arvind

    In India and the price is 16.5$ per MB with a download limit of 20GB per month after which the speed will be reduced to 256kbps.

    I am paying 33$ for 2mbps Fair Usage Limit of 20GB per month..

  42. Fuat

    There was time we have unlimited data traffic with 256 kbps speed.
    Now net speeds growing up 8 mbps or 16 mbps or even higher but we also have fair usage policy cannot over use from 15 gb. thats wierd here is turkiye

  43. Alex

    In ROMANIA, we pay 9.25 euros/month for 100 mbps unlimited traffic + free ZTE HSDPA 7.2 Mbps usb modem with 5 GB traffic per month, after 5 GB the internet speed will be really slow! :D

  44. nuum

    In nepal, price of a 128 kbps internet connection is 7.66 usd/m F*****G GOVERNMENT!!!!

  45. Razan

    I Nepal, i pay 75 USD for 1Mbps. I think the price is very very high compared to other nations.

  46. marz

    i tested mine- got 12Mbps and i pay around $49.5 AUS. Oh and i’m from perth Australia

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