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How Star Wars Changed the World [Infographic]

The Star Wars film franchise has had an enormous impact on the world of film, gaming, and special effects. Check out this interesting infographic to see how Star Wars has impacted the world.

Created by Michelle Devereau, the “How Star Wars Changed the World” infographic is a massive under taking of charting and cross-referencing. It does an excellent job highlighting the impact the Star Wars films have had on film, television, gaming, and the surrounding technologies. At minimum you’ll nail down some new trivia (I learned, for example, that famed puppeteer and voice actor Frank Oz was the man behind Yoda), even better you’ll have an appreciate for what a sweeping effect Star Wars has had.

For readers behind finicky firewalls, click here to view a local mirror of the image.

How Star Wars Changed the World [Daily Infographic]

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  • Published 02/24/11

Comments (4)

  1. Sean Patterson

    Amazing! The Star Wars geek in me will cringe that you’re just making the Frank Oz connection (wakka wakka) but I’m sure there are things in here I will be making the connection for for the first time 8^D

    Thanks you!!!!

  2. Jason Fitzpatrick

    @Sean: I was surprised I didn’t know it, honestly. One of my weird talents in life is the ability to pick people out by voice, even if they are changing their voice for a role as voice actors do. Before I even knew who Frank Oz was I knew the same guy must be doing the voices for Grover, Sam the Eagle, Bert, Fozzie Bear, etc. I just never made the connection with Yoda. Maybe I believed he was really a little green man. ;-)

  3. rino

    this is why i luv HTG. star wars fans us all =)

  4. George

    Wow… all those movies mentioned and not one sight of Howard the Duck.

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